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  1. I agree. Thanks for your help! Too bad, for a minute there I thought I sighted something new...
  2. Sorry, I forgot the location details. We are on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada and there ARE a lot of Juncos here.
  3. I am a little bit stuck on the ID for this one. I have considered a juvenile Brown-headed Cowbird, juvenile Eastern Towhee, and juvenile House Finch. Thanks in advance for any assistance.
  4. Those rectangular sections, or "tabs" of the shingles on the roof should measure 12" wide. So we could estimate the size of the rat (or the hawk). If we wanted to.
  5. Thank-you for the confirmation and the additional characteristics to look for.
  6. I think this is a Cooper's Hawk based on its size and the size of its prey. Or could it be a sharp-shinned hawk? I trust that the experts on this forum will know for sure!
  7. Ah, I see. Yes, the new link looks much more like what I saw today. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks Kevin. The female link takes me to a mix of male and female cowbirds, and I just thought the females pictured there look more brown than grey. Admittedly, my picture was taken in the shade!
  9. Thanks! I thought they were more brown than grey.
  10. I saw this bird around 2pm in a residential neighbourhood in London, Ontario, Canada. My first thought was catbird because of its grey appearance. That was before I noticed the thick beak. Is this a blackbird of some kind? A brown-headed cowbird without the brown head?
  11. Some birds peck all day at the wire mesh instead of taking seeds from the tray. This helps redirect them. It's cardboard from a 3-pack of Ketchup, Mustard and Relish.
  12. This woodpecker was spotted today. I cannot tell if it is a downy or hairy woodpecker. Are those black bars on the outer tail feathers? Honestly, I am not sure where to look. Initially I thought the beak looked long. It was only at the feeder for a few seconds so I did not get a chance to observe much behaviour. My location is the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Thanks!
  13. That makes sense. We're so used to seeing the yellow-bellied with the red throat that I guess its absence threw me off. It didn't help that my field guide does not show the black crown for the female sapsucker. Thanks for the ID!
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