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  1. Welcome. What state or province is Mountain View in? @The Bird Nuts, is it possibly just molting?
  2. The blocky head shape and the stubby bill with a slight 'tooth' at the tip are good field marks regardless of gender and plumage
  3. It's not a swift. They can't perch; they can only cling to vertical surfaces. It looks like a Purple Martin to me, either a female or a young male.
  4. Welcome! @Aveschapines, would you move this to the Outside NA forum?
  5. That's the big one. I don't have much flycatcher experience. I think Great-Cresteds, Eastern Kingbird, and Eastern Phoebe are all that are in central SC.
  6. I do that a lot. I have to learn what separates them.
  7. Yep. Reddish Egret and Little Blue Herons don't have the white bellies or necks.
  8. Your credit card number and expiration date? Let me know if you need help setting that up.
  9. I recall the last two were a couple of days. Those were just outages. The big one around the spring of '18 was several weeks. That time we lost the entire site and it has to be rebuilt from scratch.
  10. Most wren species will do that. They're noisy all out of proportion to their size. Welcome!
  11. Those were the early symptoms just before the last two site crashes ...
  12. Californians consider themselves in the 'Northwest'? Idaho is on the Pacific?
  13. That's very Zen. Acknowledging it is the first step, accepting is the second. It's just part of birding.
  14. Might Google to see if there's a place to report the tag.
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