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  1. any comment help, pictures were taken yesterday in an inland lake next to a landfill near Houston thanks in advance 1. got them right? 2. How about these? 3. and this one? 5. this one too? 5. Although I marked the bird on the left as herring 1st winter, it has a clear bi-colored bill which I believe is associated with 2nd winter birds, although the overall appearance for me looks more like a first winter Herring. Do some first winter exhibit bicolored bills? Also, the Lesser Black-backed on the right is bigger than the one in the middle of the picture, which has a much smaller head. My understanding is that the greater black-backed gull dwarfs the lesser which is not the case in here. Are these differences associated with different developmental stages? 6. Another interesting one. I have ID'd the bird on the left as Herring but the primaries and coverts are really pale and I am wondering if this is another species or just a very worn out Herring 7.Lesser Black-backed Gull ?
  2. Taken this weekend near Houston. Any comment helps Thanks in advance 1. Did I get this right? Is the one of the far right a second year Herring? 2. Bottom one Herring?, top one???? 3. Herring in the middle surrounded by ring-billed 4. Ring-billed (front) Herring (Back)
  3. I know, the pictures are quite hard but there were taken from far away. Part of a CBC circle so any comment will be of great help. taken today near Houston, TX thanks in advance 1.Lesser Blacked-Back 2.?? 3.?? 4. Herring? 5.? 6. ?? 7. 8.
  4. I know the pictures suck but it was quite rainy today in Houston. Any comment helps Thanks in advance 1. the one on the left? 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. 10. all three?
  5. taken today in houston thanks in advance
  6. I am going through process of elimination with this one. Taken today in a rice field near Houston just during the first light of the day. I am down to either Sora or yellow rail. Contributions and suggestions are welcome
  7. Broad-winged? taken today near Houston, thanks in advance
  8. juvenile Fulvous or whistling duck? taken today near Houston, thanks in advance k
  9. How many did I get right? Taken today near Houston 1. Western Sandpiper 2. Tilted Sanpiper (left) and western Sandpiper (right) 3. Tilted Sandpiper 4. Least Sandpiper 5. Least Sandpiper?
  10. Taken this week near Houston 1. Olive-sided Flycatcher 2. Willow/Alder flycatcher 3. Eastern Wood-pewee 4. Eastern Wood-Pewee
  11. Taken today in Houston, thanks in advance I think the one below is the same one although I saw it minutes aways in a nearby location mixed with Munnias
  12. thanks!, do I see broken eye-ring? is that a feature in Mourning Warblers?
  13. clueless about this one same individual, taken today near Houston, Tx thanks in advance
  14. And help will be greatly appreciated, even if you just can narrow it down to a couple of options. taken today near Houston, TX
  15. Taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  16. Any help here would be really appreciated. I am just starting to learn different sounds Recorded today near houston, TX You may need to turn up the volume to max Thanks in advance 1. 20180822_084823.wav.m4a 2. 20180822_085652.wav.m4a 3. 20180822_110312.wav.m4a
  17. This morning I saw several flycatchers and all I could hear is the Alder song/call. Since I am terrible and bearding by ear, I would like to make sure that all the individuals shown below are consistent with Alder. thanks in advance Taken today near Houston in an area with a fair amount of migrants today First individual Second invidual third individual I think the one below is also the third individual but I am not 100% sure
  18. I know the picture is challenging but you guys are awesome so it is worth a try Taken today near Houston thanks in advance
  19. I heard a call this morning that could match one of the recordings of Alder in my phone app. This bird popped up in the divinity and I am wondering if it isan Alder. Photos taken near Houston. Thanks in advance I believe this one is the same individual
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