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  1. Yes a Cassin's. In Utah that white eyebrow is distinctive, also the streaking on the undertail coverts., only other American finch with that is Purple, but there's never been a Utah record.
  2. This is actually a hybrid duck (in my opinion). Many ducks have blue on the wings. I believe this is an American Black Duck x Mottled Duck. It's head isn't streaked enough to be a pure Black Duck
  3. Yes, all House Wrens. Note the bared wing and no eyestripe. Also light brown overall coloration.
  4. 1. Eastern Wood-Pewee-- overall grayish color, including face, no eye-ring and structure 2. Swainson's Thrush-- Buffy eyeing 3. Maybe another Eastern Wood-Pewee, not sure
  5. Ok. When making an ID, especially one that is contradictory of one already put out, or different from the OP's idea, try to back it up with why you came up with the ID. It helps a lot for both the OP and everyone on the forum.
  6. This might actually be a Eastern Bluebird! White belly and throat, Rufous flanks and stripe going back onto the neck. That's a good bird, any other opinions.
  7. Willson's wouldn't have streaking on the breast like that, and this bird has a long pale bill, good for Yellow. What made you think Wilson's in this picture? I'm curious, because I can't see this being anything else than a Yellow.
  8. If you're in the Tahoe area and want to see a Dipper, go to the Truckee River. Prosser Creek area is really good for them. They won't be on a beach, there always on fast-flowing mountain streams.
  9. Looks good for Yellow Warbler. Not sure age/sex, I can see streaking on the breast, maybe SY male?
  10. @Louie I'm not sure if you know, but Northern Hawk Il is an real bird, not some made up combo. https://ebird.org/species/nohowl
  11. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Acadian_Flycatcher/id/
  12. Head shape looks like Pintail to me. Isn’t a Scaup.
  13. I'm going to have to go White-rumped. Least and pectoral can be ruled out by no straight line on chest. Baird's and Buff-breasted look nothing like this. Western/Semipalmated would have a stronger eyestripe, and different overall pattering. That's why I settled on White-rumped.
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