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  1. @KeleeEiselein, Pine Siskins are an 'irruptive' species.  Their migration patterns and destinations change every winter.  Their movement is based on how much food is available each winter in their breeding territory.  If there's plenty of food, they don't come as far south.  This may be why you haven't seen them in the past.  Indeed, in 15 years, I've only had them at my house in two winters.  I'm in SC, so takes a real shortage of their preferred seeds to drive them this far south.  Some other finches, crossbills, and grosbeaks are other irruptives.

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    • Blackpoll Warblers should have cleared out by now, unless maybe this one is very late or very early.
    • White-breasted Nuthatch, maybe, although you're likely too far south for those.
    • Black-crowned Night Heron, but that's a heck of a lot bigger than a mockingbird.
    • Terns wouldn't be likely to land on a roof.
    • Rose-breasted Grosbeak, although if you could see the throat then you'd see the red breast spot.

    Sorry, I'm out of guesses.  South Florida is notorious for escaped pets, domesticated foreigners, and aviary runaways; it might not be a native bird.

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