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  1. Would this be a juvenile barn swallow without the long forked tail? Shot in the beginning of July in Rochester, MN. There were a few Barn Swallows as well as Chimney Swifts.
  2. Thanks for the input! I Did not expect that they were all correct (except the female) 🙂
  3. All photo's were taken in the last week in Rochester, MN. For the first 2 pictures, house wren (same bird)? 3) Two wood ducks with a female mallard? 4) Field sparrow? 5) Juvenile Eastern Bluebird, saw a few of them in the same area and posture is very similar I would say. 6) Double-crested Cormorant (never seen them before flying over)?
  4. First I was thinking the song sparrow, but that does not seem to fit; but I do not know what else it could be. Shot in Rochester, MN on 21st if June
  5. Warbling Vireo would be my best bet, but it is still tricky for me. Seen Sunday in Rochester, MN.
  6. Hmm, could be. It would not be the first time that squirrels are so loud, but this specific sound I have not heard before from them...
  7. Heard this in a small forest in Rochester, MN on Sunday afternoon. One I suspect to be an Indigo Bunting, but the other one I have no clue, any suggestions? 20200712-162235.wav
  8. I have been hearing this sound for a few times now in a relatively small forest in Rochester, MN, but unable to see and identify the bird. There are different birds singing in the clip, but I am interested in the constant somewhat monotonous sound in the recording. 20200705-122324.wav
  9. Thanks for the confirm! I did not notice the claw until looking at the photo on the pc. It was pure curiosity but lets hope it is nothing for him/her 🙂
  10. Seen this one this morning near a river while canoeing in Rochester, MN. At these times you wish you brought the big lens... I also noticed just now that he/she is holding one of the claws very strange (in all the photo's I took), would this be normal?
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