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  1. Semipalmated are rare visitors during fall migration.
  2. I do have to agree with people. The road I live on is a one lane road that winds up through the hills, and people love to hike on it, which can be very annoying.
  3. I don't normally photograph exotics, EUCD HOSP EUST ROPI
  4. Thayer's can however show a light eye. Then you need to separate it from Herring x Glaucous-winged, which can look surprisingly similar.
  5. It comes on every iPhone. I would guess Android had something similar.
  6. I just use the voice memos app on my phone. It works fine.
  7. I really don't think so. Do you have any other photos of this bird, even if they are slightly out of focus that would show the lores of this bird
  8. People will probably want coordinates or directions to the bird if it isn't on private property.
  9. I don't even get why mine is up. It's not that good of a photo
  10. Interesting article. Knowing how It works, they probably won't be split until more DNA work is done, but it would certainly be interesting. I'll probably focus more on WAVI this spring figuring out how to tell them apart.
  11. Things that might be lifers for you that shouldn't be too difficult would be Scott's Oriole, Black-throated Sparrow, Brewer's Sparrow, Phainlopepla, California Thrasher (Sage, and LeConte's might be possible), Cactus, Canyon and Rock Wren, Black-tailed Gnatcatcher, Verdin, Pinyon Jay, Loggerhead Shrike, There's a chance for Prairie Falcon, Ladder-Backed Woodpecker, Gambel's Quail. Those are just the common ones. To find LeContes' Thrasher, you'll want to find a wash and walk through there.
  12. For total species I'm over 60% of the way there, 309/505 I've seen 20/41 Warblers, 20/29 Sparrows, and 34/41 Waterfowl
  13. I went to a herring run yesterday, and it produced a lot of gulls. https://ebird.org/checklist/S79909893
  14. Also, are you able to go anywhere in the park, or will you be sticking to a certain area?
  15. Time of year is important for us giving you information. If you feel strongly about changing it for privacy, could you at least keep the month up. It will help people out.
  16. Verdin, Cactus Wren, Laddar-backed Woodpecker, Black throated Sparrow should be easy
  17. I haven't been there in awhile, I'll have to look back into it. Mojave national preserve is better then Joshua Tree, but I'm sure there are some good places around the Joshua Tree area, I'll have to look into it.
  18. Overcast conditions can be great for photography, especially if it's a thin layer.
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