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  1. Indian Paintbrush in a high meadow near Three Fingered Jack, Oregon
  2. Mt Hood and Trillium Lake a week ago at daylight.
  3. Moss covered Rhododendron...Jedediah Smith State Park.
  4. Mt Hood and Trillium Lake on a foggy sunrise 5-31-2019
  5. Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep. Wallowa County, Oregon
  6. Late December sunrise in North Central Oregon.
  7. Little North Santiam River, Opal Creek Wilderness ... Oregon
  8. Sunrise January 2, 2019 from my driveway.
  9. Bad day to be a vole. Watched this Great Blue Heron catch and wallow the vole whole!
  10. An aspen grove glows in the late October sun near Mt Adams, Washington
  11. .... that's right, that's right, we bad!!!
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