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  1. Canada Warbler was a lifer for me last week. Even got a few photographs!
  2. I am at the stage in my birding where most of the new birds are hard to ID for me even with a picture. I feel like I can figure out the colorful birds, but many juveniles, sparrows, peeps, flycatchers and the like are tough. Here are a few pics from Austin, TX today of some flycatchers (2 or 3 birds). As far as I can tell, these all look the same (most common small flycatcher in our area now is Least Flycatchers). Are these all Least Flycatcher pics? Merlin Bird ID thinks some of the pictures might be Hammonds, but I have no idea why.
  3. So sorry for that happening to you (and the cardinal). That is very unfortunate.
  4. These oriole pics were from Austin, TX this week. They are not all the same bird, but I assume they are all the same species because there were 3+ birds together in the same tree. Recently there were orchard orioles in that location, but I think this are Baltimore orioles. Any thoughts? Thank you.
  5. Thanks for the ID and discussion of tips to look for in the future.
  6. This was also Austin, TX this week. The first 2 pics were taken at the same time. The third pic was an hour apart in the same location, so I think it is the same bird. Thanks for any suggestions.
  7. This was from Austin, TX this week. Looks like a couple of vultures and a third bird. Any thoughts on the mostly white raptor in the upper right corner? Thanks!
  8. Many thanks. Just hoping to Keep Austin Weird. BBSA is a new bird for me, so I am a fan now too.
  9. This was from Austin, TX today. Strange looking shorebird. Pictures aren't great, but I taken worse. Any suggestions?
  10. This small bird was in Austin, TX today. It is pretty non-descript, but I think it is a female indigo bunting. Is that correct? Thanks for any suggestions.
  11. That seems like the best guess to me too. Tough one.
  12. This was from Austin, TX today. Maybe long-billed? Thank you for any suggestions.
  13. Thank you everyone for the IDs and additional information. Learning the differences between little sandpipers is tough. (also, the photos were from Austin, TX yesterday)
  14. Is this 2 different kinds of birds or 3 kinds of shorebirds? The back 2 look the same but the size seems different and posture was different. Thanks.
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