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  1. I know pictures are horrible but I am trying to find out if I have enough to ID this one as summer, scarlet, or even western. Quite dark wings and small beak compared to summer Taken today near houston
  2. Merlin keeps IDing this one as Cassin's and I don't know why. Any opinion is welcome. Photos were taken this afternoon near Houston. Thanks in advanced
  3. taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  4. is this a common loon? MerlinID insists it is not Taken Monday from Texas City, TX Thanks in advance
  5. picture taken this morning near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  6. cinnamon teal? taken this morning near Houston. thanks in advance
  7. Lincoln or Henslow? taken this morning near Houston, TX thanks in advance
  8. taken near Houston, TX this morning lazuli would be very rare but it wouldn't;t been the first time that it has been spotted in this place. thanks in advance
  9. taken this morning near Houston, TX. Thanks in advance
  10. In the field, I thought it was a Baltimore which is quite common where I took these pictures (near Houston, TX) but Merlin ID keeps insisting that it is a Bulocks which is not unheard of but quite rare in this area. The park where I took these pictures got on gorgeous male bullocks a couple of years ago so I am asking for your opinions here. I can see the more yellowish face with a bit darker cap than expected for Baltimore, along with quite extensive white in the wing coverts. Is that enough? Thanks in advance
  11. lost with this one. seen this morning near Houston thanks in advance
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