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  1. All things being equal on the plumage, the most commented feature to separate them is the bill length relative to size of head . Downy is typically stubby, hairy is longer . This bill looks like it belongs to a hairy to me , and looks like some of it is being hidden by feathers at the base . A downy typically shows more white on the back also that seems to be missing here . But that’s just me 🙂
  2. I think from the bill it is a hairy . The downy has a much shorter bill
  3. I’ve heard this song a couple of times this week, once last weekend in the forest near Tyler ,TX , and a couple of days ago just north of downtown Dallas in an alley . Both times in the morning . The sound seems so simple and identifiable that I’m surprised I haven’t found it on the Cornell app. It sounds like what choo , what choo, tweet-tweet-tweet-tweet repeated the same over again . The closest thing I heard on the Cornell app was the bluebird, but it’s not exact and while I can accept a bluebird in the Piney Woods, I have trouble believing a bluebird was sitting in an alley of Dallas, Texas . The bird I’m hearing the first notes are much more defined as “what choo” than the bluebird and just a 2 note sound rather than the quick 3 note sound of the bluebird . Hearing it both in the forest near Tyler and in urban Dallas it has to be a very common bird . Any ideas are appreciated. There is one other bird with a very similar sound and I had written down Swainsons Warbler but upon going and listening again that isn’t even close so I don’t know what other bird I pegged it as sounding like .
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