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  1. And with the finer streaking, now that you mention it. I was mostly trying to figure out which photo was supposed to be the RCKI and didn't pay attention beyond that.
  2. I'm not sure about your number, but the fifth shot looks like a House Finch. I see nothing that looks like a kinglet.
  3. I can't see the photos. Maybe others will be able to. EDIT: never mind; wrong browser.
  4. How did you decide the Mallard was 23 inches? Thanks!
  5. Welcome to Whatbird! I'm with @Kevin - the dark midsection indicates Red-tailed Hawk. And as @mike94703gmail says, location (and date!) are always helpful and sometimes critical.
  6. Between the jay, the Rough-legged, and the buntings, you had a good weekend!
  7. What are you measuring to get 36". Thanks!
  8. Any chance you could lighten these? The color of the nape would be helpful.
  9. Thanks. I only see a few Cooper's a year, never in my yard or where I can easily study it. I've only seen one bird I could comfortably call a Sharpie, but that little sucker hung out around the feeders for almost 20 minutes. 🙂
  10. That's not helpful. You knew what he meant. This isn't an English class.
  11. B&H on line has a liberal return policy. They also have a good selection of gently used equipment. Unless you have a big box outdoor store nearby, it's getting harder to find brick and mortar stores.
  12. I noted having them here in central SC in another discussion. I've only had them at my feeders three times in 17 years, all three times in the last six winters, never before January. I've had them the last couple of days, and other birders in the county have been reporting them for at least a week.
  13. Interesting! Did you buy that online? Would you mind replying with the make, model, and (if you don't mind) how much it costs? I'm certainly not trying to get you out of the car but if you can, would a low tripod and a decent camping / tailgating chair work? There are some that are very comfortable and weight only a a few pounds; some are rated to support over 300 pounds. This model has solid armrests, something my mobility-challenged father values since he uses arms to lift himself out of a chair. https://www.dickssportinggoods.com/p/caravan-oversized-infinity-zero-gravity-chair-16ccauvrszdnfntycodr/16ccauvrszdnfntycodr I'm just tossing pasta at the wall in case it sticks ...
  14. Your question is phrased as if you've reached a conclusion and are trying to force the evidence to support it.
  15. The beak in photo #3 looks pretty big and hooked to me too. I wouldn't call it an eagle based on that alone, but I would rule out a raven. I don't see any difference between the first photos and the second set of edited one. I don't see white in any of them, but that wouldn't rule out a Golden Eagle or an immature Bald Eagle. 'Aves sp.'
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