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  1. Thank you! I will go with that. It does look similar, but the white throat and spotted breast threw me for a loop. But if it is a juvenile, then that would make sense. And yes, it does seem a little early, but birds seem to get an early start on breeding here in Arizona, haha...
  2. I saw this little guy near Tucson, Arizona this evening just before sunset. I am stumped. Merlin and Audubon both are saying Black-throated Sparrow, and I agree that it is somewhat similar, but the throat is white and also it has spots on the breast. Also looks vaguely similar to a House Sparrow, but not quite. At first I thought it was a Horned Lark, but no black stripe under the neck. It also resembles a White-throated Sparrow, but no yellow above the eye and anyway they should not be in Arizona this time of year. It's behavior was Wren-like, but different shape to the beak. Any help is appreciated, thank you! *edit: I should add, it was rather small- maybe 5" or so.
  3. Interesting!! Thank you!! (I am still learning my desert birds. I am from Seattle, currently living in Oregon, but spending a lot of time in AZ...)
  4. These photos were taken back in late-October, near Tucson, Arizona. Both photos depict the same bird (not the best quality photos, sorry). I believe it is a Gray Vireo, but I am hoping that somebody can confirm, one way or the other. Thank you in advance!
  5. Dang, I wasn't even close...How embarrassing...😳 Thanks again...
  6. I believe this is a Dusky Flycatcher, but not certain. Any opinions? Oro Valley, Arizona, October 16. Thank you!
  7. Not sure what kind of hummingbird this is. My best guess is a Black-chinned, but I am not at all certain. I took these (poor quality) photos on October 10, in Oro Valley, Arizona. The spot on the bird's cheek appears almost black in these photos, but it was actually a dark (but iridescent) shade of purple that my camera failed to pick up due to my poor photography skills (see below, lol...). I apologize in advance for the poor quality of these photos. I picked up my camera and started shooting before I realized that I had my camera in the wrong mode. They are less than ideal, but I am hoping they are good enough for identification purposes.
  8. This beautiful hawk was in my neighbor's Mesquite tree this afternoon, near Tucson, AZ. I think it is probably a Cooper's, but possibly a Sharp-shinned? Any opinions?
  9. I took these photos this morning in Catalina State Park just north of Tucson, Arizona. I am new to the area and so not familiar with some of the birds here. This one was small and Warbler-like. While it does not show in these photos, it appeared to have a small reddish or rusty-colored patch just above the wing on it's back side (I only caught a quick glimpse of that). Thank you!
  10. Hello! I am new to the Tucson, AZ area. I just saw a bird that I cannot identify. It flew away before I could get a picture. The bird was small (maybe 5" or 6"), and was almost entirely bright yellow. I believe it had a small patch of black on the crown of it's head, but otherwise entirely bright yellow. It looked Warbler-like, and it's behavior was also Warbler-like (it was flitting quickly around a lime tree in my neighbor's yard). So I am guessing a Warbler of some sort, but I can't find one that is all bright-yellow like this one was. Any ideas?
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