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  1. Thanks for the feedback! (All out of likes for today, so they will come tomorrow ?)
  2. Seen this morning in Rochester, MN. My best guesses are: 1-2) Orange-crowned Warbler 3) Chestnut-sided Warbler 4) Chipping Sparrow
  3. I always love to observe the Black-capped Chickadees at work ?
  4. After I found out that we have hummingbirds in the local park, my goal for this summer was to capture one. A lot of times, I came close, but yesterday it finally happened! ? Not 100% satisfied with the picture quality, but at least my goal is achieved! Winter is now allowed to come...
  5. That said; if you say it cannot be the same bird then I can believe that, stranger things have happened ?
  6. Thanks for the input! As for the question if #3 and #4 are the same bird, these images were taken 40 seconds apart (with a few other images in between). I cannot be 100% sure that it is not the same bird, but I am fairly certain. I was following #3 in these relatively dense bushes and it could indeed be possible that right at the same time another bird came in the frame where #3 was in the same general direction (there were some moments that I lost track of the bird to pick it up a few seconds later, you probably know how that goes..)
  7. Pictures taken this morning in Rochester, MN. There are 4 sets of two pictures, i.e. each bird has 2 pictures. 1-2) Baltimore Oriole (immature male?) 3-4) No idea.. it is the same bird 5-6) American Robin (the color looks strange to me, an immature?) 7-8) Least Flycatcher
  8. Thanks for the additional info, it helps a lot! More things to more actively consider for next time.
  9. Thanks! However, I am also curious what makes this a Yellowthroat over a Nashville Warbler.
  10. Thanks! Let's wait and see what the verdict will be on the warbler.
  11. My best guesses! The finches I saw at the end on July and the Warbler last weekend. Both in Rochester, MN.
  12. Not a lot to go on, but I am thinking the first is a Broad-winged Hawk. It looks like it has the one white band on the underside of the tail. The second I am guessing a Common Yellowthroat. If so, would this be an immature bird? Both seen yesterday in Rochester, MN.
  13. Thanks for the input! It is unfortunate that I cannot "zoom and enhance" like in tv series to see what he has in its claw ?
  14. Thanks, this was also a first for me! When I put it into the eBird checklist it requires me to add some additional data as it is flagged as rare, so this even more exciting now! Hopefully I will get to see him/her some more as this encounter was maximally 30 seconds.. ?
  15. Saw this American Kestrel flying over this morning. When looking at it on the PC I noticed that it had a prey in its claw and it also looks like it was eating it mid flight. I am just curious, but is this a common behavior of this species and other predator birds? Or am I seeing this wrong and he is just looking at it?
  16. Thanks! Good to know that you can also add the month to the eBird map, I did not know that.
  17. Saw these birds, this morning in Rochester, MN. The first one I would say is the Canada Warbler (a bit of an early migrator, or how accurate are the bar graphs for the frequency on eBird?). The other two pictures I am unsure off the species.. Probably they are the same bird, but I cannot be sure.
  18. This morning I was privileged to observe this flycatcher feeding its young. I was initially attracted to the sound he/she made when, after a while, I saw the juvenile and made a few pics of them before moving on and leaving them alone again. Unfortunately, the lighting was not ideal with patches of shadow and light on the birds, but all in all a very nice experience ? Now is my question, which flycatcher… I am leaning towards a Willow Flycatcher. Shot this morning in Rochester, MN.
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