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  1. This was taken just south of Anchorage, AK on 07/11/20. Pretty confident in my ID, but being from FL I was definitely out of my comfort zone. Any input would be appreciated.
  2. This was taken on 07/19/20 in Saguaro National Park. The eye-ring is what I am basing the ID on vs. the Black-capped. Didn't really get a decent pic of the tail feathers from below.
  3. This was taken in Miller Canyon near Sierra Vista, AZ on 07/26/20. About 98% sure of the ID, but since I am not from the area, would appreciate any additional input on this ID. The only other possibilities are very rare visitors and the bill alone seems to dismiss those options.
  4. Yeah, the habitat was brushy with basically no trees and I had that play into my ID thoughts as well, but I have been shot down a few times where these guys end up where they typically aren't supposed to be.
  5. I guess I should have said the presence of rufous in the tail eliminates the Dusky-capped.
  6. This was taken at the overlook at Fort Bowie National Historic Site in AZ. The lack of rufous in the tail eliminates the Dusky-capped. The very light yellow on the belly and whitish throat also suggests Ash-throated to me. Bill size also looks like it is smaller than the Brown-crested. All I have experience with is the Great Crested Flycatcher and it looks like the Brown-crested bill is more in line with the Great Crested Flycatcher. Would appreciate any additional input on this ID.
  7. This is from SE AZ (Miller Canyon near Sierra Vista, AZ) on 07/2720. I though the lack of rufous in the tail was the defining characteristic. Hoping for some input on this ID.
  8. This was today in Charleston, SC. Felt confident in the ID, but this is a new bird for me so I wanted to make sure. Appreciate any feedback.
  9. This was taken 05/06/18 in Williams AZ. This is the best pic I had, but never got a pic from the front. The scaling on the bottom gave me pause and without a pic of the front, I am not sure. The forehead is black and the location would indicate Gambel's, but would appreciate some input from the West Coast Crew.
  10. This was taken on 01/09/19 in Yucca Valley, CA. Feel 98% sure this is a female Nuttall's Woodpecker, but this is my first, so want to be sure.
  11. Thanks all. Ash-throated was my initial thought. The yellow beneath was the big reason I was starting to stray. All the Ash-throated I have seen (not many) have had a much lighter yellow. I then looked at my pics of the Great-crested (Many more living in FL) that I have and thought it was within the range for the larger bill. Always good to get additional feedback. Thanks again.
  12. I initially thought this was an Ash-throated Flycatcher. The more I look at it and pics of the Ash-throated Flycatcher that I have, I am now thinking Brown-crested Flycatcher. The beak size and the deeper yellow underneath made me think differently. This was in Zion National Park on 05/16/18. Any thoughts from those out west?
  13. Interesting. I'm an East Coast guy, so that is news too me. I guess I need to look at my pics and see what I actually have from my few trips out there. May have increased my life list by one.
  14. I considered Least as well. Bill length and yellow in the eye ring plus the place seen was what I was basing my thoughts on. Thinking it was a youngster moving into adulthood.
  15. This as seen on 04/21/19 at Ft. Desoto State Park in St. Petersburg, FL. Thinking Acadian Flycatcher.
  16. This was taken today at Ft. Desoto State Park in St. Petersburg, FL. I was thinking juvenile Peregrine Falcon, but have only seen one and it was an adult. I was fooled once and it was a Merlin, but this looked too large to be a Merlin.
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