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  1. Point Reyes, CA. HEGUxGWGU. Pretty light back, wings not black, pale eye, dull bill. Would this be considered pure GWGU, or a 2nd or 3rd generation backcross w/ WEGU
  2. Not the best checklist of the day, but one with the best bird. https://ebird.org/checklist/S75404463 Always nice finding a code 3 bird.
  3. I'm considering an Anna's x Black Chinned Hybrid. Small, long wings. I put this up as an Anna's Hummingbird and now I'm having second thoughts about it and considering a hybrid. Chip is weird, sounds like a mix between Anna's and Black Chinned.It's still around. I'll try to get more photo's. Edit: I almost made a mistake. This week, San Anselmo, California.
  4. But so do some Anna's as well... The Hummingbirds at my house are weird,
  5. It might just be the recording but the first one doesn’t sound right for CATO. Almost sounds more like Thick Billed Fox Sparrow, which would be very rare. It’s probably just the poor recording quality.
  6. If no one else finds it in the two week time limit you can chose the next challenge.
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