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  1. Absolutely nothing special here. We're installing a software upgrade on an application server. I could sit in the A/C and watch the progress bar creep across the screen for an hour-plus, or walk the perimeter of the plant property at 90F. Guess which one I chose? https://ebird.org/checklist/S113692160
  2. @grrtt91, welcome to Whatbird! The front bird shows white bars on either side of the blue wing patch (speculum). I'm with @RobinHood; this is a Mallard trait. Would you be more specific about where in North Carolina? Thanks.
  3. AAB is strictly North America. Try Birds of the World or even (*gasp*) Google.
  4. Charlie isn't interested in his score, just in seeing if he knows the bird.
  5. Or the lack thereof. I'll often click 'Guess' without entering a species. I opened today with a Carolina Chickadee, so I didn't even have the right genus. From there I went to Black-and-white, so at least I got in the neighborhood. I skipped the third and fourth, and got it on the fifth. I'm not sure how I could have used a guide or reference to narrow it down, or if I'm willing to spend the time.
  6. The only good aphid is a dead aphid. preferably sucked dry by a ladybug.
  7. I've never used the photo ID portion; I'm too lazy to transfer the photos from my camera to a phone or tablet. I do use the sound portion to tell me what the app thinks is in the area, so I have an idea what to expect to see.
  8. Oh, no; not again. That's what you said about no days below 40F last winter. Good luck passing that 'money', by the way.
  9. It’s easy when you’ve seen as many PAPI as I have. After a while, the occasional Rock just stands out. GISS, ya know?
  10. @grange, this is a normal behavior. It's called 'dust bathing'. i don't recall the exact reason why the do it; I think it helps with mites and other parasites. I've also seen some birds in the same posture but no moving, just lying in the sun.
  11. 04 July 22, 8:00 am - Backyard - Stationary - 1 observer 2 Ivory-billed Woodpecker (1M 1F), 3 Carolina Parakeet (Carrying nesting material), 8 Passenger Pigeon (Flyover), 2 House Sparrow (2M)
  12. I suspect it's supposed to be for this morning.
  13. @Marta, you might try BirdForum. They have a more international membership than here. https://www.birdforum.net
  14. @Marta, you might try BirdForum. They have a more international membership than here. https://www.birdforum.net
  15. Interesting. There's no obvious way to flag it like there is on Macaulay.
  16. Hi, @robert2008. Welcome to Whatbird! If 2008 is the year you were born, you might be interested in our Young Birders' discussion.
  17. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Pileated_Woodpecker/photo-gallery and scroll to the fourth photo (or see my picture to the left!)
  18. To whom do I make a sacrifice in exchange for not exceeding 90F the rest of the summer?
  19. I want to use the bird as an avatar, without the busy background. Is there a tool that can intelligently select the bird so I can then crop everything around it? Or is there a different approach entirely? Thanks!
  20. Non-birding spouses, eh? Discuss; use back of page if necessary. Oh, and 67F this morning. Feels like 55.
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