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  1. I use a harness for my binocs and a sling for my camera. The harness for my main binocs came from Cabelas, I'm not too sure there are huge differences. My back up pair of Bushnell's have a harness from them. The sling was a little tougher to solve as it seems like there are many options. I bought an inexpensive one to try out and ended up liking it. The only concern is the clip to the camera, some reports of them failing but mine have not and I test/inspect regularly. I bought a second version of this sling to try out running two sling rather than a harness and a sling but stayed with that plan. Here's a link to the ones I ordered from Amazon. https://smile.amazon.com/dp/B07GXJFRZZ?ref=nb_sb_ss_w_as-ypp-rep_ypp_rep_k1_1_12&crid=2RNB8DD3KUQ6M&sprefix=camera+sling
  2. I'm liking Western Kingbird also. I get lots of practice in Tucson!
  3. I've been using this quite a bit to help learn bird songs. It gets most of them but as posted above, misses some, not all birds are in there and has given me a few that I don't think were correct. But most it's identified and I've tracked down have been on the money. Mostly used in southern AZ. But I did have an American Robin in my backyard in Reno, NV yapping up a storm with some odd song I've never hear and Merlin had no idea what it was though the recording was very loud and clear. So I'm guessing some of the species claimed to be covered in Merlin aren't fully covered. I had to see the Robin's mouth moving to believe it was an American Robin, I grew up with them.
  4. I'm headed to Costa Rica in early Oct, Covid Gods willing, and while it is mostly a fishing trip we are going to spend 2-3 days chasing birds. We fish on the east coast and generally spend a half a day cruising the lagoons looking for wildlife. Does anyone have a recommendation on a book or field guide? The Garrigues version seems to be the most highly rated on Amazon but thought I'd ask here. Thanks, bo
  5. I spotted this one today in Costa Mesa, CA, actually there were two. Sadly the photos more from the side were nice photos of leaves with a blurry bird. Did have wing bars, legs were definitely blue-ish and bit of an eye ring. Other than that pretty bland. Was definitely leaning toward Hutton's Vireo but worried about the skinny bill in the "from below" shot. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks
  6. Ah, right, wing tips, sorry. But are they too dark for a Glaucous-winged Gull?
  7. I photographed this spooky bird on the coast at Discovery Park near Seattle. I was all Glaucous-winged when I took the photo. Looking at the photo the darker tail makes me concerned it's Western. Still leaning to the former but wanted to see what the experts thought. Thanks
  8. I saw this bird today in Madera Canyon, AZ (south of Tucson) and tried to get better photos than this. I have more photos but all just as bad and similar angle. Two other birders and I were leaning Song Sparrow at the time but now I'm wondering about Lincoln's. Good luck and thanks.
  9. I saw this bird on the upper east coast of Costa Rica in October of 2019. This is the best I can muster up out of two iPhone photos. I'm leaning toward Collared Plover but if I was very sure I wouldn't be posting this! 🙂 Thanks,
  10. Today I was about 80 miles south of San Antonio freezing my behind off in the wind and rain trying to find a Spotted Rail. I'd seen an Eastern Bluebird earlier and while in my car I just pointed my camera at what I thought was the same bird in a little different area. Upon reviewing the photos this looks like a Mountain Bluebird to me. But, I've been wrong before..........
  11. I found a swarm of about 100 American Wigeon today near Sedona, AZ and was scanning for an Eurasian Wigeon. Didn't find one but found this odd ball. I've never seen this white throat/head look before. Anyone else?
  12. I'm on board with American Goldfinch. I couldn't help the chickadee/second bird photo much.
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