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  1. There's been a five-minute limit since the site reincarnation last year; or at least there used to be.
  2. The tail also looks wrong for a martin. It's put together like a small thrush. I like bluebird too.
  3. That's good. I didn't think it was the same as the other two.
  4. That's the second recommendation to aperture mode I've read in the last week. Until now I've left aperture on auto, assuming I would get better results by not messing with something I didn't understand. I don't get how the amount of light I let in will lead to sharper images, but I don't need to understand it to play with it. Thanks.
  5. Well, Plum Island, MA, is exactly where I saw a female Black Duck eight months ago! I don't think we can nail this one down definitively.
  6. I haven't seen any issues for a couple of weeks, and I was on frequently this weekend. If you think you're going to compose a long post, I recommend doing it in NotePad or WordPad, then pasting it into a forum.
  7. I would like to be have more for a couple of reasons. If we could 'Like' someone's ID, the Likes number under a member's name would be a more accurate representation of his or her ID skills. Also, if we could 'Like' instead of posting 'Seconded' to agree with an ID, posts would display as unread only when someone added a new opinion or insight. We wouldn't open 'updated' posts only to find only another agreement. This might even reduce server overhead.
  8. Obviously a small owl, no more than 6" or 7". The head doesn't look like it has an Eastern Screech's tufts. Based only on that, I'll go with Northern Saw-Whet. Cool little sucker.
  9. Just hit the wall, although it seemed like I was able to click more than in the past. This is all just feelings, with no hard measurements for reference.
  10. In the first two photos, the markings are the head are not a good match for an Osprey. The colored areas would be more sharply defined, and there would be more dark / black. In the fifth photo, the pattern under the wings isn't a good match either.
  11. I hesitate to say something because I may jinx us, but I haven't run into the dreaded 'You're out of Likes' for a couple of days. Am I just not handing out many?
  12. I'd like to say Pine Siskin, but I don't see the slightest trace of yellow. Maybe If it wasn't getting the right carotenoids while these feathers were developing? What rules out a female House Finch? The angle on the bill makes it tough for me to judge how heavy it is, but the bird does look a bit hefty for a PISI.
  13. Bill / beak deformities aren't uncommon. This looks like it might even be an advantage.
  14. Also, SoCal is a long way out of the normal range for a Brown Thrasher.
  15. Oh, yeah, I totally forgot about that!
  16. Ah. Dusky never occurred to me. The 'Canada vs. Cackling' question is the most frequent one, and I -assumed- that's what you were wondering.
  17. Now you have to find a new nemesis. I nailed by Purple Finch last October and I'm still taking auditions.
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