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  1. With an upset Ruby-throated Hummingbird in the last shot.
  2. Out of 'Likes' (AGAIN). I think we're at cross-purposes, or maybe I misunderstood @Soohegan post. I thought it was a list of the features of the upper right bird in the last photo, and I saw that leg color was apparently missed.
  3. Shouldn't you be out in the field about now on a Saturday? Someplace with no cell signal, maybe?
  4. I like Red-shouldered. I think there's too much white on the back for Broad, and the upper breast streaking is too regular. Any chance you have shots with better views of the tail? EDIT: Although I agree with @Benjamin about possibly having to go with unidentifiable for this one.
  5. Too late after a long day at work and too much time sorting sandpipers. I'm going to bed.
  6. Welcome to Whatbird! What kind of Cpl? Army, Marine, or law enforcement?
  7. Although after thinking (for once), it could be a domestic breed instead. @Pigegon, here's another one for you.
  8. Thanks. I have better Pec shots from this site earlier in the week, and there's no lifer on the line. Just trying to clean up a couple of weeks of U/I's
  9. Not tonight, but maybe some cuddling? 🥰
  10. Lexington County, central SC, August 25nd. The ongoing saga of what's feeding on the exposed lake bed of a farm pond recently lowered by 4 feet. The bill looks too long for Pectoral Sandpiper, the dark markings appear to come too far down the chest for Lesser Yellowlegs, and too much of both for a Solitary. All were reported in the area by others. Cropped from reduced size and full sized. Thanks. EDIT. My Darling Bride says it's a Lesser Pectoral Yellowpiper.
  11. Aw, c'mon! That's even less info that your warbler post!
  12. It looks like a European Starling. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/European_Starling
  13. Most of that sounds like a Pine Warbler EXCEPT the yellow undertail / tail. Can you compare your bird to a Pine?
  14. If it helps, in the last two weeks, better birders have reported Pecs, Semipalmateds, Spotted, Solitary, Western, Short-billed Dow, and Lesser Yellowlegs.
  15. Lexington County, central SC, August 26th. The ongoing saga of what's feeding on the exposed lake bed of a farm pond recently lowered by 4 feet. I don't even have a guess this time, although the bill in the last two shots looks longer than anything else I've seen here this month. Feel free to tell me it's unidentifiable. All pics are the same bird. Thanks.
  16. For the record, I have no idea why @Benjamin asked. I offered one item that caught my eye as indicating potential manipulation. I stick with the .JPGs the camera spits out because i find post-processing confusing - i don't know what my goal is or when I'm 'finished'.
  17. You're good on the first two. I'll leave the third to others. Any other shots of this one? The bill looks too short for either bird, but that could be the camera angle.
  18. There's an obvious halo around the bird and limb in the first picture. You've been here long enough to have seen photos that were edited more radically that yours, often sharpened or enhanced literally beyond recognition.
  19. Any chance the bird was trying to get nectar from these tubular flowers? Orioles love nectar. Many birds have misleading names (like 'Orchard' Oriole, for example) but Pine Warblers have one of the most accurate names in terms of environment. Pines are almost strictly protein consumers - insects, suet, peanuts, etc.
  20. In addition to the bill, the yellow goes too far under and back, and a Pine would have some streaking.
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