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  1. Thanks all, very interesting stuff especially for a hack who can't even find a Merlin. I sure seem to find lot of American Kestrels though. I saw a few of them yesterday at the Salton Sea, this one was very confused why I was stalking him.
  2. Sorry for the not so great photos. Distance and a bit of AZ heat getting in the way. I was trying out the new Sony 200-600 lens or we'd be in real trouble. Here is another version with more known birds for scale.
  3. Interesting I didn't turn that up on a Google search. Thanks for the clarification.
  4. Totally confused on the Taiga thing. At first I thought it was a new bird species I've never heard of though it looked like a Merlin to me. I had to come back to this post but still not sure what I'm missing.
  5. I should say I'm talking about the droopy billed bird. On the left in the first photo and center in the second.
  6. A swarm of birders were looking for a Ruff this am northeast of Tucson in a smelly dairy farm pond. Someone thought this was a Curlew Sandpiper and while the iBird Photo Sleuth app also called it that, I'm leaning more toward Dunlin. I left some others in the photos for scale.
  7. I've been looking at shorebirds all morning in AZ (northeast of Tucson) and I'm starting to see things. I'm looking for help on the small birds. Thanks and I'm thinking you all may hear from me again today.
  8. This bird was from Sept 1 in Yuma, AZ. I know there had been reddish egret sightings in the area. I got some bad photos of this bird but had farm equipment needing my road so I moved on and forgot about these photos. I have more photos but they're not even as good as this one. I included a photo with a Snowy Egret for scale.
  9. I saw this little flycatcher Friday in Bishop, CA at Millpond Park which is pretty open and in the middle of lots of sagebrush. It did exhibit the downward tail action which made me think Gray Flycatcher. Does anyone spot anything that says it's something else? Thanks
  10. At Cape May in NJ yesterday I had some small birds at the end of my binocs and my lens. I tried to the best photos I could but then 5 Black Skimmers made one pass and two American Oystercatchers landed so I bailed on the little birds. I liked this bird for a Semipalmated Sandpiper and going back to the photos this is the guy. There were at least two yellow green legged Leasts in the area.
  11. I saw this bird twice in one day, about a mile apart. Didn't realize until I looked at the photos and the bands.
  12. I was in NJ yesterday on biz (yes, Govt mandated essential travel not like the rest people on my full flights) and jumped out to see some birds and was mad that it was raining and I wasn't prepared for it. Then I took this photo and thought this bird may have been having a tougher day of it.
  13. I like Cinnamon. Big bill. First photo looks like red eye making it a male probably juvenile.
  14. I saw one in Tucson yesterday but the first time I saw it I discounted it as a Prothonotary because I didn't think it was blue enough. Of course I should have taken that photo when I had the chance and ended up having to settle for a photo through a forest of sticks.
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