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  1. A fair amount got blown into shore here in California after the big storm that hit this weekend. Edit: And yes, I agree with Red Phalarope.
  2. Got the NFC equipment back out for last night because it was the first day in awhile where it wasn't raining hard at night. https://ebird.org/checklist/S96727666
  3. Theres 34 state records, one will show up. It'll just take a little time.
  4. US: American Tree Sparrow - 2.47% California: Solitary Sandpiper - 0.18% Marin Co: Harlequin Duck - 0.17%
  5. It’s a Sooty. Thick-billed breed in the mountains of southern Oregon in the summer though.
  6. All 3 photos are of Peregrine Falcons, though the wing shape in one and two is slightly odd.
  7. They're pretty uncommon around me, I don't have any good photos.
  8. Looks like a Grasshopper Sparrow. I'd guess it might be getting a little late for them in Maryland.
  9. Forster's Tern. It's the only one with an obvious dark black eyepatch and a pale cap.
  10. Finally got a Varied Thrush in the yard this morning.
  11. Savannah Sparrow. The yellow lores and small pale bill can help separate it from Song.
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