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  1. I'm not muted, either in the playback app or in the Windows sound controls. That's one of the first things I check when I play one.
  2. I click play and hear nothing. I hear other audio through my speakers, just not the calls and songs people post here. Is there a trick I'm unaware of? Confused in Carolina.
  3. Is that based on the dark chest and dingier underparts? Thanks.
  4. Just for the record, I knew as soon as I identified the exotic goose that it wasn't going to pass muster. I posted it in this context only to test if this 'unlisted' bird was visible to others viewing the checklist. I certainly have no disagreement with it not appearing in search results or the photos being tagged as unconfirmed.
  5. See if the unconfirmed Egyptian Goose is visible. https://ebird.org/checklist/S67828413
  6. Blame the Russians. Ukraine produces a large percentage of the world’s sunflower supply. I haven’t had issues, but I’ve temporarily stopped feeding BOSS. We had squirrels in the attic and I’m cutting them off for the summer.
  7. Blue legs. Obviously it's a vireo. It took me forever to learn that.
  8. “Bigger fleas have smaller fleas Upon their backs to bite ‘em. And smaller fleas have lesser fleas, And so ad infinitum.” Ogden Nash?
  9. @PaulK, you've fallen into the same 21st century, social media trap as have millions of others. Just because someone is well known doesn't mean he or she is also competent. See the Kardashians, most so-called 'influencers', or celebrity politicians. And which range is it out of, by the way? My physical travel or my limited hearing? And how can I somehow use all this to insult @lonestranger?
  10. Thanks. I've never seen goldeneyes and it took me a while to remember them. But I thought they had white facial patches. Is that just a breeding season thing, or adults vs. juveniles / immatures? Again, thanks.
  11. @AES, welcome to Whatbird! Respectfully, size is very difficult to estimate accurately. If everything else seems to indicate Gray Catbird except the estimated size, it may indeed be a catbird. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Gray_Catbird
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