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  1. "Just", he says. Ship some of them east, please.
  2. It would really help if @IKLland would break this bird down for us.
  3. I took this photo May 2017, Huntington Beach State Park, SC (highly recommended!). I don't know when immature males start picking up adult colors. It may not be female but it's green and singing. This was my lifer PABU, by the way.
  4. <<closes browser window, puts down the mouse, backs slowly away from the keyboard>>
  5. Then I have no clue how this bird is positioned or what body parts are where. If that isn't the head as dimitrig circled, I'm lost.
  6. Drag your nephew in here and let him post for himself!
  7. That looks like a whole lot of symmetrical white head striping for a towhee.
  8. My work is done here. I'll ride to the next town along the trail, wherever the oppressed thirst for justice and freedom!
  9. It's the leaf. Based on the leaf shape, I'm pretty sure someone will identify the tree's species long before we figure out what the bird is.
  10. Seriously, are there any useful field marks for eastern OCWAs? What I've been using is the apparent LACK of distinguishing marks as a starting point.
  11. I can't tell if that's actually on the bird or a photographic anomaly.
  12. Of course it does. Weiner dogs always make sense; just ask one.
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