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  1. It’s definitely a Zonotrichia sparrow. Probably just an odd White-throated, but it’s interesting how much the song sounds like Golden-crowned.
  2. Doesn’t sound like a Rufous to me. I would say BCHU/RTHU.
  3. Ended up with 158/9 for the day depending on photo review of a bird. We missed many easy birds mainly because the group was disorganized this year.
  4. It’s been pretty slow. Only up to 145 right now. Hopefully it’ll pick up and we can get a few final species.
  5. Doing my Marin County big day tomorrow. Will update periodically with count when I get into cell phone reception.
  6. Looks like a Western Gull with a messed up bill.
  7. Chestnut-sided Warbler in the same tree where I had one last year
  8. I'm along the coast and it went from the 40-98F two days ago.
  9. Could 1 be a Ruby-crowned Kinglet? It looks like it has yellow feet. Edit: No wing bars
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