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  1. I hit my 200th Year Bird for Marin county today (Cackling goose).
  2. If you hit a milestone, put it here with a photo if you have one.
  3. Finally was able to locate one of these. Yellow-billed Loon!
  4. 1. Red-breasted Sapsucker 2. Hermit Thrush 3. Any other photos? Looks a lot like Costa's, but it seems early for them in Alameda. Where exactly was this?
  5. That's hard to chose for someone like me who has 10 years of eBird checklists. I'll put some of my favorites up after I get my two essays done.
  6. You should can change your Western gull count to 80. That’s much more valuable data than a X
  7. My home county of Marin barely fell short of Los Angles. LA had 42, Marin had 41
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