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  1. I couldn't tell if the potential tail spots were marks on the feathers or photographic artifacts. There appear to be five, with one near the vent and another almost up by the legs, and I'm pert near darn sure that ain't right, y'all.
  2. Use a mandolin to slice one into uniform planks, and use them instead of lasagna noodles.
  3. I'll see your zucchini and raise you three cherry tomatoes.
  4. Ron Pittaway does an annual prediction of irruptive species every fall, although it's way too early for him to release the 2020 / 21 forecast. He takes a lot of factors into account, including available food sources. Short version, expect to see more of a species at your feeders when local food sources have underproduced for the year. This force the birds to expand their range to find enough to eat. It might be worth checking the 20 / 21 report when it comes out. If he says Pine Siskins are on the move because there isn't expected to be enough white spruce cones this winter; what you're seeing now may be one of his indicators. http://www.jeaniron.ca/2019/wff19.htm Here's an interesting report on how Pittaway does it. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/news/how-ron-pittaway-developed-his-acclaimed-winter-finch-forecast/
  5. Pink feet and legs are wrong for PIWA. I'd think we could see at least one white wing bar at this angle, along with some white edging on the wing feathers besides the bars (I guess wear could account for not seeing that?) Even if we ignore this bird looking peach / orange instead of chartreuse, the color doesn't come far enough down the belly. I'd think we could see a few side streaks too. And don't PIWA have some dark on the tail? But other than that, yeah; I can see that.
  6. @Kevin, what's the habitat? Notice anything about the behavior?
  7. Your camera is going to get sick if you make it try to focus like that.
  8. @Benjamin, thanks. I can't view your photos here at work; they're probably blocked. I'll take a look when I get home. Otherwise, I can see most of the other differences you mention in the original photos. I think Tony's comment had me fixated on the tail.
  9. I don't think the adult's bill isn't curved. I think that's a dark mark on the wall behind the bird.
  10. I initially thought Tufted Titmouse but there's too much peach and not enough tail. I'm trying to decide if the pink I see under the bird, framed by the branches, are feet and legs.
  11. Okay, what are we seeing different on the tails between #6 and #7? The visible portions look identical to me. #6 does appear to have 'spectacles' and a darker head than #7.
  12. DNA sampling would probably do it. The second photo gave me a Ruddy feeling, and third photo looks vaguely Aythya; but I wouldn't mark it as 'Aythya sp.'
  13. I'd also expect a narrower, longer bill on a Protho.
  14. That's a subspecies, rarely found outside pet stores or pet aisles at Wally. Remember, you can't put them on your list if your dog has killed it.
  15. And this is the first photo where I'm actually able to perceive them as blue. Every other one I recall seeing, the feet and legs look dark gray or black or almost any color except blue.
  16. Be -VERY- careful marking Rubber Chicken based solely on the call. eBird will usually flag the ID since It extremely difficult to differentiate from Rubber Ducky.
  17. You bet your niece? Isn't NM a bit conservative for that sort of thing? What did they other guy put up, his nephew?
  18. @Mocall, welcome to Whatbird! https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Peregrine_Falcon/ Most members of the falcon family have dark facial marks like your bird shows. While falcons are birds of prey, they're not in the same family with hawks or eagles.
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