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  1. Thank you all who took the time to look at my photos and give me your opinions. I go on a lot of guided birdwalks, but I find that I really learn when I go out on my own and struggle with my own identification. We may not be positive as to whether this is an Allen's or a Rufous, but I learned more from all of your comments than I'd ever learn from a birdwalk where someone else told me what it was while I took a glance at it. I especially appreciate this community while I'm isolating and pretty much cut off from family and friends. Again, thank you so much!

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  2. On 4/8/2020 at 11:45 AM, AlexHenry said:

    I’d say by the extent of green on the back that it is very likely Allen’s, but can’t be 100% certain, especially since you are an hour west of LA (not strictly coastal) and we are near the peak of Rufous Hummer migration right now.

    So yeah I’d lean heavily toward Allen’s but a spread tail shot would be definitive

    If I don't know west from east, I'll never figure out a hummingbird's tail. Why did I say 'west of LA'? That would be somewhere in the Pacific. I'm an hour east, but that still leaves me the same problem. I appreciate your input.


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