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  1. Today Western New York. this sparrow threw me off because it has a pinkish-orange bill. The environment is perched on a tree branch overlooking a tall grassy area. It is smaller than the size of a song sparrow and I believe those don’t have pinkish-orange bills. I also believe that the tail is too long for Savannah Sparrow. It also has very light brown streaking on the breast. My only other thoughts would be Swamp Sparrow or Clay-Colored Sparrow. Clay-Colored is rare, although they are known to breed in this part of the state. Thanks!
  2. Today in Western New York. I have two different species I’m trying to identify. The first I believe is a Great-Crested Flycatcher, and the second (2 birds in the second photo) I believe are Willow Flycatchers based on the noise they were making (sharp high-pitched “tick!“)
  3. I have a hard time leaning to great crested due to the head shape. Mockingbird is possible, the angle could be making the bill look thicker than it is. It could however be a Western Kingbird if there was one in Vermont.
  4. My first instinct was downy due to body compactness and bill
  5. Female Brown-Headed Cowbird I believe. overall brown and triangular bill.
  6. Agree with Brown-Headed Cowbird Male and Female
  7. Definitely a Blue-Headed Vireo, look at the spectacles on that guy! Congrats on the lifer! ?
  8. Agree with house finch, one day you will get the purple!
  9. I agree with @meghann , I have a pair of Downy that frequent my backyard and one of the Downy has a (seemingly) much longer bill than the other Downy, I believe it is just because itone bird is missing some feathers. Also if we zoom into the bill area it makes the feathers in that area stand out more and the bill look shorter. So I say Downy ?
  10. Agree with Northern Parula, such a beautiful bird, too sad ?
  11. I think that these are American Black Ducks! Pattern on underside of the wing matches what I know for ABD and dark body as opposed to female mallard which would be lighter brown I believe.
  12. Agree With Connor on Yellow Warbler, perhaps an immature due to the dark back? (<--I'd wait for someone else to weigh in on that because I'm quite new to all this)
  13. Agree with Female Brown-Headed Cowbird, nice photos!
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