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  1. Thank you so much @Aaron! I've looked at more pictures and I think you're right that it is a Tennessee Warbler. Something has to account for the white patch under the tail! Good to meet a fellow Calgarian on this forum. In addition to these two yellow fuzzballs, we had several Grackles and Pine Siskins in the yard today. Very busy day at the feeder and the bath (had to refill several times after the Grackles took turns going for a swim).
  2. Your Grackle has a lot of character! We had 10 of these chatterboxes in our yard today happily eating bird seed from under the feeder. I love it when they visit in the spring and in the fall. Lots of strange noises!
  3. I've been wanting to see a Chipping Sparrow. Love your photos! Such a beautiful bird.
  4. Where: Calgary, Alberta, Canada When: August 16 at 9:13 am MST What: Two yellow warblers drinking at our bird bath I suspect that these are immature Wilson's Warblers since we've had that species in our yard before. I apologize for the high-noise in the pictures, but I was shooting from inside the house and didn't have my telephoto lens. This is the second day they've come for a visit. They only use the bird bath to take a quick drink, and then vanish high into the trees.
  5. You guys are AMAZING! He wasn't in any of our bird guide books. Confirmed it with Cornell's Birds of the World online. Thank you! Thank you! Here's a straight-on shot. Don't mind the crappy picture quality. This is a first for this species in our yard.
  6. This dusty blue sparrow(?) has been pecking and digging in the leaf litter in our yard. It hops into the bushes when startled. We haven't seen it fly yet. I will post a video once it finishes uploading to YouTube. Our best guess: Savannah Sparrow? Where: Calgary, Alberta, Canada When: May 5 at 5pm MST
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