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  1. Vesper is a new one for me. What makes you say that definitely? Appreciate any input. There used to be a sparrow expert on this that would explain everything.
  2. Sparrows aren't my strong point. This was taken on 04/24/16 in Laguna Atascosa National Wildlife Refuge. The eye ring keeps bringing me back to Vesper, but still not 100%.
  3. I took these on 10/13/18 just outside of Vermillion, SD. I was hoping for a Prairie Falcon, but it doesn't appear I hit pay dirt. I then was thinking Merlin, but quickly moved to thinking Sharpie. It looked small is why I say Sharpie, but I guess it could be a Coopers.
  4. Definitely Red-Shouldered. See them basically everyday except in FL. They don't have as much orange as this one, ours tend to be more gray, but unmistakable. There is a pretty large size difference between Red-tailed and Red-shouldered in bird terms as well.
  5. Thanks IvoryBill Hope. This is a lifer for me seeing that I am from FL. Would appreciate additional input.
  6. I was in S. Dakota this weekend and saw this guy. I was just outside of Vermilion, SD. Is this a Harris's Sparrow? I don't see where it fits with any of the other sparrows.
  7. Living in FL, I have seen a lot of Bald Eagles at different stages. In the brief time I got to see this coming out of the gully, I was sure it was not a Bald Eagle. Then you get bad pics and you start to doubt what you saw. I'm 95% sure it was a golden Eagle, but wanted to see others thoughts. We head out to S. CA in January. Maybe I'll get a chance then.
  8. Thanks psweet. Anyone else have a thought? I wish I had been able to get better pics.
  9. I saw this in Thompson, UT on 05/10/18. I saw it come out of a gully in the center of highway and I was never able to get a good angle on it by the time I could get stopped. May not be able to ID it with I have provided, but a Golden Eagle would be a lifer and highly sought after bird every time I have gone out west.
  10. I am pretty certain this is a Black-chinned Hummingbird, but again, this is a western bird, so I would like some confirmation. This was taken on 05/15/18 at the north end visitor center for the Escalante National Monument (Cannonville Visitor Center).
  11. My first thought was a House Finch in the field. This is another bird from out west, so I would like confirmation. This was taken on 05/14/18 in Lyman, UT. I now think this is a Cassin's Finch. Would appreciate a little feedback from some of you out west.
  12. 99% sure about this ID, but again, this was out west and new, so I want to make certain. This was taken on 05/15/18 in the Escalante National Monument on the Cottonwood Canyon Scenic Backway. Looks like a MacGillivray's Warbler to me.
  13. OK, thanks everyone. Sorry for the pic issues.
  14. Want to get this straightened out before I post anything else as far as the pics. Can someone please see if they can pull this up and manipulate it.
  15. Is that easier? New format, still trying to work around this.
  16. This was taken in Colorado National Monument on 05/12/18. I thought Bewick's Wren, but I always like to make sure on the birds out est when i go out there.
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