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  1. It is the state of Kansas, and I got a picture of it this morning, although he was only willing to pose in profile.?I've seen lots of red-bellied so it would make sense to have a juvenile show up. Lots of baby birds this year (especially Cardinals). Thank you all for the help.
  2. That is a possibility. It is the same size as an adult Red-Bellied. The gray color looks right.
  3. I spotted a strange bird on my bird feeder this afternoon. It is all gray with a rounded head, and what I would describe as a ladder back design, similar to many woodpeckers probably most like red-bellied. It is about the same size as a red-bellied, but all gray. It has a woodpecker beak. It flew away as I grabbed my camera, but I'm hoping he'll come back. Maybe a juvenile something? Never seen one like it.
  4. Thank you. Interesting info. My TItmice seem to like hangin' with me in the sunroom. I tend to only get Cardinals, titmice, and finches in the window feeder.
  5. We got a new window feeder this year with a little PVC perch so the birds have a place to stand while engorging themselves on sunflower seeds. Titmice (Titmouses?) seem to really enjoy this feeder, and we have observed and heard a strange behavior. While standing on the bar with their single seed they seem to like to hammer it like a woodpecker. I can't see clearly if the seed is in it's beak or little foot. I'm assuming it is cracking it open, but it is mostly cracking us up when we see or hear this. Is this a common Titmouse behavior, or did they just figure this out on our feeder and tell their friends? No other birds have been observed doing this.
  6. The photo is not edited, other than cropped. I have a high quality camera on a tripod. Here is another view. White Clover flower behind his head for perspective.
  7. Location: Berryton, Kansas May 19 2020 This guy was hanging around yesterday afternoon. He is smallish, finch size. Indigo Bunting or Blue Grosbeak? I've seen a similarly colored bird here before, but it was considerably larger. Thanks for your help.
  8. Sorry I didn't get the details of the photo. I appreciate all the quick responses. Picture was taken at 10:56 CDT in Berryton (just east and south of Topeka) Kansas. Date 5/8/2020 I
  9. I'd appreciate it if someone could tell me what this is. It is bigger than a house finch. It seems to be hanging around with a greenish (chartreuse?) bird the same size with the same type of beak. Thank you in advance!
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