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  1. Would someone help me separate #2 from #4? They look identical to me. Thanks.
  2. I can't believe I wasted a 'Like' on that.
  3. Yeah, uniformly tan head and back, black and white wings look good for American Goldfinch.
  4. I'm not disagreeing, but what's influencing the decision? The extensive breast spotting? Thanks.
  5. Any tube or hopper style feeder with black oil sunflower seeds will keep Purple Finches happy, along with many other species!
  6. Think again, oh Mistaken One. Wait until I start posting the worst of Michigan this week. Oh, nice bird.
  7. 32 species, including 4 lifers (Common Merganser, Amer. Golden-Plover, Merlin, Red-breasted Nuthatch), four species I'd only seen once before, a couple I'd only seen twice before, and some first-time photos. Life is good. https://ebird.org/MyEBird?cmd=lifeList&time=life&listType=US-MI
  8. @njones. Welcome! Would you drag your photos into a reply? Thanks!
  9. You have a Red-tailed Hawk. Note the speckled 'belly band' around the midsection, and the dark patagials (the leading edge of the wing from the neck to the 'elbow'.
  10. Even immature Carolinas have the strong white eyebrow.
  11. Speculum color varies with the viewing angle and how the light is reflected.
  12. Occasionally he lapses into Nostradamus mode and you have to interpret the quatrains.
  13. Hey, @Aaron! Did your Ruby-throated hang around? Did anyone come by and see it?
  14. The woodpecker appears to be either a male Downy or Hairy, but I don't see enough to go one way or the other. We can't see bill length, or presence / absence of tail spots or 'shoulder spur'.
  15. And much easier to ID than those 6,487 subspecies of Red-tailed!
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