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  1. Hug Point Falls on the north Oregon Coast.
  2. A sunrise several weeks ago with Mt Hood on the horizon.
  3. Spirit Falls on the Little White Salmon River, Washington
  4. Fall colors at sunrise. Jonsrud Viewpoint, Oregon
  5. Small waterfall on a tributary stream within the Mt Hood National Forest, Oregon
  6. Was hiking on Mt Hood last Saturday evening. Zigzag Canyon had fog in it and the low sun cast my shadow onto the fog and created a rainbow effect. I'd never witnessed this before, but have since found out that these unusual mindbenders are referred to as a "glory".
  7. Mountain Goat kids doing an about-face on cliff in Glacier National Park, Montana
  8. Bull Bison, National Bison Range, Montana
  9. Male Mountain Goat on Three Fingered Jack, Oregon
  10. The headwaters of Canyon Creek at the base of Three Fingered Jack was solid Lupine.
  11. Indian Paintbrush in a high meadow near Three Fingered Jack, Oregon
  12. Mt Hood and Trillium Lake a week ago at daylight.
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