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  1. You know the trade-off. Few of us here can afford a DSLR with the same reach as with a superzoom P&S. A mediocre but identifiable long range shot is better than no shot at all. Sometimes you don't take the shot; you're using the digital zoom as a low-rent spotting scope.
  2. My work is done here now. It's time for me to ride on to where I'm needed. Somewhere there are threads with a misidentified duck, an incorrectly sexed cardinal, an improperly aged eagle. There's where you'll find me, questioning the inaccuracies, offering insights to the alternatives to all birders, regardless of their gender preference, age, religion, race, binocular brand, P&S or DSLR.\ But not Facebook members; you people deserve what you get.
  3. I agree the left bird is a domestic Mallard. What do we see on the right one to indicate it isn't a 'pure' Mallard?
  4. Manual focus should be easier on the P1000. If I recall, it has a ring, unlike most of Nikon's other P&Ss and superzooms.
  5. That's usually for insurance purposes. If the facility provides supervision, they'll have to pay someone to do it. If they let people in unsupervised, then when (not if) some idiot gets injured doing something stupid (see 'Florida Guy'), he'll sue. Even if he doesn't have a legal leg to stand on (or even physical ones at this point), fighting it in court is a waste of resources. The Savannah River (SC) nuclear fuel and weapons site is a listed hot spot. So are spots on many military bases. Good luck getting in them to bird without knowing someone.
  6. Eh, I've been carrying my camera in a case on my right hip. I'm used to resting my right arm on top of it, so I'll see if I can rest on the camera. The binos on the left won't be a problem. They're in my right hand most of the time. The harness is just to keep track of them when I'm using the camera, and I won't be walking then. But we'll see.
  7. I don't normally try to age birds. In this case, I mentioned it only because they obviously weren't any type of adult gull, in the theory it might help ID the species. Thanks.
  8. Plymouth County, MA, a public beachfront parking lot. Oct. 2018. I'm reviewing old photos and found these guys in with a bunch of Ring-billeds. There's a Ringer in the foreground for comparison. Thanks!
  9. This arrived yesterday. I'll see how it does this weekend, and decide which side I want camera and binos on. I'm starting with binos left, camera right. The collar is reasonably well padded, much better than the entry-level $25 harnesses I've been using. https://www.bhphotovideo.com/c/product/1454089-REG/op_tech_usa_6501062_dual_harness_uni_loop.html
  10. Plenty of migrants wintering down here along the SC coast. You'd rather be here than Kansas for the same reason the birds will be: warm and toasty! All those shorebirds and waders can't be wrong!
  11. Heck, I'd never even heard of a Colima Warbler before this post asking for confirmation. I don't think it's in my Sibley's East, and it wasn't in AAB just now.
  12. I really did have a reason to bring up the subject. Technologies change, and there's little we as users can do except adapt. My new car doesn't have a CD player, an item that used to be standard equipment. I acknowledge it isn't available because most people have changed to other methods of music distribution. Ditto displaying 'Reputation' points and a text string. As a former programmer, take my word that no one removes part of an application because they have nothing better to do. When an application is upgraded, the easiest approach is to leave as much alone as possible. However minimal, taking something out takes some degree of effort. Whatbird isn't the only forum that uses this software. Like my CD player, it's possible most other sites don't use that part of the application any more. Removing it now may simplify future maintenance. Or there maybe enough protest that one or both of these features return in a future update.
  13. I don't see any reason to ask why someone chooses to post a legitimate request for ID assistance. Why does it matter? While I've said I think Caley is a better birder than he gives himself credit for, the site exists to answer questions like his. All posts help others become familiar with birds they may not see locally. I may never see an Acorn Woodpecker, but seeing this one may help me ID one in another discussion. And Caley's photos are usually pretty darn good. If it wasn't for the obscuring front branch, these three would all be at least 4 stars. They make it worth opening his posts even when there's no question about the ID.
  14. All the things you could be editing in PhotoShop, and you waste your time on gulls...
  15. I'm pretty sure there are no NA gulls with black eye patches. I'm equally sure I'll be quickly corrected if I'm mistaken.
  16. Go beyond the colors and look at the shape. Falcons have very different bodies, wings, and tails. The first photo is a different bird from the one in the other two shots. Notice the wear and tear on the second bird's wing and tail feathers. But both are Red-taileds.
  17. I always admire any photo someone could get of a swift or a swallow.
  18. @millipede, would you mind posting the checklist? I'd like to see where this is. I'll probably never be out to bird there, I just want to look at the satellite view. I thought all water treatment plants were registered as hotspots by now!
  19. @MedicWife0927, welcome! Here's an Eastern Kingbird as The Bird Nuts suggested: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Kingbird/ If that isn't it, and you can't get a photo, can you tell us a bit more? Was the bird the same size or shape as other birds you're already familiar with? What environment was it in? If it was at a feeder, what was it eating? Thanks!
  20. Nothing wrong with that. Streaming services are the primary method of distributing music these days. If they don't get any money, there's nothing to pass on to the talent. The services also have their own infrastructure to pay for - servers, routers, electricity, bandwidth, employees (says the network administrator).
  21. For me, there are two advantages. Note that these are specific to me. 1) I already own a few hundred CDs. A quick check just now says Spotify wants $10 a month. Why pay for what I already own? Now, regarding the second advantage, some of you may need to sit down first. Have some smelling salts handy, or a paper bag to breath into. Those of you with pre-existing conditions, are pregnant or nursing, or are bikers may want to have medical assistance nearby. Okay, ready? 2) We don't own a cell phone. We have no reason to pay for one. I have one issued by my employer, but we electronically limit the apps we're permitted to install. eBird and Merlin are permitted, but most streaming apps are not (including Spotify). Those that are allowed will only work when connected to a WiFi network; they won't work not over a cellular link. Last time I checked, there was no WiFi connection in my car, but I could be wrong again ...
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