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  1. Taken this week near Houston 1. Olive-sided Flycatcher 2. Willow/Alder flycatcher 3. Eastern Wood-pewee 4. Eastern Wood-Pewee
  2. Taken today in Houston, thanks in advance I think the one below is the same one although I saw it minutes aways in a nearby location mixed with Munnias
  3. thanks!, do I see broken eye-ring? is that a feature in Mourning Warblers?
  4. clueless about this one same individual, taken today near Houston, Tx thanks in advance
  5. And help will be greatly appreciated, even if you just can narrow it down to a couple of options. taken today near Houston, TX
  6. Taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  7. Any help here would be really appreciated. I am just starting to learn different sounds Recorded today near houston, TX You may need to turn up the volume to max Thanks in advance 1. 20180822_084823.wav.m4a 2. 20180822_085652.wav.m4a 3. 20180822_110312.wav.m4a
  8. This morning I saw several flycatchers and all I could hear is the Alder song/call. Since I am terrible and bearding by ear, I would like to make sure that all the individuals shown below are consistent with Alder. thanks in advance Taken today near Houston in an area with a fair amount of migrants today First individual Second invidual third individual I think the one below is also the third individual but I am not 100% sure
  9. I know the picture is challenging but you guys are awesome so it is worth a try Taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  10. I heard a call this morning that could match one of the recordings of Alder in my phone app. This bird popped up in the divinity and I am wondering if it isan Alder. Photos taken near Houston. Thanks in advance I believe this one is the same individual
  11. thanks a lot! for my education, wouldn't; the lack of pink in the eye be enough ?
  12. I can't seem to figure it out theses two Thanks in advance, taken today near Houston 1. 2.
  13. taken today near Houston Thanks in advance 1. Pectoral, least and semipalmated? 2. Least?
  14. taken today near Houston thanks in advance 1. same individual 2.
  15. incredibly bad pictures but any help will be appreciated Taken today in Houston Thanks in advance
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