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  1. taken today near Houston, TX Thanks in advance
  2. I forgot, taken this morning near Houston
  3. In this tape, there is a catbird and a song towards the end. Merlin keeps saying that it is a mourning warbler but I don't think it is. Any ideas? Thanks in advance 2022-05-06 1033.m4a
  4. taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  5. Horrible pictures but I think that there is some detail showing in the wings that may make it IDable. Any comment will be welcome. Taken last week near Houston, TX Thanks in advance
  6. In the field, the bird at the bottom looked to me like a sooty tern but it was so far away that I would appreciate any comment. Taken yesterday in Port Aransas, TX Thanks in advance
  7. The picture is horrible but the bird was pretty far away. Not sure is IDable. Taken on Monday in Port Aransas, TX Thanks in advance
  8. taken yesterday near Houston. thanks in advance A) B) C)
  9. here is a picture of the same group taken three seconds before the last one I posted I do value your opinion and I appreciate your response. Do you think that the one on the right is a greater scaup?
  10. here there is another picture. Compare the head width between the second bird from the left and the last on the right
  11. Could the left on the right be a greater Scaup? Taken today near Houston Thanks in advance
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