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  1. It’s recommended that you take down your feeders for at least two weeks to let them disperse. Even with daily cleanings, infected birds can still infect other birds by contact. Even if there are other feeders, it will take time before a flock finds them and the sick birds may not be able to actually make it there at all. If they’re sick, they’re weakened and are gonna stick around as they know they have an easy source of food and won’t take the now elevated risk to try and find another source. So it helps to remove the feeders if there are potential sick birds around, regardless if there
  2. This is an old crappy photo from 2013 House Finch vs Rufous Hummingbird
  3. This ones my highest at 54 species, got a lot of lifers this day https://ebird.org/checklist/S73055064 Never have been so stressed out birding trying to keep accurate counts and trying to distinguish the sandpipers from each other... Talk about a sensory overload. List could have been larger as I missed some ducks and a group of phalaropes. Hoping I can get a checklist over 60 species this year.
  4. The Harris’s sparrow has been getting a lot of attention, and so far only one other person has managed to see it. Though, today the location where I found it was created into a hotspot and everyone merged their personal locations together. I expect a few more people to come here in the next couple days. What I like about this checklist is that I arrived at 8:52 and saw the Harris’s sparrow briefly, but someone who arrived 8 minutes later and stayed for 2 hours did not see it! That’s birding I guess, glad it was the other way around 😂 https://ebird.org/checklist/S79694970
  5. Finland it is! Haha Or I just call it a Siberian Tit, then it won’t count as a chickadee
  6. That seems more realistic. Maybe one day.... Checked the records for Canada and there’s only two in the Yukon, from 1989 and 1864!
  7. Was unaware there even was a gray-headed.... 🤔 Guess I haven’t almost seen all chickadees then ha! Guess I gotta go to Finland I’ve found mountain chickadees are far more common in my area in BC than any others
  8. Chestnut-backed has been eluding me as well in BC... Only chickadee species I have yet to see! Except Mexican I guess
  9. Out of all the duck species only two have been domesticated: The mallard and the Muscovy. The vast majority of domestic ducks are mallards (the rest being muscovies) all of which have their own name based on their breed... like dogs.
  10. I have some on my laptop, some on a hard drive that was a backup for a computer and some on my phone. Then almost every photo I’ve ever taken is still on the SD card it was taken with. So I have many SD cards laying around... Should probably get better organized 😬 Before I got overrun, I’d create a folder by location and date for each trip, but since I barely delete photos (even bad ones) my laptop is way too full to do that anymore. Plus, I don’t trust that it won’t crash and it all will be lost.
  11. It’s almost guaranteed that you’ll never see an African collared dove unless it was an escapee from someone’s collection. Unless you live in a few select areas in the far south, but even then they’re not all that common
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