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  1. Here's the same view but a little later in the evening
  2. Probably not. Sapsuckers are notorious for being really hard to find. Rare ones often go unreported for weeks or even months before they’re refound.
  3. And Slaty-backed is now SBAG to avoid confusion.
  4. Nice. I’m planning on biking over there tomorrow after school.
  5. It's a Peregrine. No other falcon is going to have such a strong dark mustache like that.
  6. Yeah, we do have Ring-billed costaly, though there aren't usually many of them on the immediate coast. Go even a mile inland they are one of the most common gulls.
  7. I would say they're pretty rare in a lot of California. I rarely see more than 1 or 2 a winter. It seems like a pretty good year for them, I even have one wintering in my yard.
  8. When I went I was scheduled to be on one of those hikes, but it was canceled the day before we were supposed to go because of traffic when they were building the observatory on the top of Haleakala. Those would've been cool birds to see.
  9. Yeah, looks good for Sprague’s. You’re lucky, they rarely let you get that close to them.
  10. Were you able to get over to Hosmer Grove? That's where I had the best success with honeycreepers when I visited Maui in 2015.
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