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  1. I usually notice your mistakes much faster than that.
  2. Rule out the Pelly, GBH, and probably the Anhinga. That DOESN’T mean it’s a Cormorant.
  3. Red-Bellied Woodpecker? Possibly eating ants or other insects
  4. Or just lightening the load before takeoff. I don’t know if female buntings have a display.
  5. That's understandable. I'd probably resent being a PA native too.
  6. @johnwest, you might try here. They have a more international membership. https://www.birdforum.net/forum.php
  7. FYI, Sandhill Cranes are at least twice that size.
  8. Is it okay if I'm jealous of spending a week in south FL and two more in the southwest?
  9. I thought the beaks look identical. Oh well.
  10. Both photos are the same bird, right?
  11. Those signs are a good idea. They're great for the survival of the Killdeer eggs but they're vital to keep people from being harmed by the Canadas. A defensive Canada Goose is not to be taken lightly; people have had finger, hand, and even arm bones broken when struck by wing blows.
  12. If that's the first edition of Sibley, it's probably out of date. I wonder if I'll remember to check my 2nd ed. when I get home?
  13. That's what I've been wondering since @blackburnian suggested it.
  14. Welcome, and if I may ask, how does an Aussie come to be posting photos of a Canadian hummer?
  15. Is there something wrong with my monitor? I see a yellow cap, not a red one
  16. Sometimes we just have to accept that some birds / photos can't be identified.
  17. I completely overlooked the possibility of the second one being a Romulan Bird of Prey. I think that's the Mark IV model.
  18. Sounds right. I'd start with a single feeder with black oil sunflower seed. If that gets any attention, add a suet feeder. Over a couple of months, those should tell you if you'll get any long-term attention. If you haven't picked a lot yet, try to get one on the edge of the development nearest trees or water.
  19. Well, that description matches an Eastern Kingbird too although this is definitely an EAPH. The dark areas on the kingbird are blacker than on this phoebe, the colors are more clearly delineated, it has a white-tipped tail, and it's bigger.
  20. I've had many a wren spend the night in the garage. If you have a side door, open it and close the main door and turn out the light. At some point, it will be lighter outside than inside, and the bird will fly toward the light.
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