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  1. There's https://www.birdforum.net, but I find it so all-encompassing as to be intimidating. It's like this place is your friendly neighborhood general store with a checkerboard and free coffee, and it's Mall of America.
  2. How did you come to be shooting down on these from above? LIghthouse?
  3. I've never seen one either but I've seen so many Loggerheads that I could tell immediately that it WASN'T a Log. The mask looked too narrow and there didn't seem to be enough dark on the wing.
  4. Don't herons fly with their necks retracted?
  5. I’ve had one hanging out on the same lines for several weeks. They’re clearing an old peach orchard and displacing a lot of small Kestral food critters.
  6. Nice! I've only seen them by looking up at them in the tops of tree tops. I didn't even know they had backs 😉
  7. @JohnT, we recommend you always start a new discussion when you ask about a new set of photos. Some might see that the original discussion was about Red-Tailed Hawks four months ago and not open it. Thanks!
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