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  1. I would appreciate it. What is the Facebook group? I may join that group. Doesn't seem like there are many responses on this blog anymore.
  2. Yes. If anyone decides to go for the ISJ, go to Prisoner's Harbor. I had several encounters and everyone I spoke to said that it is basically a for sure thing at this location.
  3. This would be a lifer for me. These were taken on 01/08/19 on the way out to Santa Cruz Island of the Channel Islands National Park. Pretty sure this is a Black-vented Shearwater, but would like confirmation from those who may have more experience with these guys.
  4. Another lifer. This was at the San Diego River mudflats on 01/12. Again, I'm 99% sure, but would love for someone with more experience than me with western birds would confirm.
  5. Thanks BB. I saw a bunch of Grebes on this trip, but this one seemed to fit the bill perfectly. There white in the flanks was another factor I was considering, but wanted to make sure. From what I have read, it can be difficult this time of year to tell the difference, but on this one I thought it was relatively obvious. Of course, I am basing it off of guides, not experience on this one.
  6. I am identifying this as a Clark's Grebe, but wanted some confirmation since it will be a life bird and I am from the east, so this is out of my area. This was on the boat trip to Santa Cruz Island in CA on 01/08/19.
  7. This was taken in Yucca Valley, CA on 01/09/19. I think it is a female Nuttall's Woodpecker, but would like to get some confirmations. This would be a lifer for me.
  8. Creeker and TooFly, thanks for the input. Very much appreciated!!!!!
  9. Have you done any birding in AZ as far as the hummingbirds? We are wanting to make a trip out to AZ in the summer. That is the one bird my wife loves and she will not not pull me away when they are around.
  10. We have been out to CA once on vacation for a couple of weeks and I was able to see a lot of new birds, though I had to keep my wife interested in the trip as well. I have been in and out a couple of times for work, but no time to do any birding. We have been to UT a few times now and have had an opportunity to see some western birds on those trips. We live just north of Tampa. Because we are coming out with another couple, I will definitely have to sneak out early to get in a little birding. I already have a wish list made out. I already have some of these, but would love to get a better picture if possible. Some of these are not in the SD area. It is below. Bird Wish List Wood Duck Common Poorwill Cinnamon Teal White-throated Swift Surf Scotor Anna's Hummingbird Mountain Quail Allen's Hummingbird Pacific Loon Lewis's Woodpecker Red-throated Loon Red-breasted Sapsucker Western Grebe Nuttall's Woodpecker Clark's Grebe White-headed Woodpecker Northern Fulmer Peregrine Falcon Pink-footed Shearwater Prairie Falcon Sooty Shearwater Cassin's Kingbird Black-vented Shearwater Island Scrub-Jay White-tailed Kite Horned Lark Ferruginous Hawk Oak Titmouse Golden Eagle Bushtit Pacific Golden-plover Bewick's Wren Snowy Plover Pacific Wren Long-billed Curlew (SD River Mudflats) Marsh Wren Black Turnstone (Point La Jolla) Canyon Wren Wanderling Tattler (Point La Jolla) Rock Wren Surfbird California Gnatcatcher Red Knot Wrentit Red Phalarope Golden-crowned Kinglet Black-legged Kittiwake Ruby-crowned Kinglet Mew Gull Townsend's Solitaire Thayer's Gull Hermit Thrush Glaucous-winged Gull Varied Thrush Heermann's Gull California Thrasher Parasitic Jaeger Phainopepla Pomarine Jaeger Orange-crowned Warbler Cassin's Auklet Townsend's Warbler Rhinoceros Auklet Spotted Towhee Band-tailed Pigeon Bell's Sparrow Long-eared Owl Lincoln's Sparrow Short-eared Owl Tricolored Blackbird Spotted Owl Scott's Oriole Northern Saw-whet Owl Lawrence's Goldfinch Western Screech-Owl Lesser Goldfinch Northern Pygmy-Owl
  11. My wife and I are going to be in the SD area for a few days with another couple, so I will be limited on my birding time, but are there any must see places for birding in SD? I have to tread lightly when I have several others vacationing as well. We are also going out to Santa Cruz Island to hopefully see an Island Scrub Jay. My wife and I are trying to see all the National Parks as a life bucket list item and I was able to package this in the deal. I'm sure you have been out there and seen them. Are they pretty easily seen when you get out there? Just trying to figure out how much searching will be needed. Also, are both landing spots relatively OK for the opportunity to see one? Sorry to ask so many questions.
  12. Yeah, that's it. Was really good with the gulls. Thanks Creeker for a walk down memory lane. Hopefully they are all doing well.
  13. I'm sure there are some fine birders on the forum. I wasn't trying to insinuate otherwise. Folks come and go, but these (02) were really good at not only IDing the birds, but explaining why. It makes it easier for the ones asking for an ID to later ID them on their own later. I'm Creeker understands what I am talking about. And yes, Psweet has helpful as well. I wish I had more time to spend on this forum.
  14. Yeah, that was him. There was someone that was the go to gull person as well.
  15. Another sparrow ID that I am fairly certain of, but just wanted to make sure. This was taken on 04/24/16 in Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. I am seeing a Lark Sparrow, but is a slightly little different than what I saw in UT, but that just may be angle. I have only seen one, so my reference numbers are pretty limited.
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