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  1. @Kevinintroduces the newest hobby, Birder-ering.
  2. Those are what I use. I think they're like the adults, just more muted and brownish overall. Incidentally, you might include 'Great' or 'Little' in your titles when referring to 'Blue Herons'.
  3. I have this as RTHA on the checklist and the photo is tagged that way also. This morning I thought I saw a bit of red on the shoulder and maybe white edging on the back and wing feathers. I think @RobinHood's points about the hint of belly band and the lack of tail stripes overrules my second-guessing. Thanks.
  4. Phinizy Swamp Nature Park, Augusta, GA. Jan 21, 2018. Perched on airport landing lights. Sorry, this is the only photo. Thanks.
  5. When you say "I tried to log in I get access denied.", do you get the 'Access Denied' screen AFTER you enter your username and password, or does it appear INSTEAD of the screen that asks for your username and password? When the 'Access Denied' screen appears, what's its URL / web address? Would you copy and paste it into a reply? That will tell us who's sending it to you - ISP, iBird, an installed anti-virus / malware tool or filter, etc. With VPN off, can you get to our host site: https://ibird.com ?
  6. Oh, and I do agree with @PaulK. I think someone up the food chain is blocking the site. It may be temporary. You might try a public WiFi network - restaurants, libraries, etc. They'll be on a different ISP. If that works, give your ISP the Whatbird URL and ask them why they're blocking it. Good luck.
  7. I don't understand the problem. @UnknownVT, you're obviously able to post here, at least under some circumstances. Do you have trouble only when you're on VPN, only when you're off it, or some other configuration? /RELEASE and /RENEW reset address on your computer and tell it to get a new one, but that comes your router. It doesn't cause the router to get a new address for itself from the ISP. Try turning the router off, unplugging it, the turn it back on while still unplugged. That will drain the charge from any capacitors and ensure the old address is no longer stored. Leave it that way as long as you can stand it, preferably overnight. That will increase the possibility the old address is picked up by another system. In the meantime, give your computer an IPCONFIG /FLUSHDNS. You may need to do that as an administrator. Turn the router off, plug it in, and try it. I'm not confident because the system to assign addresses (DHCP) is usually configured to try to give a device the same address when possible. If you're using wireless, you might try connecting to the router with a cable. Your call may be recorded for quality control and training purposes. Please remain on the line to answer a brief two-question survey. Thank you for calling Whatbird technical support.
  8. Take a 'rat patrol' Humvee. Remove the .50 caliber machine gun from the pintle mounting on the roof ring. Now you have the perfect platform for that sucker. Portable, off road, camouflaged, and several feet above the ground. At 36 pounds, the body and lens weigh less than the original bullet-launcher; you'll be able to slew that thing around like nobody's business. Coaxially mount a spotting scope, align the two, and you're good to go. Easy-peasy.
  9. And I was just about to compliment your photos ...
  10. Check the Latin names. Plenty of birds have common names that don't indicate their families. Juncos and towhees are in the sparrow family. Orioles are a subset of blackbirds. Heron, bitterns, and egrets are all related. And some common names are confusing. Water thrushes aren't thrushes, they're warblers. Not everything that paddles on the surface of the water is a duck.
  11. Not worth the calories necessary to chase it.
  12. We'll know what you mean. By any chance, is you're field guide strictly Eastern US? The Pyrrhuloxia of the southwest is a cardinal species. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Pyrrhuloxia There's at least one other cardinal in South America. My uncle thought he was a chicken. We didn't try to have him cured until after he stopped laying.
  13. Thank you. I've been making a case for several months that not everyone who comes here is interested in developing ID skills. One alternative reason is photographers wanting to know what they've shot. Now that you've stated your goal, I for one will try to keep it in mind, and phrase my responses accordingly. We'll be here if you eventually want to develop more birding skills (or don't).
  14. You're a bit far south for Purple Finches in July. Although they aren't unknown, House Finches are far more common.
  15. You may see some young ones too. They're shaped like the parents, but are duller than the females and have white spots. Like Mom and Dad, they'll come to your suet feeders too. Mine seem to visit the bird baths more than other species.
  16. It's for the same reason as Nashville and Tennessee Warblers, Baltimore Oriole, and Florida Scrub-Jay. Just don't ask me what that reason is.
  17. And a Little Blue's bill is pale blue at the base, shading to dark blue at the end.
  18. I had four like this a couple of weeks ago in central SC. Mine looked a bit older, in that their tail feathers were better developed. They also hop-flapped around a bit in the tangled shrubbery, but never left it. Fun little critters.
  19. I wasn't implying you were stupid or lying. We get a lot of ID requests from people who took photos on trips. We get a lot of photos that people took months or years ago. We have members who include their state or other regional identifier in their account name. It looks like many of your photos so far are from this spring. It's possible you live in Vermont and had made a trip to GA several months ago. It's possible you'd lived in GA and had moved to VT since the spring. No offense intended.
  20. HI, and welcome to Whatbird! Are the stripes running the length of the body, or across the width? These may be Brown Thrashers. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Brown_Thrasher If this isn't a match, can you compare your birds to this one and tell us how they're different? Thanks!
  21. @UnknownVT, I gotta ask. You've posted several photos from GA but you reference VT in your account name. If you don't mind answering, where the heck do you live??
  22. I made progress on that this weekend! I hope to wrap it up this weekend or next.
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