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  1. I had a similar bird on head experience last year, but with a house finch
  2. A few days ago I had about 5 traveling together with a few Golden-crowneds thrown in there. Though I haven’t seen them in flocks like that during the late spring and summer.
  3. Golden-crowned kinglet? Are there any other details you can provide of what it looked like?
  4. I think you’re pretty safe calling these long-billed just looking at the current reports (or lack there of) of short-billed dowitchers in much of the interior US and that short-billeds are rather uncommon around Salt Lake City in general
  5. I think you already chose, but I like one better as well. I like the out of focus bird in the background and the way the in focus bird is offset. It’s a more interesting photo imo
  6. I haven't gotten any of mine either. Mountain bluebirds and cinnamon teals are around, so I might try to go for those after my last exam. I did however see a horned lark a while ago which I guess counts as a grassland bird. Come May, it should be pretty easy.
  7. There were tons of kinglets around and this is by far my favorite shot I have gotten of one so far. Almost a perfect circle! I am hoping to get one with their crown up. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/325973871
  8. I went to look for a Tundra Swan that was overwintering last year if you could call that chasing. They don’t overwinter here, so it was rare for the date. Never saw one before so thought I’d go find it, and I did. It was maybe 30 minutes away. A month ago a Boreal owl was spotted in a city park so figured I should try to go find that as who wouldn’t. Didn’t see it, and neither did the 50 other people looking for it that day either! That also was only about 30-40 minutes away. Currently there is a black-legged kittiwake about an hour away, the 10th province record. Don’t have any pla
  9. Your 2nd bird is hawk, I'm thinking a red-tailed. You should be out of range from red-shouldered, which I don’t know how to tell them apart from this angle. Eagles have way larger beaks (as seen in your first photo)
  10. I started this one initially as I saw a Rough-legged Hawk which was bird #146 for the hotspot (the 6th new bird in 3 days), and continued as a group of Crossbills came to drink out of my pond. But of course they ignored the bird bath area I made and drank with their backs to me. Then an American tree sparrow showed up out of no where, FOY NRW swallows and a FOY chipping sparrow also appeared, a large raft of ring-necked ducks appeared, and a bald eagle flew right in front of me. It was a pretty good hour despite the wind. https://ebird.org/checklist/S85276212 I have fallen behin
  11. The blue jays around here do a mini migration in the winter. They’ll be quite prevalent in my community from about November to March and then more or less disappear after that. I was seeing up to four everyday for quite a while and now I haven’t seen one for a month or so. They can still be found year round in other areas of the city, but the cycle generally holds true for the area around me. Don’t know if that applies to your situation or not.
  12. Didn’t get the best photo, but Chipping and an American tree sparrow
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