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  1. Was thinking Song Sparrow but looks a little buffy around the neck and the wings look more brown than red. Seen today May 7th in Prospect Park. Thanks for any identification help!
  2. Hi! Saw this bird from far away at Arastradero Park in the foothills of Palo Alto, CA on April 1, 2021. Definitely looks like a bird of prey but might be a juvenile of some sort? Having trouble identifying based on coloring and tail feathers.
  3. @Connor Cochrane thank you very much for the explanation as well!
  4. Saw this guy at Edwin Forsythe Wildlife Refuge near Oceanville, NJ back in May of the year (going through old pictures). Is it some kind of gadwall?
  5. Hi, I saw these two birds at the Charles H. Rogers Wildlife Refuge in Princeton, NJ, yesterday. I've tried searching Merlin and my Peterson guide but can't seem to figure out exactly what they are. Thanks!!
  6. Hi, I saw this bird at Jamaica Bay Wildlife Refuge in NYC on April 4th, and I first thought that it was a blue-headed vireo, but I'm questioning myself now because of the coloration on it's throat, as all of the identification pictures of blue-headed vireos show them with a plain white belly from beak to legs. Thanks for any help you can provide!
  7. Hey, "Domestic Mallard" didn't show up in my MerlinID or Peterson guide! ha. Good to know to look for the tail feathers. Thanks so much everyone!
  8. Hi. New to the birding game and have been trying to identify every bird I photograph. Came across these two ducks today - they are shaped like mallards, but the colors are too tawny. Seen together at Willow Lake in Flushing Meadows Park, Queens NY at 3pm on Sunday, April 19. Wading/Swimming/Eating bread someone was feeding them along side a host of other regularly colored mallards, gulls, and some pigeons. A little research makes me wonder if they are showing eclipse plumage?
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