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  1. Charlie Spencer

    Mockingbird? Charlotte NC

    Yep, Northern Mockingbird. Looks like you have a Downy Woodpecker too!
  2. Charlie Spencer

    Where have we been?

    We can't delete comments, but you can delete all the characters and leave only a single space. I've done it. it doesn't matter to me either way. I'm just listing the reasons some sites have limits.
  3. Charlie Spencer

    Suggested 'How to ask for an ID' post

    We haven't had any additional critiques for about 48 hours. Are we ready to publish?
  4. Charlie Spencer

    Suggested 'How to ask for an ID' post

    That's the goal! Glad it helped.
  5. Charlie Spencer

    Daily reaction limit (see expanation in first post)

    I wouldn't be so frustrated if I knew what the current limit is and how long between resets. I think I've asked twice but may have missed the answer. A limit is much easier to deal with when you know what it is.
  6. Charlie Spencer

    Yellow Head

    @GenNC, by any chance do you live near a swamp? That's the usual habitat for Prothonotaries.
  7. Charlie Spencer

    White-breasted Nuthatch? and a ?? Woodpecker?

    I withdraw the suggestion! I'll see if I can get it edited by a mod. Thanks!
  8. Charlie Spencer

    Yellow Head

    Maybe an American Goldfinch, possibly a male in non-breeding plumage? Do juvenile males molt into adult colors, or do they go straight to winter plumage until the next breeding season?
  9. Charlie Spencer

    White-breasted Nuthatch? and a ?? Woodpecker?

    Or use web sites dedicated to birds. Unlike general purpose search engines, these sites verify the photos for accuracy. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/ (removed by moderator at author's request) Of course, a good field guide can do more than ID birds after you've seen them. Just browsing through it will familiarize you with the various families of birds. Most of the good ones all organized the same way, so getting comfortable with the order of one will enable you to use others. And they never need batteries or an Internet connection.
  10. Charlie Spencer

    Where have we been?

    Look at it from the other side. Say someone replies to your post using the 'Quote' feature. Depending how much you change your original post, his or her reply could be outdated, irrelevant, or even wrong. Edits don't trigger 'Following' alerts, so the person replying to you doesn't know you've changed your content and won't know to change his to match. Speelin prublums? Proofread BEFORE you click Send. It's a lot easier to fix first than edit after, especially on those small keyboards. Just one network administrator's opinions.
  11. Charlie Spencer

    Lesser goldfinch and ? Texas 78070 on 7/17/2018

    Looks like a female American Goldfinch.
  12. Charlie Spencer

    What bird is this?

    Welcome! Send some of your rain over here to South Carolina. The moustache, chest crescent, and heavily spotted back and underparts have me leaning toward a Northern Flicker. The bill looks too short but that could be a result of the pixelated photo. See if these photos match what you saw: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Northern_Flicker/id
  13. Charlie Spencer

    Suggested 'How to ask for an ID' post

    Ya know, you're making a stronger case for tags. How about this, and move it after the 'Please limit your request to five birds..." paragraph? "If you think you know what the bird is, please enter its name as a tag. For multiple species, it's easier to use tags than to list them all as a lengthy title. Also, tags improve search results. You can enter the location as a tag, too. To use tags in a new post, look for 'Tags' near the top and click '+Choose'. Enter your tags separated by commas, such as 'Carolina Wren, Blue Jay, Lexington, South Carolina' (without the quotes)."
  14. Charlie Spencer

    5 Bird IDs in Southern California

    #1 looks like a wet Northern Mockingbird. If someone forced me to guess, I'd say the rest were female orioles, but let's see if bumping this post gets it some attention.
  15. Charlie Spencer

    Where have we been?

    It keeps people like me from constantly editng a single post to the point where it no longer resembles the original. EDIT Heck, I've modified this one twice in less than two minutes, not including this comment. Stop me before I kill again (okay, that's three).