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  1. Not sure if it is levitating.. but it does not need its wings either
  2. These are the ones I remember taking, probably have some more in the library, but this should suffice for now 🙂
  3. Kinglets... on the one hand, I love them because they are cute and they do not seem to be too bothered by my presence. On the other hand, I also hate them because they are VERY hard and frustrating to photograph, but these two are decent from this morning 🙂
  4. I am very familiar with the situation you describe; patients and perseverance (and luck I would say) get a long way! Great shots!
  5. Indeed, later in the evening I got a message from eBird saying that it looks more like a Hermit!
  6. Seen this afternoon in Rochester, MN. Also had another one that I could not identify..
  7. Ah, yes I see! Not sure why I did not pick that up.. too many different Warblers looking too similar too me; still much to learn!
  8. If I look in the guide, I come to the drab Yellow Warbler, but more presumably it would be something else; maybe an American Redstart? Seen Oct 3rd in Rochester, MN.
  9. Thanks! I wanted the confirmation since, in that specific area, nobody reported the Winter Wren since 2016 according to eBird, which I found strange... (not sure how much emphasis I should put on that though)
  10. I cannot figure it out. Normally I would just say House, but the pale eyebrow and, to my eyes, seemingly shorter tail is making me doubt. Or is this also common in the House and do other characteristics not match? Seen yesterday in Rochester, MN.
  11. If I read between the lines, the 4th is also a Hermit Thrush?
  12. Thanks so far! I was indeed aware of the white-throated sparrow, there are currently a lot of them here 🙂 Lets see if anyone else has an opinion about the last Thrush
  13. Still not very good with the IDing of Thrushes as I do not observe them that often. The last pic I think would be a (female?) Rose-breasted Grosbeak. Seen yesterday in Rochester, MN. Thanks!
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