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  1. Well, I tried it in central SC a few weeks ago. It nailed the Carolina Wren. It identified a second bird as a Wood Thrush. I can't confirm its accuracy on that one, since I don't know what one sounds like. There were at least eight sample sounds accompanying the ID, but none of the first five matched the call I was hearing. After five, something moved in the bushes and I forgot about the app until now.
  2. Hummingbirds - I've found it's very difficult to teach them critical thinking or logic.
  3. Who's going to be seeing these descriptors? How are they being applied? If you're working for an audience of one (you), then go with whatever makes you happy. I'd go in order of how likely you are to have each item. Start with species; if you don't know that, you won't get anything else anyway. Then subspecies Then color morph In many species, the male and female are identical. It seems to me you're more likely to be able to tell juveniles / immatures / sub-adults from mature birds, so I'd go with age third. Then finally sex, if it can be determined. If you could provide more information on the circumstances, I might be able to suggest a better approach. If you're trying to included all this in file names, tags may be a better method.
  4. How much can we trust the colors at this range? I agree with your other points, though.
  5. I might agree =IF= I had any knowledge of other countries' success in teaching these concepts.
  6. I don't recall hearing of Surfbirds before! Looking them up at lunchtime should be fun.
  7. I'm glad to read that because I couldn't see any difference!
  8. Bump. We're agreed the second photo is all Ring-necked. Anyone else have opinions on the first and last birds? Thanks.
  9. Size is notoriously difficult to judge or compare. This site is littered with posts about robins the size of hummingbirds, and hawks the size of pterodactyls.
  10. Y'all are correct. I withdraw the 'Domestic' part of my reply. I saw 'theme park' and gave the bird itself a less-than-complete look.
  11. Domestic Mallard. The breast feathers are too rusty, not black. The bill colors are wrong for an American Black of either sex.
  12. I don't know squat about guillemots but it looks like just another bird asleep on the water to me.
  13. That's the question I was asking in my original post. See the first response (RobinHood's).
  14. Adult female Northern Cardinal. Young cardinals have black bills. Adults of both sexes have orange bills. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Northern_Cardinal/id. Scroll to the right and see the fourth picture for a juvenile. Please remember to include date and location. Thanks!
  15. Great question. As I recall, no. This bird was in a mixed flock of aythyas. I recall them all remaining on the surface the majority of the time. This was a flock of 90 or so, so it's possible / likely some of them were diving at some time when I wasn't looking. But for the most part they just swam around. The last bird definitely wasn't foraging. It was in a different pond from the first two photos, one measuring several hundred acres. It was in the vicinity of a PBGR and a RUDU, and those were the only birds in that pond. All three remained on the surface, paddling around for the several minutes I watched them.
  16. Neither of those are found in North America. The second one isn't in this hemisphere. Are you posting these as similar to what you saw?
  17. While we're at it, let's toss this one on the pile too:
  18. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, Augusta, GA. November 2018. A freshwater pond of several acres. 1) I had a mixed flock of aythya on a cloudy, drizzly day. I originally had this tagged as Ring-necked Duck but obviously it isn't. Any change of Greater Scaup? The head looks round to me. This is the only photo of this particular bird. 2) Female Scaup vs Ring-necked ID question - do Ring-neckeds have a ring around the bill and yellow eyes at all ages? The bird in the right rear is hanging out with three clear Ringers but doesn't have either feature. It does have a bit of an eye ring, and the top of the head is a darker brown than the cheek. Is it an immature Ringer or a Lesser Scaup? Thanks!
  19. "Hide my data from the Top 100" Like I'm ever going to have that issue...
  20. A birderer is someone who watches birders.
  21. What happens if you clear out the saved password and type it in fresh?
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