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  1. According to an ebird checklist (https://ebird.org/checklist/S138042393), they are the most abundant passerine.
  2. It looks like a Dunnock to me but I've never seen one that gray before. I don't know what else it could be structurally though.
  3. Nothing great today but this Chestut-sided Warbler shot turned out decent https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/581168181
  4. Saw this bird 15 minutes past sunset, shutter speed was too low for a good shot
  5. Two Hooded Warblers and a Redstart! https://ebird.org/checklist/S140484907
  6. Sounds like a Townsend's to me, definitely not Black-throated Gray
  7. birdie 🦃 #376: 🟩⬛⬛⬛⬛⬛ https://birdiegame.net/
  8. Yellow-throated Vireo, county bird #364 Also a nice Magnolia Warbler!
  9. Eastern Kingbird. County bird #363
  10. An endangered California Red-legged Frog which I almost stepped on while birding today. First time I've been able to confirm one, but I've likely seen them before. With this I only have 2 more amphibians to see in the county.
  11. Hard to tell since we only have part of one song in the recording but seems to be the right cadence and tone for Spotted Owl, they're pretty common in Samuel P. Taylor as well.
  12. Yes, a wood stork. Not that common of a bird in Virginia.
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