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  1. I was on an IT professional forum in the ‘00s. Anytime spam was posted, the other members would tag me with a virtual dope smack. So I’m used to it.
  2. Ridiculous. It looks like about 5 inches to me, and that's if I start and end at the farthest corners. It's probably even closer if you look at it on your phone. I don't know what they're teaching you kids about geography these days...
  3. A-HA! Trying to keep the good spots to yourselves!!
  4. I've read so many times that the best approach is to get the best shot with the camera itself, as opposed to relying on editing tools to try to save a mediocre image. Between trying to improve my birding skills and my rudimentary photographic ones, I'm not willing to bite off learning to edit too.
  5. You might look at GIMP or IrfanView, two free image editing applications. Both are actively maintained so they incorporate new image formats. Maybe one of them will open the Sony images. https://www.gimp.org/ https://www.irfanview.com I have the same issue with Panasonic's .RW2 raw format. They will only open in a few applications. The application that came with the camera (SilkyPix) is either too cumbersome for easy use or too advanced for my beginner skills; I haven't worked much with othe applications so I don't have any experience to compare it to. Fortunately, I'm not
  6. @The Bird Nutsare big on Nikon's D3400, which I =assume= is a newer version of the D3200,
  7. 1. Importing - I import from my Panasonic after every birding trip. i use the USB cable that came with the camera. It doesn't have WiFi but I would probably use the cable anyway. I don't use the auto-import, or W10's built-in camera utilities. I open File Manager, go to the camera, select all the files, and I move them to a folder on my desktop. I haven't had any problem on my home computer. Oddly, my W10 work computer will report a problem with the SD card and ask if I want to format it. I click 'NO' and then move the photos the same way I do at home. I've never had any problems. At
  8. Oh, Nikon itself still has new P900 units: https://www.nikonusa.com/en/nikon-products/product/compact-digital-cameras/coolpix-p900.html
  9. @Trevor L. EDIT - after posting the stuff below, I came across this. This Panasonic FZ80 is on sale for $299 through at least Monday. I've learned a lot with my FZ70, and knocked some pretty good shots. https://www.amazon.com/PANASONIC-Megapixel-20-1200mm-Stabilization-DC-FZ80K/dp/B01MS16V42/ref=sr_1_22?dchild=1&fst=as%3Aoff&m=ATVPDKIKX0DER&qid=1606649217&refinements=p_n_feature_three_browse-bin%3A10705320011|10705321011|10705322011%2Cp_72%3A1248880011%2Cp_6%3AATVPDKIKX0DER%2Cp_36%3A-60000&rnid=386442011&s=electronics&sr=1-22 Original post: I just w
  10. Painted Bunting. Yeah, I know; this could be an immature male. For the purposes of this discussion, roll with it.
  11. @Dan, thanks, but I'm looking more for getting on and staying on the bird. I can't do that with moving birds very well with binos either, so it isn't anything to do with the camera settings.
  12. Bump, mostly because I don't think we reached a conclusion.
  13. Personally, I'd report it as a Black-and-white. Include all the details you've put in the posts here. I don't think there's much else you can mistake for one at this time of year.
  14. Three reports on either side of Mobile Bay this month.. https://ebird.org/map/bawwar?neg=true&env.minX=&env.minY=&env.maxX=&env.maxY=&zh=false&gp=false&ev=Z&mr=on&bmo=11&emo=12&yr=last10
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