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  1. White undertail looks good for American to me. Also, I've seen AMGOs with varying widths of wing bars.
  2. Short version - it sounds like the Portland chapter is using their walks as fund raisers. Long version - as far as I could tell, the local chapter in Columbia SC wasn't very active before COVID came along. But in the last three or four months they've put together three walks, and have coordinated with other agencies for a couple of conservation activities. At least two of the walks were free; I don't remember about the third. The Aiken SC-Augusta GA chapter is an hour down the road. They do walks at least monthly, often more frequently. The only fees they charge are to pass along what's charged by the facility their visiting. Pre-COVID, the regional Carolina Bird Club held quarterly meetings, with each quarter held in a different part of the state. Their programs offered a three-day weekend with over 20 different full- and half-day walks for you to pick and choose. The club's registration fee was a flat $40 regardless of how many you picked, plus any fees charged by the individual facilities for the walk you selected. They're trying gear back up again in January at the Outer Banks. Are there group opportunities in the area other than Audubon? There's a city park here that has a volunteer-led walk monthly. The park admission is $5 but the walk is free. A local garden center also guides walks periodically for around $15. So yeah, $65 is not just frickin' ridiculous, it's exclusionary. I'm interested in knowing what Portland spends the money on.
  3. It may be too late in the year to be anything else.
  4. Looks like a cross between a Lesser Goldfinch and an Evening Grosbeak
  5. Why in the name of Charles Darwin would you even go there?
  6. I have a couple I've held on to for sentimental reasons. For daily use, I suggest getting something published in a year that begins with the digits '201' or newer.
  7. I'd check eBird for what's been seen in surrounding counties in Oct. and Nov. for the last 10 years or so.
  8. What@Kevinsaid. Brownish-gray uppers, streaked back, wing bars and edging, pale under, dainty bill, broken white eye ring. Zoom in on the last photo and there's a tiny smidge of yellow peeking out between the wings.
  9. #1 Red-tailed Hawk is a different bird from #2 / 3. Check the spots on the wings, esp. the crescents at the bases of the 'fingers'. I'll leave it to others whether they're all the same sub.
  10. Welcome to Whatbird! Any chance you had a Northern Flicker? (Photo courtesy of AllAboutBirds.com)
  11. So much more than just another pretty face and a great pair of legs.
  12. Female? Bill isn't orange enough and isn't the right shape, head is the wrong shape, no crest, too dark overall; but mostly, too fat!
  13. Nah. As a network admin, I'm mostly just wondering how they work. Am I temporarily suspended if I get a certain number, and maybe barred for life if I get too many?
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