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  1. Huh. I'd go with a mockingbird if forced to guess.
  2. Any photo with an identifiable bird is a good one.
  3. They like you better than they like me.
  4. Ah, cruelty to humans too. Candy Corn leaves circus peanuts in the dust, and it does a better job of mimicking corn than Circus Peanuts do for real peanuts. Might as well put out marshmallow Peep chicks for the Sharpies.
  5. Nice work with the rail! I assume it wasn't the most cooperative of photo targets!
  6. There still plenty of time to sign up for the 2020 fantasy racing season!
  7. I'll second Greater. Like @Bird Brain, the bill was the first thing I noticed.
  8. This may be the only place on the Internet where people don't have a problem admitting it when they're wrong.
  9. I'll agree with Ruby-crowned Kinglet for the second bird. I'd like to see more of the wings but the size and broken eye ring should be enough.
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