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  1. Recent sunrise from my driveway east of Sandy, Oregon
  2. California Bighorn Ram on the lower Deschutes River, north central Oregon.
  3. Sumac on the Deschutes River in North Central Oregon.
  4. A couple weeks ago we had a little fresh snow at Mt Hood and Trillium Lake was perfectly flat at daylight which provided a wonderful reflection.
  5. American Kestrel with a breakfast vole. Ridgefield Wildlife Refuge, Washington
  6. Mountain Shadow at sunrise. Mt Hood, Oregon
  7. Haven't been on here in awhile. Took this photo in October. Been trying to get this photo for years, but the leaves are usually too green or have fallen off. When I arrived I thought it was too cloudy for any color in the sky, but figured the vine maples would be pretty. As I'm setting up my tripod and notice some pink in the clouds, so I hurried and adjusted the settings. Mount Hood, Oregon
  8. Great Grey Owl that allowed me to photograph him in the Ochoco National Forest in Oregon.
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