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  1. I love the Salton Sea area. One of my favorite places in California.
  2. Yup. It was at hawk hill. One of 4. I just wanted to check because my photos got out of order when I uploaded them. I finally made the trek out there and I’m glad I did. County bird 290!
  3. I believe it’s Sagebrush with the streaked back.
  4. Bittern Burrowing Owl Inca Dove These are the definition of a lousy photo.
  5. It looks pure to me, but I don’t know what I’m talking about.
  6. Sunday is our yearly big day. It'll be bad if we get under 100 warblers. We got 165 species last year, hopefully we beat it. It's not likely though. the big vagrant places are closed for construction. Last year: https://www.pointblue.org/science_blog/drakes-beach-sanderlings/
  7. I know I'll get it on Sunday. We will have to see if anyone can beat me to it
  8. Here is a little better image. I like Yellowthroat, Eyeing looks too big for Nashville. You can see a little bit of a black mask easier in this photo without the noise.
  9. Looks like the Eastern celata subspecies. Where are you located? We can see the gray head, and a pretty dull yellow breast. It almost looks like orestera though, which is weird if this is also in Winnipeg.
  10. Looks Downy. Bill is tiny. I forgot how white eastern Downy's are.
  11. European Starling. They form giant flocks that can sometimes block out the sun. They are invasive species to North America.
  12. You have the same subspecies. Only when you get to the west is where it gets confusing.
  13. This is a juvenile Night-heron, Black-crowned I believe. Herons are technically not shorebirds, that distinction is saved for the Sandpipers, plovers and allies.
  14. Orange-crowned. One of the Gray-headed subspecies. I would guess celata due to the bright yellow being only in the under tail coverts.
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