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  1. Type 2 Red Crossbill. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/357852521
  2. They are Laughing Gulls. I’m pretty sure they are first-years due to the brown wings but I’m not certain on that.
  3. There were a couple OROR that stayed around for awhile in San Francisco last year, though this was my best photo. Hopefully one shows up in fall that will allow for somewhat of a better shot.
  4. Wichita Kansas gets an average of 15 inches of snow a year. If you really want to be warm, come to costal California. Even as afar north as I am we get 0 snow and get days in the high 80s in January.
  5. Nah, a mountain bike. Mountain Biking is very big where I live (the town next over is actually where it was invented), and you can go pretty fast up with enough willpower and experience.
  6. Yeah. They’re pretty random on where they show up. It’s one of my most needed California state birds.
  7. How did you hear about it? It’s not even that crazy of a rarity.
  8. Pine Siskin https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/357496431
  9. I was going up. I would have done it in 30 minutes if I wasn’t birding.
  10. Had a nice morning bike ride, 55 species is very good away from a lake for summer in Montana. https://ebird.org/checklist/S92419291
  11. They both are pretty good, however I get neither in my yard.
  12. Speaking about catbirds, I only get to see a couple every year, and I had 7 today.
  13. I don’t have Mockingbird, Thrasher, or Catbird at my house. The most mimic where I live is actually Lesser Goldfinch. The ones at my house often throw perfect imitations of PSFL and RCSP into their songs.
  14. What’s the advantage of a CD player if you can get Spotify? We used CDs when I was younger, however streaming music is better in every way.
  15. Common Nighthawk https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/357356301
  16. The most annoying thing for me about the update is the blank gap between the profile picture and the number of posts where the reputation used to be. It would look much cleaner if they moved the post count right under where it says members.
  17. I hear what might be a stellars Jay but the audio quality makes it too hard to tell.
  18. The quiz makes you rate photos so it can sort them in the macauly library, because most photos don't get rated.
  19. My first real photo of a Black-capped Chickadee.
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