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  1. Immature Male, I've never seen, or heard of a female with Blue in the face.
  2. That seems correct. The top bird isn't a Short-tailed, as the underneath of the tail would be barred, and wrong facial pattern. I'm not sure what ssp. the Bottom bird would be
  3. These are Violet Green. You can see the white on the sides of the rump in this photo.
  4. These are Tree/Violet Green Swallows. I think they are violent green, but I can't tell for certain from the video. Violet green have bright white faces and white extending onto their back on the rump area. I will attach links for both speceies, and tell me which one you think it is.
  5. I have to manually focus for swallows. I have a DSLR, but I sacrificed fast focusing for a large lens.
  6. Defiantly Black Headed Grosbeak. Not the chunk overall appearance. Black above and below the bill on the face. Orioles are only below the bill. The finch like beak also points to Black-headed Grosbeak. Orioles have a down curved beak, and won't be eating seeds of of a feeder. In fact they're often seen on hummingbird feeders. In Oregon the only orangish oriole is Bullocks, which is still yellow colors, and has a giant white wing patch. In grosbeak, you can usually see the distinction between yellow and orange on their stomach.
  7. I see at least 2 Herring. The light eye and pink legs point to herring.
  8. 1. Seems good for Dusky. Listen for others 2. Almost certainly gray. Look for boxing tail downwards in the field. Most other empids flick it up 3. Hammonds/Dusky Probably Hammonds. Wait for others 4. Defiantly Western Wood-Pewee
  9. Not a mountain I don't think. Maybe it could be a Robin. Kind of looks like a thrush. Other common birds in the area are HOLA and CCLO but I don't think it's those
  10. I Brightened a few as well. It would be helpful to know where in Alberta. I'm thinking western Bluebird
  11. It doesn't look like an adult bird. This is a juvenile. Maybe that's why it's so tame
  12. I agree that the last two seem good for NRWS, but the first 3, I think might be tree. They could be something else, but I don't think it actually had a neckband.
  13. I’ve cropped the photos and they look good for tanager
  14. All guesses are correct. I’m not sure about the tanager though. It could be an oriole. The mystery bird is a Warbling Vireo
  15. I'm not good with dowitchers. I mainly identify by voice. My guess might be short billed. Has a slightly down curved bill, and an arched supercillium. See what others think
  16. Field Sparrow confirmed. Note the eyeing and dull crown. No eyestripe
  17. Western the best I can tell, but I'm not certain due to the quality of the pictures
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