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  1. Actually three. LEt's see how many I got right Taken this morning near Houston, Thanks in advance. 1. Nashville Warbler 2. Indigo Bunting 3.. Broad-winged Hawk
  2. taken this morning near Houston, Tx thanks in advance
  3. I know the pictures are awful, but could this be a Brown booby? Taken this morning near Houston. Please take into consideration that tropical Storm Nicholas was expected to hit that area few hours after the shot were taken. Brown booby has been spotted there when hurricanes hit the upper texas gulf coast. thanks in advance
  4. this was all wet, making it even more difficult to ID. Any comments welcome Thanks in advance Taken near Houston 3 days ago
  5. In the filed it looked to me as Nashville but now I am leaning towards Canada. In any case, help will be appreciated. Thanks in advance Taken today near Houston
  6. I am not familiar with this species and i would like confirmation. Very rare in Madera Canyon. Picture taken last Tuesday. Thanks in advance
  7. taken today near Houston, TX. Thanks in advance
  8. taken today near Houston, TX. Thanks in advance 1. Semipalmated? 2. Wilson's Pharalope?
  9. Always a tough group, at least for me. Let's see how many I got. I appreciate any comment. Pictures taken Thursday in Estero Llano Grande, South Texas. Thanks in advance 1. Buff-bellied 2. Ruby-throated? 3. Black-chinned 4. Black chinned 5. Broad-tailed? (l added the last awful picture to show the rufous flanks)
  10. Picture taken yesterday in south Texas. There were a lot of orange-crowned warbler in normal coloration but that one seem way too pale. Any thoughts?
  11. I took this picture yesterday in Estero Llano Grande in South Texas. I first I thought there were mottled ducks but I can't see the black spot at the gape and there is some white in the speculum. Waiting for your responses Thanks in advance
  12. I always had trouble with the group. Any help and comments will be appreciated. Pictures taken today near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  13. unfortunately i couldn't take pictures that display more features to help ID the bird but any comment will help. taken yesterday near Houston, TX. We mostly get Rose-breasted but black-headed can be seen occasionally. Black-headed was reported the day before in the neighboring county. thanks in advance
  14. this bird was seen in an area where lazuli buntings have been reported. I still think that they are indigos but the whitish wing bard through me off. All comments welcome and appreciated. Thanks in a advance
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