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  1. Wastewater facilities are great for gulls, wintering migrants, and the odd wader or shorb. I'm BIG on retention ponds and industrial sites.
  2. Somewhere there must be two consecutive photos of a kinglet in the same spot, but they never sit still long enough for me to take them. Looks like Orange-crowned is the consensus.
  3. I recall the folks up around the Straits do that to save the toll on The Big Bridge.
  4. Trying asking for spots AROUND Lake Erie. I don't think you'll get permission to drive ON the lake. I don't know why my Darling Bride says I'm not helpful ...
  5. I was wondering that. It looks too drab and lacking in field marks to be anything else. I haven't seen enough to be confident, esp. from this angle or with this much green.
  6. @cccougar, did you hear them? Grackles usually are very noisy, making a harsh, almost mechanical sound.
  7. Uh, shouldn't there be a bird in the photo?
  8. There is no 'behind'. We don't all have the same amount of time to get out, or the same number of species available to us. You see the birds you see in your area, in the time you have available.
  9. 63 after picking up a Royal Tern on the way back.
  10. Could the behavior have been looking for food in an already excavated area, possibly another species' dummy nest with debris to pick through? (Do BHNU excavate or build?)
  11. I think the heads are too round for Gracks, with too deep a notch where the bill joins the head.
  12. What's the duck behind the left goose? Mallard, Mottled, or unidentifiable?
  13. So HERE'S where I posted that reply! It was intended for another thread. I think it was the Lark Sparrow one. I traveling and working on the tablet instead of my desktop, so I must have confused which tab I was on.
  14. The big advantage of the app is that it's mobile. You can enter your sighting in the field instead of writing them or trying to remember them to enter later. If you find something unusual, using it lets you get the word out quickly. It lacks some of the features of the web page, especially detailed reporting of sex, age, etc. It does integrate with the Merlin app. Birds identified by Merlin can be added directly to the current checklist.
  15. js;dr * * 'junco subspecies; didn't read'
  16. Yep! Unique facial pattern, unstreaked underparts, pink legs and bill.
  17. When you submit a checklist, you’ll get a warning if one of your birds is suspect. The warning will ask you for more information - details similar to what we ask people for here when they want an ID. If I have pictures, I’ll add a comment like ’Pictures to follow later.’ One way to know if the flagged bird has been accepted is to us eBird to search for the species. Zoom in to your area. If you see your checklist, your sighting was accepted.
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