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  1. This woodpecker was spotted today. I cannot tell if it is a downy or hairy woodpecker. Are those black bars on the outer tail feathers? Honestly, I am not sure where to look. Initially I thought the beak looked long. It was only at the feeder for a few seconds so I did not get a chance to observe much behaviour. My location is the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.




  2. 5 minutes ago, akandula said:

    That's actually a black-crowned female Yellow-bellied Sapsucker. Note the vertical white wing patches. Downy/Hairy Woodpecker have a prominent white stripe down the back.

    That makes sense. We're so used to seeing the yellow-bellied with the red throat that I guess its absence threw me off. It didn't help that my field guide does not show the black crown for the female sapsucker.  Thanks for the ID!  

  3. 7 minutes ago, akandula said:

    If you're asking if others can see all the spots on the breast of this Swainson's Thrush, the answer is no. This is due to the camera angle. The buffy spectacle is a more useful feature for this ID as other Catharus thrush species also have spots on their breast.

    Does "buffy" describe the colour or the texture of the eyering?

  4. Hi, I saw this thrush-like bird standing still for a long time on this log.  It was today at 11 am on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.  At first glance I thought it was an American Robin.

    My poor photo lacks enough detail for me to be sure what I saw.  Any clues I might be missing?  Thanks!



  5. Number one was sighted on May 1st at 9:04 am.

    Number two was sighted today (May 9th) at 2:30 pm.

    Both were sighted at the edge of a cedar forest on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.

    I initially thought both were Eastern Phoebes, but now I am having doubts because of possible wing bars and eye rings...




  6. I can never tell if I am looking at a crow or a raven.  This one seemed fairly large, so I'm guessing a raven?  Are those tail feathers rounded, or flat?  I find it hard to tell for sure.

    This bird was sighted on May the fourth around noon on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada.





  7. Hi,

    We saw this little guy on a fence post in Bruce Peninsula, Ontario, Canada on April 18 around 3pm.  We thought maybe a Warbling Vireo, but we also thought it could be an Eastern Phoebe which we identified nearby a couple days earlier.  Maybe it is none of the above?

    Sorry about the head being turned.  This one wouldn't sit still to have its picture taken...



  8. 7 hours ago, meghann said:

    Actually, with the combination of both a belly band and patagial bars, this looks good for a Red-tailed Hawk. Rough-legged Hawks usually have a much darker belly band, and they do have dark marks on the wings, but it's closer to the "wrists" than the "shoulders".


    Welcome to Whatbird! It's always helpful to include your location in a post, too. ?

    Thanks a lot for your explanation of the markings. We are on the Bruce Peninsula in Ontario, Canada. Red tailed-hawk fits this region and we see them now and then.

    Maybe it was the lighting but our gut reaction was that the bird was lighter in colour and the tail was not as red as we usually see.

  9. Around noon today, this beauty flew overhead and then was gone.  My Dad was lucky to snap this action shot. There are normally many turkey vultures flying overhead, but this bird caught our eye as it appeared lighter in colour and more hawk-like.

    The original photo was just a silhouette so I increased the contrast and exposure to reveal some of the markings.

    We think it is a rough-legged hawk.  Can anyone confirm based on the photo?


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