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  1. Well, as an Easterner, Rubys are all I get. This looks exactly like what's hanging out around my feeders. Does anything else have the stippling on the throat?
  2. A couple of cautions. Shorebirds with yellow legs often get them muddy, so the legs can look darker than really are. (This also applies to Snowy Egrets who have black legs and yellow feet.) Also, on your bird #4, notice how one leg is yellow but the other is much darker. That leg is in the shade of the bird itself, something else that can make the legs look darker. So seeing yellow legs lets you eliminate the dark-legged species, but sometimes seeing dark legs doesn't let you automatically rule out the yellow-legged ones.
  3. @Doug Bruster, you might e-mail Travis Audubon, the local Audubon Society branch. They may know about any local exotics. I don't see a way to attach a photo but you can certainly include a link to this discussion. https://travisaudubon.org/contact-us
  4. I'll feel much better about not having a clue if these can be definitively ID'ed as exotics.
  5. Where exactly in Texas, please? It's a big state, you know. These are interesting birds.
  6. Looks like an American Goldfinch in off-season plumage to me.
  7. Welcome to Whatbird! Try these for comparison. Size is difficult to judge in the field but note that the jay is almost twice the size of the wood-pewee. The jay is also a much lighter gray, lacks the wood-pewee's white wing bars,has a heftier bill, and has an overall stockier build. https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Canada_Jay/ https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Western_Wood-Pewee
  8. Could the wings look dark because the bird has already been in the bath and is wet?
  9. Thanks. I'm not hung up on the age or gender as long as I have the species correct. I had four warblers today I couldn't immediately place. Two turned out to be unfamiliar fall or immature plumages, and the other two were birds I already had but didn't remember having seen them before. Still a great day anyway - two new yard birds, and photo lifers of three others. Beats being at work!
  10. Sept. 13, 2020. Central Lexington County, central SC. Bird was active in dense mixed woods above a clear creek that drains adjoining athletic fields. Bird was quite active in dense shrubs 4 to 6 feet off the ground, mostly within 20 feet of creek. I see a brownish crown and back of head, charcoal cheek patch, dark-over-pink bill, olive back shading to slightly lighter green tail, bright yellow underparts, pink legs, no wing bars (or their hidden by a branch in both shots), no streaking on breast or underparts, no or minimal weak eye ring (could be washed out by the light). Thanks!
  11. Sept. 13, 2020. Central Lexington County, central SC. Open edge of dense mixed woods on either side of clear creek that drains adjoining athletic fields. Bird was only visible for a few seconds, landing briefly on open branches about 20 feet up. My first thought in the field was Yellow Warbler, but I didn't see any streaks. Looking at the photos, I now see dark legs and feet. My second thought was Orange-crowned butWarbler Guide shows them dark under the tail, and this bird is clearly white. It also looks too brightly colored for OCWA to my inexperienced eye, but I've only see them one other time. Thanks.
  12. @gladner, regarding the warbler, notice the differences in the shape and color of its bill (longer, narrower, black instead of yellow/orange), the color of feet and legs (dark vs. pink), and the relatively shorter length of the tail. Goldfinches have rounder bodies than more elongated warblers, although body shapes can be difficult to see when they're obscured by branches and leaves.
  13. I'm pretty sure the white on the wing is reflected light. Notice in the first photo it's across the back of the wing, with a black leading edge. In the second photo, that's reversed.
  14. Have you considered ordering on line and having it delivered? I think Walmart will deliver for free with a minimum order value. I'm still fascinated by this apparently regional shortage, I haven't had a bit of trouble getting 20- or 40-pound bags at Wally, Lowes, or Tractor Supply all summer.
  15. I'm trying to get past the peachy-orange colors where I expect to see yellow.
  16. Accept that you're not going to keep birds from getting it. There are many other vectors for this disease besides your feeders. Wash them regularly, let 'em dry, and put them back out; that's all you can do.
  17. Okay, how are we differentiating the sexes on these birds from these camera angles? I can tell from behind, but these are from below.
  18. Whereas Martins are more likely to be Lutheran. Martin? Luther? Get it?? Hey, what's with the big hook? Get that thing away from me!
  19. Both look two years older to me. Another runaway 'Next Unread Topic' addiction?
  20. Just my Darling Bride and I, and she's not a birder. She's a very basic girl, not into shoes or jewelry or shopping. Only occasionally does she say she'd like to do something extravagant. COVID cancelled our trip to England in May, and a couple of weeks ago she said she'd like to go to Mackinac Island. I don't know where that came from but we have the time and the plane fare from SC was cheap enough. She get a day on the island, I get one birding, and we spend couple on various stuff - Sault Ste. Marie, drive over The Bridge, etc. I lived up there for a couple of years in the late '60s when the Air Force stationed my father there, so two extra days is probably overkill, but we're easily entertained. TL;DNR - vacationing with non-birders - what's the point?
  21. Welcome to Whatbird! https://www.allaboutbirds.org/guide/Double-crested_Cormorant
  22. @AlexHenry, thanks! The current plan is to come up from St. I., hit the Tahq mouth for a bit, have lunch in Paradise, and then head to Whitefish point. I don't normally target particular species, but RBNU are on my very short list for this trip, along with Common Mergansers. I'll check eBird again shortly to see what people have listed this month.
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