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  1. Seen in beginning of May in Rochester, MN
  2. This Great Crested Flycatcher was cooperating relatively good! Of course, it could always have been better 😄
  3. This morning saw the Eastern Kingbird for the first time!
  4. Thanks, that is very interesting! That explains why I cold not seem to find anything. I seem to have forgotten the time; this was in the morning, around 10am.
  5. Thanks! I was aware that there were 2 birds, but not necessarily that I also shot both of them (they flew off and afterwards one came back)
  6. Heard today in Rochester, MN. They were relatively close, but could not see them... 20210531-094806-0001.wav
  7. I think they were having fun. After some dancing they flew off together somewhere more private I guess 😎
  8. Usually, I wouldn't say I like dandelions or geese, but in this setting they made a good pair I would say
  9. I thought I had everything from yesterday, but apparently not! (at that time I thought this was the same Veery as spotted earlier in the morning on that spot) Leaning for the Swainson's but not sure.. Seen in Rochester, MN.
  10. Dusting off the ID skills.. Seen Yesterday in Rochester, MN.
  11. Testing out my new camera, so far so good! However, still waiting for the new lens; probably have to wait a couple more weeks..
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