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  1. No way that's a PISI. Too much yellow on the wings, a deficit of streaking all over, and the bill is too thick.
  2. The discussion is a couple of years old now. I don't know if anything ever came of the idea.
  3. We get a decent winter population of Black Vultures in the small town in SC where I work. A few thousand call Batesburg their winter home, arriving in mid-Sept to roost on the cell phone tower and water tower. Both have abundant horizontal surfaces for them to perch on. Then in the spring, they head out again (north, I presume).
  4. I hope I someday have an opportunity to use this information!
  5. It certainly is. You can also drag your photos directly into your post.
  6. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Wood-Pewee
  7. 60X vs 10X. My camera has a lot longer reach than my binos, and that's before engaging the pixelating-but-identifiable optical zoom. Binos remain my tool of choice but a lot of the time I need the extra reach.
  8. Join the crowd! As you noted later, field experience will help a lot. Sandpipers, sparrows, warblers, and gulls can be challenging. If you haven't already, it helps to check eBird or a field guide to see what species are most common in your area.
  9. @northshorenature, welcome! https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/House_Sparrow
  10. Sorry, out of 'Likes' again. I'll swing back and add one later. At the time, I found a couple of very welcoming sites with plenty of people willing to answer questions. There was one person who really got his nose out of joint when I described a Shostakovitch work as 'bombastic', but he was the only one. Respectfully, what I did found was that almost everyone who appreciated 'art' music already played an instrument or had some musical background or training. I see how that can lead to an appreciation, and there must be plenty of people who enjoy classical or jazz but don't play. Still, the frequent recommendations to take up an instrument did play a part in my dropping my investigation. I absolutely hate physical practice. I enjoy watching golf on the tube but I know actually picking up a club would frustrate the guano out of me. Thanks.
  11. I can't ID them but they opened on my Windows 10 system in the Groove Music app without any problems.
  12. Tony's opinion will be @The Bird Nuts should have been concentrating on the bird instead of taking photos.
  13. They're riding 'thermals', rising columns of warm air. Many species of large birds do this to gain altitude; it saves a lot of energy vs. actively flying higher. I can't answer as to migration, but this behavior isn't exclusive to it. Vultures will gather to ride thermals at any time of year. In those cases, they aren't so much gathering in a flock as each want to be where the conditions are favorable.
  14. I'll take your word. Everything after 0:30 sounded like random notes to me; the piano less so than the ... sax? I couldn't find anything like a melody to get a mental grip on. I don't expect to be able to tell where a piece is going, but I couldn't tell where this one had been. I don't think I know how to tell a key change; indeed, attempting to grasp the concept of a key frustrated the bejeezus out of me (still does). My previous comment wasn't so much about any individual piece as my failure to understand the terminology y'all were using, even when I was trying to research it. I was getting hung up trying to understand what people were talking about without realizing I didn't actively enjoy anything I was hearing. It would be like getting wrapped up trying to identify patagials or coverts or lores and then realizing you didn't really care much about birds in the first place, that you were forcing yourself because everyone said birding was something to do while isolating.
  15. Yeah, I understood even less of that than of @musicianista's original post I made an ultimately futile effort to listen to classical music five or six years ago. I was getting hung up on web sites and forums discussing the theory and terminology, when I realized it was because the music itself just wasn't interesting me. I was trying to force myself to enjoy it because I've always been told it's good. After a four or five months, I realized I was going nowhere and gave it up.
  16. See if these help: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Western_Sandpiper https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Semipalmated_Sandpiper
  17. The bill is too narrow and pointing, not thick or blunt enough.
  18. And welcome to Whatbird! I'm glad we had members familiar enough with musical notes to identify your bird!
  19. Huntington is the best. Anybody within a four hour drive who hasn't been there is doing themselves a disservice. Spring and fall migrating warblers and shorebirds, winter waterfowl, and waders and non-migrating shorebirds year round. Should someone get done there, Brookgreen Gardens is across the highway. I try to get there at least annually, but this year there are too many sightings of the Purple-Uvula'ed Korona Emu (PUKE).
  20. Huh; a Scaup question. Is fall here already?
  21. Here ya go: https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Green_Heron/ and for comparison, https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/American_Bittern Like @The Bird Nuts said, the Green has a solid back vs. the bittern's streaks. The bittern is mostly brown and white, vs the Green's rust and dark green.
  22. No problem, many people are after an ID of what they've photographed
  23. Yep, Eastern Bluebird. See https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Eastern_Bluebird/id and scroll over to the 'Adult Female' video. The image is almost identical.
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