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  1. Saw these two a couple days ago flying over my yard (Calgary, AB) and had them initially down as Harlan’s Red-tails, but then I saw a photo of a dark morph Rough-legged hawk and now I have confused myself on what’s different between them. Wondering if these are Dark morph roughies instead.... In this exact moment a Light morph Roughie flew over as well. Good thermals? Both are relatively common right now Poor photos, I’m not very good at inflight shots to begin with and I was, by accident, in programmed auto so gotta good blur going. Too bad I guess, they’re pretty cool looking! I assume this photo makes them red tails as the tail appears reddish, but still not sure on the difference in the dark morphs of the two. Only thing I can maybe see is that these wings are not what I’d consider slender for a roughie, but still dunno.
  2. 1. Probably blackburnian, think you posted that same photo before 2. looks like it could an Orange-crowned but can’t really rule out Tennessee based on the photo 3. Skip 4. I don’t think that Identifiable as I can’t see any details but maybe some else can pick up on something t
  3. Saw lots of Groove-billed Anis in Costa Rica earlier this year. They are very playful and inquisitive. Was fun to watch them This one isn’t very good (was after sunset) but I like how they all were huddled together
  4. You heard it here first folks 😎 Haha. I had 2 RB nuthatches in my yard today, had my first ever one in my yard just earlier this month. Though they live near me normally, just never seen them actually visit before. The one day I had a flock of ~300 starlings fly over my house. Usually I see one flock of about 50 normally. Don’t know what’s going on there. 2 found my feeder today... hopefully they don’t tell their friends. 😬 No more Pine Siskins it looks like for me this year, guess I’ll see them when I head back out to BC in March
  5. Isn't he just molting into his new feathers and that stripe is just ‘fresh’ feathers compared to the rest of the head that is still coming in?
  6. Pretty sure this is just a domestic duck. Possibly another blue Swedish?
  7. Thank you! Barred Owls nest near my cabin year after year, so always lots of owlets to find.
  8. I usually search through the eBird data base but always looking to have other resources. I’ll definitely check it out, thanks! Im out of reactions for the day, guess I was a little too trigger happy
  9. Agreed You can see the tail pattern in the first photo and its wings in the second are held in a straight line with a large head
  10. I’ll review some more sounds and maybe look at the local recordings of Swainsons... Sounds are so hard 😭 Thanks for the replies
  11. I think this might be a Pine Warbler... white wing bars, eye line, yellow face, white under tail.
  12. I just don’t know what else it could be then. Doesn’t seem to match up to anything that would be expected in that area. Video sound is awful for recording birds, thought I learned my lesson but here we are 😒
  13. I’m familiar with the songs of the thrushes that make it up here, but I have never heard a call from the hermits, swainsons, and Veerys This was heard August 29th in tsutswecw provincial park, Shuswap BC. Totally forgot to review it. To me it sounds thrushy, and looks like Swainsons is the most likely, but just wanted to double check. Thought I was done with taking videos of the ground but guess I forgot I had a recording app that day... FullSizeRender.mov
  14. Yes, Wilson’s Snipes. Got scared by one this morning when I accidentally flushed it.
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