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  1. After my latest insight in hairy vs downy woodpeckers apparently I have only seen a hairy woodpecker once. Wondering if this is one of them. Shot 06-21-2020 in Rochester, MN. Thanks ?
  2. Quite happy with this song sparrow from this morning ? Edit; what would be the best way to upload photos here? They appear a bit blurry for me
  3. Thanks! Never new that a Blue Jay made that sound!
  4. I heard these two today in Rochester, MN in a small wooded area (not at the same time). I do not know what they are and did not get a chance to spot them. Not sure how to identify them myself only based on sound. Any suggestions? Thanks! 20200621-125915.wav 20200621-140737.wav
  5. Thanks for the confirmation! Edit, I see now that the title was partly autocorrected to Dutch..
  6. The bird was photographed in the Quarry Hill Park here in Rochester, MN. Not sure until when they do it, but I noticed that they recently hung several nets to catch the birds (not sure about the official name).
  7. Thanks for the information! I will have to go back to some of my determinations and have a second look! ?
  8. I hope it is OK if I chime into this conversation and ask a question (if not, I am sorry). I am wondering if this is a definite mark of downy vs hairy, if so is the number of spots always 3? I believe I saw a hairy woodpecker yesterday (based on bill length); however, it has one black spot on the outer tail feather as I can see. Or is this different again per region (I live in Rochester, MN)?
  9. Thanks! I will definitely start paying more attention to the birds using the thermal columns!
  10. Thanks for the confirmation and insight! I never thought about it in this way, but relatively logical.
  11. These two hawks were flying together with a third one (did not get a picture of that one) this morning in Rochester, MN. Not quite sure what they were, but I guess a red-tailed and broad-winged hawk. If my determination is correct, is it common that hawks from different species fly together?
  12. Still having lots of difficulty with these flycatching type birds; last week in Rochester, Minnesota.
  13. I saw this little fellow the beginning of May this year. Not sure if it is enough for ID, I was not able to figure it out. Seen in Rochester, Minnesota
  14. These two lovebirds were so kind to land on this dead branch near me ?
  15. Thanks for the input! I was especially amazed about how these females differed from each other!
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