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  1. Anybody? @PaulK? Not sure if I’ll be making it there in July anymore, but we’ll see I guess.
  2. I’ve entered my first slump of the year it seems. Only have added three species in the last 3 weeks and thought I’d have my lifers black tern, yellow rail, alder flycatcher, and rose-breasted grosbeak by now. Still quite a few birds around still that I’m missing for this year but can’t seem to find the time to go out birding…. Getting a lot of FOMO from the needs alert emails 😔
  3. (I did see a swallow-tailed kite once in Florida)
  4. Had the same situation happen with me last year with Tree Swallows. 3 alive chicks one morning, 3 dead chicks the next morning probably 2-3 days out from leaving the nest. Nature sucks sometimes 😒 Is it possible that another bird, such as a house sparrow, was feeling a little infanticidal? I’ve had them smash eggs before, and know they can also kill adults or chicks, but I thought that was only if they were interested in using the same nest box.
  5. Oh maybe, that’d be I good idea. I’d have to look into it more, I haven’t really given this trip too much thought instead of “hmmm birds?” I know my city has rental scooters, so I’m sure those are probably there and clearly a way cooler way to get around town than a bike 😂.
  6. Debating whether or not to head out to Vancouver sometime this summer (thinking maybe early-mid July) to visit a friend. My friend would be working, which means I'd have to entertain myself most of the day, so I thought I could get some good birding in. My only dilemma is that I wont have any form of transportation to go anywhere (unless public transportation is good). Therefore, I figure I'd be walking to most areas, which would definitely limit where I could go. I'd be staying in the Kitsilano area, and looking at the map the closest parks seem to be Jericho Beach and Pacific Spirit park. Everything else seems a bit too far away to walk to, except for the scattered little community parks. I'm sure I'd be able to make him drive me somewhere further away later in the day, specifically I was hoping to make it to Stanley Park again, but we'll see. I haven't done too much ebird sleuthing, but the lists I've seen haven't impressed me much. The amount of hotspots also dilutes the bird species and checklists to specific areas within one park, so hard to get a good idea of what exactly to expect. I have quite a few target species, as I'm missing every west coast bird except for pigeon guillemot and pelagic cormorant--but I'd like to see those again. I was hoping to specifically target ocean birds, but seems like I'd have to come in the Winter/fall to see most of those and it doesn't seem like most would be viewable from land anyways. Lifers would be: Bushtit Anna's Hummingbird Short-billed Gull Bewick's Wren Black-throated gray warbler Caspian Tern Red-breasted sapsucker Hutton's vireo Purple Martin Virginia Rail Brandt's Cormorant Black Oystercatcher Barn Owl Mute Swan Brant And many more, specifically any ocean-related bird, but this list appears to be the most likely around July according to Merlin. I know a few members live there, and I'm sure some have visited before. Just wondering how likely I could see those birds around Kitsilano or if I have to venture further out, or if there's any specific area that I should try to make it to and so forth. Also sorta wondering if it would be wise to bring my 7dmii, or if I should leave it at home and bring my P600 for record purposes. Not sure how safe it is there carrying a big camera around alone. The date I have is flexible to an extent, as I'm leaving to the Maritimes in early August, and then I'd like to be in Alberta for the warbler migration. So If not July, I could plan to come out in mid-September or anytime after that if that's a better time for birding--though I think the summer would be more fun for non-birding activities. Trying to convince myself to go, but don't want to get stuck there bored most of the day with nothing to do but look at the same old birds I've seen a hundred times or if my plan to walk everywhere turns out to be unfeasible 😂. Though, I'm sure if I don't make it there this year, I'll be heading that way sometime in the future. I used to go there almost yearly, but haven't been there for quite some time now.
  7. Ha yeah that makes sense. I hate juvi gulls 😔 Might need to get myself an actual good field guide.
  8. Whenever I uploaded my old 'lists' I put this down as a lesser black-backed gull. Decided to upload some of my older photos the other day, and noticed it got flagged as unconfirmed. Looking back now, I'm not sure why I put this a LBBG, when herring is way more likely. I was gonna wait for the ebird reviewer to email me before changing it, but I was doing some research myself and now I'm not sure what the difference is between a herring gull and LBBG during this cycle. I can see that this bird maybe is too long legged and its wingtips too short for a LBBG, but the one ID point that kept coming up over and over again was the greater coverts are more dark on a LBBG. To me, they seem pretty dark on this bird. I guess I'm mostly just wondering what on this bird screams herring gull over LBBG. This was near Halifax in Nova Scotia, at the end of August. I do have more photos, but I only upload the one so must be something form this angle. I have to start learning my Eastern birds before I head back there in a few months, and gulls are unfortunately part of that.. I'm expecting I'll be seeing a lot of 'gull sp.' 😪
  9. Definitely one of my favourite trees that we have! Most birds land on it before going into the pond or the feeder. I really should sit and wait by it with my camera more often.
  10. I don't like the bill for GBBG, does not seem bulky enough. I'd also think we'd see a more pronounced red ring around the eye, while this bird shows nothing---not that that's reliable.
  11. Took my dog with me one morning as I woke her up when I was getting ready. Cue a ten minute bark fest along the beach at 5am because she saw a killdeer. Despite her small size (miniature dachshund), she has a really loud bark, so I'm sure my neighbors loved that. I leave her inside or at home when I'm birding, but I do turn her walks into birding. She has too strong of a prey drive and will chase/bark at anything that moves so not the best birding companion... One time she got out accidentally and chased a mule deer down the road, which was pretty funny to see, but all the deer had to do was step on her and she'd be a goner.
  12. Best views ever of Black-headed grosbeaks the other day! They're a lot more shy compared to the evening grosbeaks. https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/457783961
  13. I like how this rufous hummingbird recording turned out. Required a lot of hard work (putting my phone in a shrub and walking away) https://macaulaylibrary.org/asset/457241371
  14. I got a BSc in biological sciences, so the somewhat goal is to probably be a biologist or a whoever in a biology related field, as long as I get to work with/around plants, animals, ecosystems, etc. Just need to spend a few years doing field work, as I have zero experience. ebird doesn’t count apparently 😂
  15. I managed to get to 306 this week. Got me wondering if it’s possible to get to 400 but that seems like too much effort
  16. Thanks! Now I just need someone to hire me 😪
  17. I travelled quite a bit before ebird and then when I got it I sorta stopped, but I guess thats probably due to the pandemic coming a year later. Been to Mexico 6 times, the Bahamas, Belize, Florida several times, California a few times, Alaska, the Yukon, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Vancouver, Vancouver island, and then I also was on a sailing trip around the gulf islands which would have been a good for ocean birds. I also lived in Kelowna for a year, which would have gave me quite a few lifers that I am still missing (looking at you Western Screech-owl) I was able to add all the birds that I managed to get photos of to incidental checklists, but I’m pretty sure I saw more than 4 species in California 😪
  18. It’s a male, females don’t show the blue head or red chest. Seems a bit early for young, so I’d guess a 2nd year non-breeding bird 🤷🏻‍♂️
  19. I swear they exist. No way one person reports a bird and within the same hour 5 other people have reported it without some tomfoolery afoot
  20. Was able to get a photo of a black swift the other day! No the best photo, but glad I got some proof that I've actually seen them.
  21. One of the people reported a rare bird (unconfirmed) the other day, and yup it added it to the county listing as the ‘newest’ bird they had seen. Amazingly they’re not even first 😂. Though, I honestly don’t think it’s done maliciously. I’ve had a few people ‘talk’ to me through their checklists/species comments or ask me (through email/Instagram) where the best place to find X species is at a certain location. The other day someone thanked me in their comments as they found a bird they hadn’t seen that they were able to find as I mentioned where I birded and where I saw that species in my checklist. So I think it’s good to have some sort of awareness of how your lists/birding ability is being perceived by other people, as any list you upload is visible by anyone, and they might base their actions or expectations on what you have reported. Then a good reputation can help from relationships with the birders around you, and then maybe you get to join the secret birding group chat where rare/notable birds get reported as soon as they’re found or something 🤷🏻‍♂️
  22. Going out West for a week got me to 295. Hoping to get over 300 in the next few weeks, still missing a lot of easy ones.
  23. This I think now is my highest species count yet. Over 70 would have been possible, but missed a few common species, but the amount of new birds and not so common birds was crazy. Was finally able to add Mountain bluebird to the hotspot, and also got to add bank swallows and my lifer surf scoter. https://ebird.org/checklist/S110499061
  24. Inca Dove is the only true one I have. Still waiting for my lifer Iceland gull…
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