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  1. I’ve only seen them in Orange, but I know they get into LA
  2. Golden-cheeked Warbler, the range map that @Kevin was using.
  3. I’ve had many Short-tailed Hawk in the Naples area. Just keep your eye out when your driving and you’ll likely see them. The seem more common when you get towards Marco Island etc.
  4. I’ll record it tomorrowbecause I have to wake up early anyways. To bad it’s a little late, it’s really cool in March when all the Varied Thrush are singing.
  5. I’ve never had too many problems with mosquitos at corkscrew. I’ll get ten bites when I head out there, but that’s average for me anywhere down in Florida
  6. Looks like Zone-tailed to me. Doesn’t look like it has broad enough wings for Common Black Hawk.
  7. Which side of Florida are you going to be heading down? I know a fair amount about S Florida along the gulf, and where to get a lot of your targets.
  8. It's starting to get too late for one. Also, a scope is necessary. Try getting on a pelagic later this year, I think they normally run out of Ventura down there.
  9. At least there are some birds out there. The only thing out in Nevada is the occasional tumbleweed.
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