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  1. I am hoping some of y'all can help me to identify what type of hummingbird this is. I took the photos in the morning on July 22 in Central Texas, it was very humid that morning and the camera lens kept fogging up. Just based on the hummingbirds that have been reportedly seen around my area, it may be a Black-chinned hummingbird or a Red-throated hummingbird. But I am not sure, and I am hoping y'all can help me and spot the distinguishing and identifying characteristics. Thank you,
  2. I took some pictures of this little guy on July 15 in mid-morning in Central Texas. I believe it is a young house sparrow. Am I correct?
  3. "Can I have some privacy here?" // "Were you just checking out my tail feathers?"
  4. Hi All! I was wondering if y'all could help me to identify the bird in these two pictures. I took the photographs at Enchanted Rock State Park (near Fredericksburg, TX) in early July. I believe the first picture is of a Blue-gray Gnatcatcher (0785), but I am not sure if the other one (0789) is as well. Any identification help would be greatly appreciated.
  5. I was hoping you guys could help me identify this little guy who was hiding from the rain a few days ago in Central Texas.
  6. This is the best I could come up with lol "They can't see me...I'm hiding"
  7. That makes sense. They always flock to the pond in the evening.
  8. That's right it was an Eastern Bluebird. I forgot until you just mentioned it. It was cloudy that day and camera wouldn't focus on color. Thank you Benjamin.
  9. Do y'all think y'all could help me to identify this swooping bird? I know the picture is a bit far away, but I was hoping to get some insight on what it may be. The picture was taken in the evening in Central Texas on May 26, 2020. Thank you for your help
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