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  1. Do a couple of test shots so you can get the settings right for the conditions!
  2. Only my second Blue-headed Vireo. The first was a couple of years ago, later in early spring, less than a tenth of a mile away. Not bad for having to aim up and out of the passenger side from the driver's side of the 'car blind'. Batesburg-Leesville Industrial Park, Lexington County, central SC.
  3. For example, (all photos my own). Notice the tail positions too. Aggressive, staking his claim to my feeders again Calm (as much as a Mock can be, at least) Cold
  4. This, and birds often use wing position to signal their attitudes. For example, mockingbirds defending a territory (and aren't they always?) will hold their wings rolled slightly forward at the shoulder, slightly away from the body, with wings pointed down. At rest, the wings will be along the back with the tips close to the tail. When cold, they'll fluff the side feathers up over the coverts as much as possible. Other species will do many of these behaviors, along with other wing positions.
  5. Hope springs eternal every time I pick up the binos...
  6. Do you spend a lot of money on equipment that promises to make you better but won't? Do you swear a LOT?
  7. eBird shows that Red-naped at Glenwood Cemetary hasn't been reported since Jan 7. It may be gone by now. I'm sorry to be such a downer!
  8. Hi, Ken. @gpoole has it right. Birds that are fed in nests by their parents reach their full adult size by the time they leave the nest. If the bird looks smaller than the adults, it isn't because it's young, it's because it's a different species. While the colors of your bird do look somewhat like a Bald Eagle, check that beak. At all ages, the schnozz on Baldies is significantly larger in proportion to the head. There's also too much white on the underparts for a Baldie of any age, and immatures don't have the light and dark bands on the tail.
  9. Are you getting these quackers on Howell, Norman, or somewhere else?
  10. Yellow-bellied. No red nape so not male Red-naped: no white throat so not female Red-naped.
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