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  1. OK, thanks everyone. Sorry for the pic issues.
  2. Want to get this straightened out before I post anything else as far as the pics. Can someone please see if they can pull this up and manipulate it.
  3. Is that easier? New format, still trying to work around this.
  4. This was taken in Colorado National Monument on 05/12/18. I thought Bewick's Wren, but I always like to make sure on the birds out est when i go out there.
  5. psweet, that was my in the field thoughts, but I am just now looking at the pics closer. I have never seen Hooded Warblers with the white in the wings like this. In this pic you can see a hint of white in the under tail coverts as well. I rarely ask questions about Warblers, but this one had me unsure. Since that was my initial thoughts and your thoughts as well, that is probably the correct ID.
  6. Hello everyone, glad things are back up. Going through some old pics. This was at High Island on 04/19/16. After looking closer, I am seeing a first year Blue-winged Warbler. Just wanted to make sure I wasn't missing something. I expect a darker eye line, but I may be just knitpicking.
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