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  1. Looks like a Lesser Goldfinch. two wing bars, finch like beak ,yellowish body.
  2. Definitely a Western Kingbird. You can see it's tail pattern and barley any white on the face. As to the question about the red on its crown, I really don't know.
  3. Definitely a Mississippi Kite. While it might look light, nothing else looks like that in general.
  4. Yeah. Pale underbelly, petite Bill, and if you overexposed the tail you can see its tail pattern.
  5. It might be the adult. The males out west don’t get that orange at all.
  6. I would say no, Dickcissel is in Cardinalidae While Red-winged Blackbird is an icterid. There have been Some weird hybrids though, like that chat x Oriole in Southern California
  7. Definitely. You can see the black extending down onto its yellow breast.
  8. Yes! Marbled Godwit with an American Avocet and a Black-necked Stilt. Note those long bicolored bills.
  9. It is getting real late to be heading up to the Arctic. There are a good amount of recent reports along the Carolina coast around this time, so I guess some might over summer. Or it could be late migrants coming up from Argentina.
  10. Is this a Chaffinch? Body structure looks very similar, and some subspecies come in weird colors.
  11. Sounds like a Chipping Sparrow. To fast passed and not musical enough for a Junco.
  12. You can see the yellow tip right at the end of the bill, a good ID feature for a sandwich if it has it.
  13. This looks like a female Mourning Warbler to me. Bright sides, gray head, olive back.
  14. The rump is above the tail. Not visible in this photo.
  15. Yes, a Royal tern. A longer orangeish bill and the black crest is limited to the back of head are good ID features. Note this bird isn’t in breeding plumage
  16. There’s only 1 pacific record of a gannet. A bird that’s been living on the farralons for around 7 years or so. While it’s extremely long wing do look like a sulid, I don’t think it could be one. I think it might be a weird Caspian Tern. No boobys have a bright bill and wing patterns like this one. The wing pattern also looks good for one. The only weird part of this is the tail, which does look like one of the sulids
  17. Definetly a Great-Creasted. Much brighter yellow, a darker throat
  18. It’s a Rock Pigeon, but I don’t know if it’s bred to looks like that or if it’s albino or leucitic.
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