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  1. I think this is a juvenile bird. The only thing that looks like that here (Austin, TX) is a black and white warbler, but I have only previously seen them at my house during migration. Thanks for helping me confirm this (or correcting me).
  2. Any thoughts on the bird in front of the spotted sandpiper? I think it is either a white-rumped or least sandpiper. These two birds were very close to each other, so there is a good size comparison. Thanks for any suggestions. This was Austin, TX yesterday.
  3. Thanks for the tips! It is always great to learn what to look for when trying to ID the confusingly similar birds like this one.
  4. Thank you. That is a new one for me, so I appreciate the help! Blackpoll warbler has been reported in that spot, so that makes sense.
  5. This bird was hoping around this past weekend in Nueces County, TX. Various warblers are migrating through there now, and I am not sure about this one. It had orangish legs and a streaked breast. Only had my phone so photos aren't great. I don't think it is a kinglet. There were no bright colors so I guess it is a female or juvenile bird if it was a warbler. Thanks for any suggestions.
  6. This hummingbird arrived a couple of days ago. I am hoping it is a broad-tailed hummingbird. I can probably get a better picture eventually if needed, but hopefully this one is good enough. Thank you.
  7. Here is a hummingbird from Austin, TX today. I guess it is a ruby-throated which is one of the common ones, but it is getting late in the year for those. Are there any distinctive characteristics that make it possible to ID this bird from these photos? Thanks for any advice.
  8. Thanks for the gull suggestions. Much appreciated. Gulls are tough if you only see them occasionally like I do.
  9. Here is a picture from early September of some gulls on Prince of Wales Island. The gull with the pink legs in the middle right looks like a herring gull (picture gull 1). I am not sure about the gull in the middle with the yellow legs (picture gull 2) (maybe California gull). Also, the gull in the bottom right doesn't seem to have any black on its tail like the herring gull so it may be Glaucous-winged gull (picture 3). The other gulls don't seem to be identifiable based in this photo. Thanks for any suggestions.
  10. Thanks for the confirmation everyone! Out of curiosity, why is this species a favorite?
  11. This sparrow visited a birdbath today in Austin, TX. We don't get many sparrows at the house (except in the winter). There are some rufous crowned sparrows in the neighborhood, but that is about it during the summer. Maybe this is a female or juvenile sparrow? My best guess is juvenile rufous crowned as I think that I can see a little rufous in one photo. Thanks for any suggestions.
  12. Thank you for the ID and the description. Very helpful.
  13. Here are some pictures from near Ketchikan, Alaska last week. We saw some eagles while we were fishing (no one else wanted to quit fishing to take eagle pictures, so these photos were the best I could do). There were brown eagles together on a mud flat and several bald eagles further back in the river. The brown eagles and the obvious bald eagles did not get close to each other, so I assumed the brown ones were golden eagles and not juvenile bald eagles. But, half of the brown eagles had noticeable white on them somewhere. Any thoughts?
  14. Is it possible to ID this bird from the photos shot at long distance? It was perching on the very top of large trees yesterday in Austin, TX. It didn't act like the local Eastern Phoebes which seem to hang out on on lower perches, so I guess it was something migrating through. Thanks for any suggestions.
  15. This bird is from Austin, TX (Travis County) yesterday. I tried using the Merlin Bird sound ID, and it listed both Willow and Least Flycatcher. The bird was not overly active. It would sit somewhere for a minute and then move to the next tree over. Thanks for any tips on how to tell the difference (my guess was least flycatcher because the eye ring was pretty noticeable).
  16. Thank you! I understand they are pretty common out west, but that is a new one for me.
  17. Are these Western Sandpipers? From Huntington Beach, CA last week. I was visiting the area and don't get Western Sandpipers where I live. Thanks!
  18. Green-tailed towhee while visiting Colorado
  19. I have hummingbirds and mockingbirds in my neighborhood. I haven't seen mockingbirds bother the hummingbirds.
  20. We took a crumby pic of this bird near Canyon, TX last week. Is it an American Kestrel or something else (or is the pic too bad)? Thanks for any suggestions!
  21. Thanks for the suggestions! Tough one.
  22. We were visiting Colorado, and this tame sparrow was hopping around the garden of a hotel so I took a picture with my phone. Is it a Lincoln sparrow or something else? Thanks for any suggestions!
  23. Here are 2 audio files from Austin, TX. The recordings were an hour apart and a mile away at the same park. I think one might be an ash-throated flycatcher and one might be a great-crested flycatcher, but they could be the same kind of bird. My guesses are labeled on the file names. Did I get it right or wrong? Any suggestions? Thanks in advance. 20210516-082811-ATF.wav 20210516-073818-GCF.wav
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