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  1. Due to heat in Florida birds have not been plentiful. But I do have the hawk and black bellied whistling ducks.
  2. The black bellied whistling duck showed back up. Yeah!!
  3. I absolutely adore them. ❤️❤️❤️
  4. I love them. I call them baby ugly. I have loads of photos of them. My son and I used to walk around a lake here in Central Florida.
  5. It looks like our older people here in Florida saying….get off my grass!! 😂
  6. Here are yesterday’s birds. Not my best. Sorry.
  7. My 22 year old son took these with my Samsung phone today. It was pouring rain, Florida, and we’ve only had 2 of them. We were shocked to see 5. Wish they were better photos but we are exited.
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