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  1. Taken a couple weekends ago in central Missouri, wetland habitat near the Missouri River. I'm horrible at shorebirds. Pectoral?Pectoral?Pectoral????Same birds as last pic. ??????See next picPossible Western?Pectoral I'm pretty sure on. Smaller bird?Same birds as last pic. Pectoral and ???
  2. Thanks for the thoughts. I actually got a Baird's years ago though, at Eagle Bluffs no less! I'm about to post some pictures from last month in a new post--hopefully I have a Western in them.
  3. Thanks so much! I'll go with Semipalmated and White-rumped (which is what I expected from the location anyway).
  4. Kind of sad that my post hasn't gotten more responses. Was hoping to for somebody to say "I definitely agree with such and such." I'm so eager to count one, two, or three lifers here!
  5. Okay, while going through my life list, I do NOT have White-rumped, Western, NOR Semipalmated on my list (could have sworn I had that third one already from years ago). I really want to ID these right. As of right now, I have them all just listed as peeps on eBird, so I'm hoping to get something definitive on a least a few of them.
  6. These pictures were taken yesterday, 5/22/22, in central MO in a wetland habitat. White-rumped Sandpipers are expected, as a Semipalmated, per eBird, but it has been suggested that these are Semipalmated and Western. Western and White-rumped would both be lifers, but now I'm not confident enough to list either one. Help!
  7. I don't see a buffy eyering on the second at all, nor any of the tan on the chest. It also has that stripe lower on the face that the first doesn't have.
  8. Took these today in northeast Missouri. First three pics are one individual, last 2 pics are another. I believe the first bird is a Swainson's, and the second is a Hermit. I did hear what I think was the 2nd call after it flew away, and it matched the call for Hermit on Merlin.
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