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  1. I saw this bird on the upper east coast of Costa Rica in October of 2019. This is the best I can muster up out of two iPhone photos. I'm leaning toward Collared Plover but if I was very sure I wouldn't be posting this! 🙂 Thanks,
  2. Today I was about 80 miles south of San Antonio freezing my behind off in the wind and rain trying to find a Spotted Rail. I'd seen an Eastern Bluebird earlier and while in my car I just pointed my camera at what I thought was the same bird in a little different area. Upon reviewing the photos this looks like a Mountain Bluebird to me. But, I've been wrong before..........
  3. I found a swarm of about 100 American Wigeon today near Sedona, AZ and was scanning for an Eurasian Wigeon. Didn't find one but found this odd ball. I've never seen this white throat/head look before. Anyone else?
  4. I'm on board with American Goldfinch. I couldn't help the chickadee/second bird photo much.
  5. I spotted this oddball in the middle of 50-70 Canada Geese near Reno, NV today. Surely Canada Goose but something is amiss.
  6. There were two of these, they didn't want any part of getting their picture took. I chased them around, they were always keeping a lot of brush between them and my camera and binocs. I know this isn't much but............. Yuma, AZ on Dec 6, 2020
  7. And yes on the American Coot and American Wigeon.
  8. With those first two photos you can sure see where this bird got its name.
  9. I got this photo today in Tucson and I'm wondering if there is just 1 Cassin's Finch or 2? I'm leaning toward two but my small brown bird ID is suspect.
  10. Whilst trying to find the Grasshopper Sparrow in a tiny park in Tucson today (with 4 illegally unleashed dogs moving the birds every 30 seconds) this odd bird came through and I managed to get a couple of not so great photos. I didn't stay still long and left quickly. I thought Summer Tanager (then Hepatic then Summer again) at first but now I can't find a photo or reference that has a bunch of green. Sibley says 1st spring might have green under tail but we're pretty far from spring. I have two more photos but I doubt they'll help much. Thanks,
  11. November 21. I identified this bird as a Forster's Tern and of course eBird classified it as rare. I have an entry with photo of a Lark Bunting from Nov 22 (bad photo I submitted to Whatbird for confirmation) that was also classified as rare and has the "unconfirmed" label also. If it just hasn't been reviewed, that explains it. I was assuming they had been marked as unconfirmed. The Lark Bunting I could understand with the bad photo (though the big white wing bars seem pretty telling) but this tern photo seems pretty obvious. Thanks as always.
  12. I was pretty sure it was rare for the area when I spotted it, made sure I got photos. The eBird reviewer has marked this as 'unconfirmed'.
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