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  1. I hope it is OK if I chime into this conversation and ask a question (if not, I am sorry). I am wondering if this is a definite mark of downy vs hairy, if so is the number of spots always 3? I believe I saw a hairy woodpecker yesterday (based on bill length); however, it has one black spot on the outer tail feather as I can see. Or is this different again per region (I live in Rochester, MN)?
  2. Thanks! I will definitely start paying more attention to the birds using the thermal columns!
  3. Thanks for the confirmation and insight! I never thought about it in this way, but relatively logical.
  4. These two hawks were flying together with a third one (did not get a picture of that one) this morning in Rochester, MN. Not quite sure what they were, but I guess a red-tailed and broad-winged hawk. If my determination is correct, is it common that hawks from different species fly together?
  5. Still having lots of difficulty with these flycatching type birds; last week in Rochester, Minnesota.
  6. I saw this little fellow the beginning of May this year. Not sure if it is enough for ID, I was not able to figure it out. Seen in Rochester, Minnesota
  7. These two lovebirds were so kind to land on this dead branch near me ?
  8. Thanks for the input! I was especially amazed about how these females differed from each other!
  9. Not 100% sure about these. I expect the first two photo's show a female Baltimore Oriole (not the same bird) and the last an Eastern Phoebe. Seen this week in Rochester, MN.
  10. Thanks for the confirmation. I am however unfamiliar with the AHY or SY terms, what do they mean?
  11. I was thinking this is a young male or maybe first summer? Seen today in Rochester, MN.
  12. My best guess is a female Indigo Bunting. Primarily because I have seen a couple of males around on other days. Spotted in Rochester, MN today. Thanks!
  13. Observed this one today in Rochester, MN at the edge of a small forrest. To me the Savannah and Song sparrow seem both a good fit.. What do you think? Thanks!
  14. Thanks for the additional info! This always gives some more perspective to things ?
  15. Thanks for the input! Much appreciated. I also see that something went wrong with the posting causing a double post, sorry for that!
  16. This would fit the most I think, but I am doubting about this one since it has a more orangy look to it. Or is this a normal variation? Spotted today inn Rochester, MN. Thanks!
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