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  1. I got this photo today in Tucson and I'm wondering if there is just 1 Cassin's Finch or 2? I'm leaning toward two but my small brown bird ID is suspect.
  2. Whilst trying to find the Grasshopper Sparrow in a tiny park in Tucson today (with 4 illegally unleashed dogs moving the birds every 30 seconds) this odd bird came through and I managed to get a couple of not so great photos. I didn't stay still long and left quickly. I thought Summer Tanager (then Hepatic then Summer again) at first but now I can't find a photo or reference that has a bunch of green. Sibley says 1st spring might have green under tail but we're pretty far from spring. I have two more photos but I doubt they'll help much. Thanks,
  3. November 21. I identified this bird as a Forster's Tern and of course eBird classified it as rare. I have an entry with photo of a Lark Bunting from Nov 22 (bad photo I submitted to Whatbird for confirmation) that was also classified as rare and has the "unconfirmed" label also. If it just hasn't been reviewed, that explains it. I was assuming they had been marked as unconfirmed. The Lark Bunting I could understand with the bad photo (though the big white wing bars seem pretty telling) but this tern photo seems pretty obvious. Thanks as always.
  4. I was pretty sure it was rare for the area when I spotted it, made sure I got photos. The eBird reviewer has marked this as 'unconfirmed'.
  5. First is Vermillion Flycatcher and second is a Say's Phoebe. We have at least 4 Vermillion Flycatchers in our work parking lot facing the wash in Tucson and we have a Say's Phoebe that shows up every NIGHT to our lighted carport to mop up the bugs.
  6. I found these birds between Yuma and Tucson, AZ near a place called Dateland. I had a tough photo day, my two Crissal's Trashers got attacked by a Cooper's Hawk before I could get a photo and heat and distance made a mess of this photo. I thought they were Lark Buntings but figured a photo would help since Merlin said "Rare", I'm glad I took this one quick photo, they left 2 seconds later and I couldn't locate them again. Sorry, just the one tough photo.
  7. I'm not so sure this isn't a Cackling Goose. It might be a little big compared to the Mallard (pretty sure that's a decoy) but it is in front. The bill looks short, neck looks short though it's hard to tell for sure in this relaxed pose. I think I'm leaning toward Cackling Goose.
  8. I'm afraid I'm not giving anything much on photos to work with on this. Had a better shot but directly into the sun. This was near Reno, NV today. Big bird, stirred every duck, gull and goose off the water when it came through. A Red-tailed Hawk and Northern Harrier were in the area and this bird was much bigger. It was surprisingly black with some brown/gold but not nearly a scruffy/mottled as most Golden Eagles I see which is why I'm asking here.
  9. I was leaning toward Long-billed on the second bird but after snatching up the photo and doing a little Kardashian work (Photoshop) I could be persuaded to Short-billed but it's almost a toss up. I was hoping to see spots or bars on the side and after lightening up the image I think it may be more spots than bars, so leaning to Short-billed.
  10. I have made more than one mistake accepting Merlin as gospel. A couple of them have been on this forum. And I've only been doing this stuff since Feb so I'm sure it will cross me up many more times.
  11. Battled pretty hard for photos on this and a couple of other birds today just south of Tucson, AZ. I think this is a Brewer's but realize the photos isn't very good. Shooting into the sun and the bird on the shady side of the tree.
  12. I think this bird is a Little Blue Heron but it's the wrong color. I was at the end of my lens so sorry about the poor photo.
  13. Speaking of AZ heat. Took almost two hours and three laps around the ponds to get this bird in a position to take a photo but in AZ just too much heat waves even across water.
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