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  1. Thank you, all! It's good to see a few familiar faces from back when this board rocked!
  2. Mississippi Kite sounds good. Here's an even worse picture of #2: These were taken in east Texas, east of Beaumont.
  3. Thank you! This one was exceptionally gorgeous. 🙂
  4. Dallas, Texas. Is this Dickcissel?
  5. Good - that's what I was thinking but wanted to confirm - thank you! 🙂
  6. Can you tell if this is Cooper's?
  7. Is this Clay-coloured or Chipping? winter / texas
  8. Baltimore? Texas, September migration
  9. Please bring back the Insects, Mammals, Amphibians, and other wildlife forums!
  10. This was probably asked before - just back on right now: Is there still a wildlife forum / insect forum, etc.?
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