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  1. They dominate my feeders when they show up, running most other species away. However, they usually show up one at a time, not tolerating each other except during breeding season.
  2. Oh, and it's too open for a Sora. Rails like tall grasses, cattails, overgrown marshes, etc.
  3. If I stare at the center and let my eyes unfocus, I can see a 3D unicorn. It looks like the wrong environment for a turnstone. There's water but it's too brushy. They feed by looking under debris on open shores.
  4. In many woodpeckers, it's common for the females to lack the red / colored highlights of the males or to have much less. Might I ask what references you were using that apparently didn't show the females? You might want to look at https://www.allaboutbirds.org/
  5. Always pull the other guy's vest over his head, then get him tangled up in his own 'scope tripod. Set your phone to reproduce the call of some rarity not on his life list, toss it into the shrubs, and run the other way. Works every time.
  6. "Birding methods discussed represent the opinions of individual Whatbird members and do not necessarily reflect those of the forum moderators, administrators, or iBird development team. Always wear your seatbelt, don't take any wooden nickels, and cook your turkey until the stuffing reaches at least 165 degrees as measured with a meat thermometer."
  7. If you do, please start a new discussion. People who have already read millipede's topic might miss your question.
  8. House Sparrows aren't mean, they're being House Sparrows. You're anthropomorphizing.
  9. Anyone care to explain why they're leaning one way or the other?
  10. If that's a standard fence panel, the crosspiece she's perched on is 4" wide. That would indicate Downy instead of Hairy.
  11. I'll join the EABL crowd. The posture looks too hunched for a kestral, and the bird doesn't look portly enough for a robin.
  12. I have two feeders with 1/4-cup in each and I usually throw half of that away. I've never seen more than four at one time, and even then two of those are feuding.
  13. Based solely on wing shape, the smaller bird looks like a swift. Either way, it's common for nesting birds to chase larger predators and run them away from nesting territory. Crows chase hawks, mockingbirds chase crows, etc.
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