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  1. Here are yesterday’s birds. Not my best. Sorry.
  2. My 22 year old son took these with my Samsung phone today. It was pouring rain, Florida, and we’ve only had 2 of them. We were shocked to see 5. Wish they were better photos but we are exited.
  3. I have 3. Hope it’s ok. I live in central Florida.
  4. It is so hot here in central Florida birds hide quite a bit. But, have a few to share. The Black Bellied Whistling ducks show up every fre days.
  5. In my backyard in central Florida. We have Covid in the house, so homebound. They were out there.
  6. Sorry for bad photo. Rained hard yesterday. I don’t know what they are.
  7. I know they aren’t out of their shells, but there’s a nest in my folded up chair we take fishing. I think they are Carolina Wren eggs. There are 4.
  8. Singing....Oh what a beautiful morning. 💖💖💖
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