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  1. This week in NYC - between orange-crowned warbler, yellow warbler, and palm warbler. The yellow coverts under the tail made me think orange-crowned.
  2. Found in NYC this week. I see orange streaks on the face so I thought maybe Lincoln's Sparrow.
  3. Observed a few days ago in Chicago, Illinois in the middle of the city among a group of house sparrows. Pictures are a little blurry. Slightly more upright than house sparrows; hopping on the grass. A light brown streak visible above and below the eye. Black spots on the upper chest. I thought it could be a harris sparrow, but not sure. I don't see black on top of the head. Not familiar with midwest birds, so any input would be appreciated! Thanks! Ryan
  4. A cropped photo is attached, as requested. It is hard to tell the true color of the head with this angle of lighting. I increased the exposure, and now am seeing green in addition to the white stripe on the wing. I appreciate all the insights!
  5. Flew around in circles a few times; note the white stripes on the wings. I was thinking gadwall or female mallard?
  6. Yes, I agree Belted Kingfisher. Note the brown on the side
  7. A group of two or three of them on Eastern Long Island, in a wooded area near the water. Appeared as maybe a Cooper's. Medium-sized. Noticed a long tail with dark stripes underneath. They were flying from branch to branch, making a lot of noise. Unfortunately, I didn't get a picture. hawk sound.m4a
  8. I agree with Caspian Tern - black cap and thick, long orange/red bill
  9. Spotted at the Grand Canyon, near the visitor's center. 8/29/07
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