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  1. I agree on the shot. That's a great mix of birds.
  2. Plovers in general have much shorter bills, by the way.
  3. Marmots? Hedgehogs? Woodchucks? Could you upload the actual photos, please?
  4. Put down the pick-axe and the pan, and get out of the car. There's not enough left to cover the trip out.
  5. Nice heron! If you would, next time include the state for those who may not know where Sutter County is (like me 🙂 )
  6. The pigeon farm's poster doesn't show all breeds or colors of domestics, just a subset. Imagine it was a poster of dogs, with a photo of a black Labrador Retriever. It doesn't show yellow or chocolate Labs, or black Cocker Spaniels, but they're dogs too! And welcome to Whatbird!
  7. I can't tell even when zoomed in, but I don't think it's 'lunch'. For one thing, it isn't oozing.
  8. Welcome, and sorry about the delay in your getting a response. You can link to an audio clip directly from this site. I believe YouTube is an option. Hopefully someone with more experience linking to audio files will respond.
  9. There's a great variety of birds in coastal MA. It's a very popular birding destination.
  10. Gulls are even worse. They may go through a different stage annually for a few years before reaching adulthood. Raptors can be pretty challenging too.
  11. I know a couple of other species of small waders will do it (Little Blues? Reddish?) but I hadn't heard of a Green doing it. Cool.
  12. If they're migrants, they probably are unsure. They've spent the summer in the same general areas and know where the threats may come from, where the best perches are to watch the feeders, etc. Now they're in unfamiliar territory, not staying long enough to get comfortable.
  13. Sounds about right. Look closely and you may see some that appear to be down right FAT compared to earlier in the season.
  14. Welcome! Notice the Great Blue Heron in your photo has a much lighter colored bill than a Sandhill would, and is black on the face where a crane would show red. Also, the Sandhill has a much bulkier-, shaggier-looking body.
  15. Welcome! I can agree with wren; the body shape looks good. When they first leave the nest, many fledgling wrens can't fly or don't do it well. It's common for them to flap their wings while hopping or running from one place to the next. The stage usually lasts a few days before they get the hang of flying and doesn't necessarily indicate there's anything wrong with the bird. The parents may hang around to encourage development. Unfortunately, this bird may not last long in the wild. It's just too easy for a predator to spot.
  16. Ain't it the truth, brother. Fortunately, some of the members here can pull an ID out of some truly lousy photos (which your grebe isn't!).
  17. Looks like you have aphids too. I'd start with insecticidal soap.
  18. That would make birding a lot easier! They vary a lot - males, females, age, season, diet, geography, and probably other factors I've forgotten this morning.
  19. Welcome! Please start a new post for your bird; your request may be overlooked if you add it to an existing discussion. Use the 'Start a new topic' button in the upper right. Thanks!
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