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  1. Some features just don't look right, perhaps because is quite worn out. I would like your comments Taken last week near Galveston, TX Thanks in advance
  2. LEt's see how many did I get right Pictures taken yesterday near Galveston, southeast TX 1. Western Sandpiper 2. Western Sandpiper 3. Semipalmated Sandpiper? 4. Western Sandpiper 5. Semipalmated Sandpiper
  3. My bad, this was taking today near Houston
  4. Quite confused about this one. Perhaps a semipalmated? it is just seems too big when one takes into account the size if the phalarope in the back. Anyway, any help will be appreciated. thanks in advance
  5. I forgot to mentioned that the picture was taken this morning near Houston, TX
  6. I need help with this oriole. the picture is awful and they have me very confused https://www.amazon.com/photos/shared/TStoMxatSviK4ZhPvSfxYw.NWtHwy81V7WUnPjHU8B7T6 thanks in advance
  7. I took that picture yesterday in Galveston, TX. I initially thought it was a Herring but that head looks way too white to me and I don't see enough contrast between the mantle and the underparts to call it a lesser black-backed (bill color does not seems quite right either). Always a difficult group for me and I would love to hear more opinions. thanks in advance
  8. is this a juvenile white-fronted? It does not fit any profile in my guide and I would appreciate any help thanks in advance
  9. I believe the bird on the far right could be a possible Iceland (thayer's) immature, but I need confirmation Taken saturday near Houston thanks in advance
  10. taken today near Houston Thanks in advance
  11. I would love to hear opinions on the bird seen on the far left. The sunlight is complicating things and I want to make sure that I am not missing anything Pictures taken on Thursday in Fort Bend County, TX, near Houston. Thanks in advance
  12. Couldn't get better pictures. My guess is Great Horned Owl. Taken this morning near Houston thanks in advance
  13. Very pale individual, I tried all possible marks but i would love to hear from more experienced birders. Taken yesterday in Houston, where we mostly get eastern but western can be found regularly. Same individual thanks in advance
  14. who's this little fellow accompanying these Northern Shovelers? taken this morning near Houston, TX Thanks in advance
  15. Based on location (Houston, TX) and the grayer aspect of the crown and auricular i think this is a black-chinned. Agree or disagree? Any comments will be appreciated. Taken this morning. Thanks in advance
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