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  1. Wasn't there a Great Egret recently with bright blue feathers over a large percentage of its body? Maybe this is due to the same source?
  2. I wondered about that but the blue color is in areas not normally affected by diet. The normal red is still present on the head and breast; the blue appears limited to the wings. In the last two shots, it appears to be symmetrical across both wings. This symmetry makes me question random darkening by moisture or exposed down. Anyone else have "Guide to Little Known and Seldom Seen"? Bicentennial Warbler!
  3. That's an interesting bunch of Ruddies. Not a one appears to have its tail in the oft-held upright position.
  4. Welcome! It probably hangs around that campground a lot, and is used to the types of activity that occur there. Is this campground located near a marsh, swamp, or lake? Night herons are usually found in those environments.
  5. Ruby-crowned don't have any black on the top of their heads so, yes, that's probably what you were thinking of.
  6. Nursermk, welcome to Whatbird! You can copy and paste your photo or image directly into your post.
  7. American Kestrel, one of my favorite birds. Notice the strong black vertical bars on the face. Also, the breast is mostly spotted; Merlin markings would be longer streaks. Looks like somebody had a good weekend.
  8. Red-tailed Hawk. Look for the speckled 'belly band' running across the middle, and the dark patagials (the leading edge of the wings, from the neck about halfway to the tip). Nice job. Raptors on the wing can be a challenge, depending on your photographic hardware.
  9. That's the drabbest YRWA I've seen. I never even considered it.
  10. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, Augusta, GA. 29 Nov 19. Actively hopping around The bird looks too brown overall for me to make an uneducated guess. The white undercarriage rules out Orange-crowned. I want to guess Tennessee but again, it's just so brown; the references I've looked at show Tennessees as more greenish. The first two photos are the same bird. The third is a different bird that appears to be the same species to me. Thanks.
  11. Burt, welcome! Hopefully it's just me but I can't see your photo. You can copy and pasts it directly into a post.
  12. Oriole sized and shaped, stiletto bill, white spots all over, chowing down on everything it sees - European Starling in non-breeding colors.
  13. That's a very slender twig that bird #1 is perched on. It doesn't look like it would support a starling or woodpecker. I don't think even a Downy could get his feet wrapped around it. I think those birds would look proportionately larger with respect to that twig. I don't like a Hummer, the bill is too short and too thick at the base, and I don't think the wings are long enough. Still, I don't know what else it could be. I don't think #2 can be positively identified from this photo. If you held a gun to my head I'd go with Ruby-throat, but I don't see anything to eliminate a female or immature Rufous.
  14. Thanks! I have several photos of Scaup from a few days before @HamRHead had photos of a Greater in the area. I double-checked and these are the only ones I had any doubt of.
  15. I agree; the mask looks too narrow for a Loggerhead.
  16. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, Augusta, GA. Nov 29th, 2019 Greater male? Lesser female?
  17. I want to say it's a Ruby-crowned Kinglet. Since I'm almost always wrong when I say that, it must be a vireo species.
  18. If you cannot afford medication for your CBPDS (Carotenoid-Based Pigment Deficiency Syndrome), Astra Zenica can help.
  19. Now I'll have to look at my Phinizy photos from last week again.
  20. Like a Dyson with a turbocharger. If you see a pup tent in your back yard, throw me some Cheez-Its.
  21. I can't touch the last one but I agree on the White-throated.
  22. @Kevin, you had 45 species in 30 minutes? You suck, you know that, right?
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