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  1. 'Nonbreeding' means it's an adult, but the feathers are different colors from breeding season. Many birds show one set of colors during breeding season, and a different set when they're trying to attract a mate. Usually the nonbreeding colors are more muted and provide better camouflage. In some species, both genders change; in others, only one (and it's not always the male). Note that 'breeding season' doesn't always mean spring or summer; many birds are showing their breeding colors now. And yes, in some species, the juveniles and immature birds may have coloration different from the adults. I think this is a female For a nonbreeding male American Goldfinch, I'd expect to see at least some yellow on the head. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Goldfinch/id
  2. According to eBird, House Finches are a dime a dozen in SW Colorado. Maybe those are being mistaken for Purples. Just a stray thought.
  3. Agreed. That 'long toe' stands out in the second shot.
  4. Only if I'd paid a fat no-refund fee up front. If I wore that with the groups I often go with, I'd have the highest count for the day while everyone else was laughing themselves blind. But with some tweaks, I could see using one if you were determined to brave the weather. A clear ceiling, camo colors spread over more of the lower surfaces a birder wouldn't look out, dull the reflectiveness, maybe fold-down or extendable legs. Who knows, there may be something useful here in the future. As it is, you'd have to let birds get used to it for an hour or more before they'd come back; they'll be laughing too.
  5. So now I finally click on the photos to open the originals, and realize we're looking the back of a bird headed away from us, not the belly of one coming toward us. Sheesh.
  6. By the way, rectangular / 'plank' wings, base of tail very close to wings, and white wingpits were my factors.
  7. https://undertheweatherpods.com/products/walkingpod Interesting idea. I don't know if reflections off all the clear plastic would scare birds away. Most of the colors may be too bright for birding.
  8. I'm guessing you made your warbler pick based on the name. Check the first link below to see the part of the body on a Yellow-rumped that's yellow. It's the area above the base of the tail, not below it. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Yellow-rumped_Warbler/id Here's the Palm Warbler for comparison. The initial photos won't look much like your bird, but scroll until you see ones labeled "Non-breeding / Immature (Western)". You'll see that Palm are bright yellow under the tail vs. above for the Yellow-rumped. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Palm_Warbler/id
  9. To quote Bill Murray in 'Meatballs', "Some kind of meat."
  10. Must be nice. We just had a fire drill here at work. It was scheduled with the fire alarm company weeks ago. Overcast, 39F, 10 mph winds, 33F with the wind chill. 15 minutes because we couldn't account for one guy who was sitting in his car in the far corner of the lot.
  11. Is everybody just sitting around waiting on a fresh post? I concur.
  12. Looks good for a Cooper's Hawk. The shoulders look darker than normal because of the shadow across them. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Coopers_Hawk/overview Nice photo!
  13. Technically, according to the ABA, dead birds cannot be added to your life list. See rule 3D: http://listing.aba.org/aba-recording-rules/
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