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  1. I believe your correct. Breast band to strong for young tree on the bank. And that white face makes it a violet green.
  2. It’s a tanager. Just saw it. Only get one a year so a good bird. I heard it more and knew that was it.
  3. Maybe a young western tanager. This is often when we get them at our house as dispersals after breeding at near the top of the mountain.
  4. Singing in my backyard. Marin Co, California. Sounds off for Huttons. Either a Purple finch or a Cassin’s Vireo I think. Sounds a little off for Cassin’s Vireo and not great habitat. Redwood Rd 22.m4a
  5. Sandwich or Roseate I think. Not really sure how to tell them apart in this plumage.
  6. Almost looks like a pipit, but tail seems too short. Maybe a Vireo?
  7. Thanks for cropping the first photo. It’s definitely a purple.
  8. They both look like HOFI for me. The first bird does seem pretty red, but I think I see streaks and a squared off tail. Hard to tell though
  9. The nearest lake to us is around two miles away, and I get flyover ospreys daily. So it could be possible for one to fly over at your place
  10. Marsh Wren with the dark cap, strong white eyebrow, rich coloration.
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