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  1. Saluda Shoals Park, Lexington County, central SC. This was the regular 'last Saturday of the month' walk sponsored by the park. We had seven people, all regulars (sometimes we've had 20+). The walk rarely ends at the scheduled 10:00; since everyone is avid-to-hardcore, today we went past 11:30. Clear and calm, 40F warming to 55F+. I had 38, including a lifer Brown Creeper; a couple better birders had 44 and 46. Other highlights included a snoozing Barred Owl, Belted Kingfisher, five woodpeckers, a couple of vireos (I missed the White-eyed), and a Winter Wren (missed it too). One of group arrive early and counted 1600 Ring-billed moving over just past sunrise. https://ebird.org/checklist/S123042669
  2. Brown Creeper, Saluda Shoals Park, Lexington County, central SC On the theory that there are no bad photos of lifers, just some that are better than others.
  3. Both local Audubon chapters offer free trips to non-members. You can e-mail in advance for meeting place info, or just show up. We have a city park that has a free monthly walk. The state F&W and a couple of conservation groups also do free or inexpensive walks too. One local Audubon chapter has two membership levels, free (just send an e-mail and ask) and premium ($25 annually). The higher level gets you access to a piece of property owned by the chapter. I don't know the membership policies of the other local chapter. I remember e-mailing them and asking about that. I never received a second reply.
  4. You have six images for each photo. You might label each individual image with its size.
  5. birdie 🦉 #190: 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟨🟩 https://birdiegame.net/ Mostly non-guesses, including >Pine Grosbeak< that I thought was going to be it. >Birds that will never be in SC no matter how strong the irruption, esp. with global warming pushing their ranges north.<
  6. No. Maybe that applies to the circle / chapter combination closest to you but it definitely doesn't apply to all of them. Some circles in this area have no affiliation with any chapter. Others near me are coordinated by a chapter, but it has either free membership or the count is open the count to anyone who wants to participate. One count near me is in a restricted area; participation requires an explicit invitation from the count coordinator (employed by a state agency that manages the count) AND security clearance by the federal government agency that owns the property. Again, I emphasis contact the individual circle coordinator and asking for details. What's common to the circles in your area may not apply to all.
  7. @aveschapinas / @Kevin, someone knocked over the canned pork again. Thanks for your efforts!
  8. I'm unaware of any formal connection between CBCs and individual Audubon chapters. Each circle has a coordinator / contact person.
  9. If they aren't your photos, you'll need permission from the photographers to repost them.
  10. I got a Snowy that way a couple of years ago, near the back of a V of 25 or so Honkers flying over a farm field of a few hundred acres.
  11. You're not limited to joining the closest circle. Click on any circle to get the coordinator's contact info.
  12. Sorry, I've only been to the ponds once so I don't have a lot of info. There's a bait shop at the entrance where you can pay a $4 access fee (see map below). The dirt roads are in pretty good shape. Most of the ducks stay well away from shore; if you have a scope, definitely bring it. There are also hedgerows for perching birds and some low areas with dabblers, waders, etc. If it's possible, you might want to wait until Dec. 3rd. The Aiken-Augusta Audubon has a field trip scheduled for that day. They're a friendly bunch who know their way around the ponds. If you're interested, e-mail Lois (address in the link) for details. http://augustaaikenaudubon.org/?page_id=100
  13. birdie 🐦 #189: 🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥🟥 https://birdiegame.net/ I couldn't tell what parts of the bird I was looking at for the first three or four shots, then gave up.
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