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  1. I purchased a packet of bird mix ( sunflower seeds, corn, etc ..) and i just built a feeder snd hanged it on a tree, ill update if i successided. Thank you very much 🙂
  2. Hello! Thank you for your welcome. I live in israel in a private house, i dont have anything nature related in my balcony but i do have many plants like a pecan tree in my backyard, but i rarely see any bird even there! I used to try to attract birds with rice and bread, but today i will buy a seed mix for pigeons (i see mostly laughing doves, sparrows and those green parrots and i think they should be able to eat the same food), i will also build a feeder instead of just putting the food on my balcony/ backyard grass. Thank you and have a nice day/evening.
  3. I dont know, i live in a private house and my balcony is on the second floor, i dont see many birds in here, mostly laughing doves. But im hopeful.
  4. I'm trying to attract pigeons to my balcony, i put food, water, plants and even played bird sounds and dripping water sounds, but nothing worked. Does anybody know a trick other than what i mentioned earlier to attract birds (not necessarily pigeons) to my balcony?
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