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  1. You have a Red-tailed Hawk. Note the speckled 'belly band' around the midsection, and the dark patagials (the leading edge of the wing from the neck to the 'elbow'.
  2. Speculum color varies with the viewing angle and how the light is reflected.
  3. Occasionally he lapses into Nostradamus mode and you have to interpret the quatrains.
  4. Hey, @Aaron! Did your Ruby-throated hang around? Did anyone come by and see it?
  5. The woodpecker appears to be either a male Downy or Hairy, but I don't see enough to go one way or the other. We can't see bill length, or presence / absence of tail spots or 'shoulder spur'.
  6. And much easier to ID than those 6,487 subspecies of Red-tailed!
  7. Thanks for asking this question! I'm headed to Upper Michigan next week, and COTE are on my wish list! And thanks for answering!
  8. Pine Siskins are irruptive; that is, they aren't reliable migrants and will show up only in some or none of their non-breeding range. There are several other seed eaters that move out of their breeding range based mostly on what food sources are available in their normal haunts. Here's last year's irruption predictions from a gent who's been doing them for years. http://www.jeaniron.ca/2019/wff19.htm Keep an eye on this link to see when the 2020-21 predictions come out. http://www.jeaniron.ca/WFFindex.htm And here's more on how Ron Pittaway does it, and on irruption itself.
  9. I've seen squirrels that have learned to swing those feeders so the seed will spill out.
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