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  1. The past few day we have this Blue Bird feeding, it is somewhat aggressive and chases away the Finches and Sparrows. The RedWing Black Birds and Doves are not so intimidated.
  2. I hope these photos will upload? They were taken through our kitchen window so could be better. We live in the Calif high desert and a flock of Yellow head Blackbirds have come to the feeding area in the first part of May. The flock is now gone and a couple of them are still feeding here. I think they have migrated, not sure. They are a interesting colored bird.
  3. Thanks Aaron and Charlie for the response. I have not seen a Meadowlark in ages, so was not sure.
  4. It is the size of a blackbird, the head is like a white crown sparrow. Pictures are poor, the sun was reflecting on the window at the feeder area. Bishop, CA in the Calif high desert.
  5. I am not sure about this bird. It is a solitary bird that shows up at the feeder area every day. There is a flock of redwing blackbirds that come in everyday but this one is by himself. This is in Bishop, CA in the hight desert.
  6. This RedWing Black Bird is still losing feathers. It will have to fly south for the winter to survive? Has anyone else seen similar problems with black birds?
  7. This Redwing Black Bird is loosing it feathers around it's neck and back. The two photos were taken a week apart, May 22 and May 29 through the kitchen window. A bird in distress and not much anyone can do. It is usually the first one to the feeding area in the morning. Bishop, CA in the high desert.
  8. These Phoebe's have been nesting on the side porch for over 15 years. This year there are 4 chicks. Bishop, CA.
  9. There are two pair that come up to the feeding area every day. This picture was taken through the kitchen window. Occasionaly a covey will also arrive at the feeding area. Bishop, CA
  10. This Black Bird come every day to the feeding area, some times alone and other times with other Red Wing Black birds. This is in Bishop, CA in the high desert.
  11. I think this is a Says's Phoebe. They have a nest on our side door roof header with 4 babies. Phoebe's have been nesting there for over fifteen years.
  12. Same quail, two pictures. There are a pair of quail that come to our feeder several times a day. They live in the back of our property and are use to us being around. This in in Bishop, CA.
  13. This bird is at the feeding area every day in Bishop, CA.
  14. We live in the California high desert, Bishop, and this flock came by twice on May 10, 2020. There were over 30 birds. Very unusual.
  15. We live in Bishop, CA in the high desert and this bird may be migrating, it has come through before. It was feeding on a hummingbird feeder April 12, 2020 and then left and never came back. My pictures are not that great and were taken through a window. The yellow is bright and no red on its head. A very distinct bird in the desert. Thanks in advance for any help.
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