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  1. Yeah, but https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Black-bellied_Plover/species-compare/32800671, juvie to juvie I don't want to be That Guy, but I'm going to be That Guy. I see more pale yellow flecks and stronger eyebrow than were apparent in the BBPL shot in Macauley. If these two still say BBPL, I'll throw in the towel. Thanks either way..
  2. St. Ignace, MI, Sept. 20th. shore of Lake Huron. The bird spent several minutes methodically moving along the water's edge, rarely getting more than three feet from the shore, picking through the small rocks and shore debris. I'm going with juvenile AMGP over Black-bellied because of the stronger eyebrow, weak eyeline, and more distinct spotting top and bottom. I have additional angles if necessary but I suspect this one will be sufficient. Thanks.
  3. St. Ignace, MI, Sept. 19th. Lake Huron, roughly 250 feet off shore. The shots are different birds that stayed together in small groups of three to six birds. They spend about half the time under water. Thanks.
  4. That's why I was sure it wasn't a Least, but I couldn't remember what it actually was.
  5. St. Ignace, MI, Sept. 19th. Lake Huron, roughly 50 feet off shore. Both shots are the same bird. Mostly swimming, only occasionally diving. @HamRHead, take notes; THESE are what lousy photos really look like. Thanks.
  6. I think the first two are, but I'll let someone else call the one on the right.
  7. Would someone help me separate #2 from #4? They look identical to me. Thanks.
  8. I can't believe I wasted a 'Like' on that.
  9. Yeah, uniformly tan head and back, black and white wings look good for American Goldfinch.
  10. I'm not disagreeing, but what's influencing the decision? The extensive breast spotting? Thanks.
  11. Any tube or hopper style feeder with black oil sunflower seeds will keep Purple Finches happy, along with many other species!
  12. Think again, oh Mistaken One. Wait until I start posting the worst of Michigan this week. Oh, nice bird.
  13. 32 species, including 4 lifers (Common Merganser, Amer. Golden-Plover, Merlin, Red-breasted Nuthatch), four species I'd only seen once before, a couple I'd only seen twice before, and some first-time photos. Life is good. https://ebird.org/MyEBird?cmd=lifeList&time=life&listType=US-MI
  14. @njones. Welcome! Would you drag your photos into a reply? Thanks!
  15. You have a Red-tailed Hawk. Note the speckled 'belly band' around the midsection, and the dark patagials (the leading edge of the wing from the neck to the 'elbow'.
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