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  1. Here ya go: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Redstart
  2. Does anyone want to hear me rant about how my 2019 Mazda didn't come with a CD player, not even available as an added option? And don't any of you snot-nosed punks ask, "What's a CD, Boomer?"
  3. FYI, this episode is from 2016 or so. It being a repeat may (or may not) have something to do with the short lifespan. I've seen it at least three times and if it was on tonight, I'd watch it again.
  4. That's informative. I was giving the Research Triangle area some consideration. I recall the podcaster for the ABA is in that area. Still, I imagine the area is pretty similar to central SC as far as birding goes. The beach and Upstate are 'better' than here, but I'll definitely have more time to travel, and cost of living will be a consideration. Thanks!
  5. Agreed, and I doubt one hatched more to the north would wander down that far. I'm mostly playing Devil's Advocate.
  6. I hate to be 'That Guy', but Boreal x Black-capped? Their ranges do overlap farther north.
  7. Welcome! When you do post that next bird, would you remember to include your location and the date you saw the bird? Thanks!
  8. I'd doubt I'll ever have to worry about that. I'll sully my mouth if I get to that point, then rinse liberally with alcoholic beverages.
  9. You also have that frozen white stuff. I don't use that four-letter word.
  10. Agreed, but I remember when I was new here. I'd see a 'Reputation' value beside someone's name and think, "This person must be a pretty good birder." I didn't know then that factors other than birding skills went it to that number. If it comes back, I'd like to see it renamed 'Reactions'. That's a more accurate name for the number. If it doesn't come back, it won't bother me. This is a free service, and I'm getting a lot more than I'm paying for.
  11. What part, when, and how long? Were you a birder at that time? I'm considering retiring in NC in a few years. I'd love to be in Asheville but the cost of living is higher there. I'll probably aim for somewhere closer to midway between mountains and beach.
  12. The capability was built into the forum software by default. They're like the sunroof on my car. It played no role in whether I bought the car or not; it's just there. It's the same for the site admins. They chose the software that powers the forums. The poorly-named 'Reputation' feature was built-in but probably wasn't a feature they explicitly looked for. Apparently the software manufacturers (who are NOT our site admins) dropped the value from the display. Nobody here made a choice to not show it. I find value in them in the individual discussions. They can indicate how many people agree with an ID, for example. That's also where the 'Confused' one is handy. To me, they mean more in the context of a single post or thread than as a member's 'Reputation' number. I say that as someone who has a high 'Reputation' but knows it's built more on 'Ha-ha's in that number than 'Thanks' or 'Like'. Providing useful information is what a rep should be built on, not being the class clown.
  13. Even if I was in NC, that's still in the South. NC and SC, incidentally, were originally a single colony with the capital in Charleston.
  14. It was probably trying to find one you don't already know, and gave up in frustration.
  15. I'll take it. That's certainly more accurate than 'sp.'. I already had confirmed ABDU on that trip.
  16. Acadia National Park, Maine. Oct 2018. They were just doing their duck thing a few hundred feet upstream from where this creek hit the beach. I entered them as 'Duck sp.'; any definitive IDs are welcome but aren't expected. Thanks! 1 Mallard? 2a ? and 2b Mallard 3a ? and 3b Mallard? 4 ?
  17. It also totals the counts for Likes, Thanks, and Laughs as if they were equal. I garner far more of the last than of the first two. I do miss the text string though. For those members who entered their location, it was a quick way to know where they usually bird. EDIT: it looks like that string is gone entirely. I can't find it in my profile.
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