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  1. Charlie Spencer


    Keep an eye on those branches next year. The Rough-Wingeds and Barns perch on a couple of 'No Trespassing' signs at a nearby pond a few times a week. They've returned to these signs for the last few years. They give me plenty of opportunities for decent shots from the 'car-blind' (well, as decent as I'm capable of capturing).
  2. Charlie Spencer

    More help please

    I can't find any Stellar's Jays in plumages with that much white. I can see the eye stripe of a Blue Jay and the 'bridle' is starting to come in.
  3. You might want to copy your post and paste it into a new post over in the iBird discussion. They can't fix what they don't know about. https://forums.whatbird.com/index.php?/forum/14-discuss-ibird-apps/
  4. Charlie Spencer

    Snowy Egrets?

    You are, of course, correct about the bill and legs.
  5. Charlie Spencer

    Snowy Egrets?

    Yellow bill, black legs - Great Egret
  6. Charlie Spencer

    Unknown Flycatcher - Palmdale, CA

    With the sun shining on the front of the bird and its shadow stretching out behind, it looks like tail would be in the shadow of the body and not blocking any light on its own. Just one idjit's opinion.
  7. Charlie Spencer

    Yellowlegs in flight?

    I could care less Okay, so the Yellow-Crowned extend farther. I've never (knowingly) seen either in flight, just perched. Thanks!
  8. Charlie Spencer

    Yellowlegs in flight?

    Which beggars the question, "What's the difference in the appearance of the legs in flight between BCNH and YCNH?"
  9. Charlie Spencer

    Window Strike - ID Needed

    @kcbirder, what's the form in the photo? Is it an organized effort to gain data on window strikes? Is this being done by a single building, or is it for an entire company, an industrial park, or other organization? Do you know if the data is reported to an ornithological organization? Thanks.
  10. Charlie Spencer

    Maine ducks

    I'm almost finished wading through 8 years of photos for upload to eBird. I've requested ID help on several, but I haven't felt the slightest trace of guilt and not a morsel of remorse.
  11. Okay, I see the feet on the branch now. I was hung in some kind of M. C. Escher loop.
  12. Thanks. For some reason I interpreted the image as the bird facing away from us.
  13. I must know even less about bird anatomy than I suspected. Aren't the undertail coverts hidden behind the branch the bird is perched on? Is this bird facing toward the camera or away from it?
  14. Charlie Spencer


    Relatively short, pale bill with dark tip, gray speckled head, brown sides, edged primaries, goth levels of mascara . Looks good to me.